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32 comments on “Daily Review 15/06/2015 #CampbellLives”

  1. Sacha 1

    PM insists *first* right of refusal comes only after other govt departments and the previous owner have a go. What an entertainer.

    • mickysavage 1.1

      He also said that the four pieces of land, one of which was part owned by Auckland Council, which Nick Smith showed journos on his bus tour were not for sale, just “conceptual” …

    • Weepus beard 1.2

      Just what are “other government departments”, do you think?

      Which government department does Crown land belong to, thus making it distinguishable from other government departments for the purposes of this sleight of hand from John Key?

      • Sacha 1.2.1

        Housing is the main one he’s keen on. Cemetaries, parks, schools, jails – all become ‘housing’.

        • Clemgeopin

          Cemeteries? Oh dear! Christopher_Lee and his mates may rise again causing a much bigger housing crisis in Auckland! Does this ghost-stir government really care!

    • Neil 1.3

      As Steven Joyce puts it “We think its pretty legal”. One day that will come back & bite them hard on the arse.

  2. ian 2

    If the maoris didn’t clip the ticket more houses could be built.

    • Tell ya what, Ian, why don’t you sign away your backyard so the gummint can build a house there? No? Not keen?

      • ian 2.1.1

        I’m Ok with that . I won’t hold them to ransom or blackmail. A straight up deal is the only way to go.

        • te reo putake

          There’s no deal. The gummint is going to take it and give you whatever they think its worth when your grand kids have grown up and are grandparents too. Then the gummint will try and renege on that settlement too. And ignorant gits will claim your grand kids are ‘clipping the ticket’.

    • mickysavage 2.2

      Gee Ian

      Maori had their ticket clipped so after the settlements they had 2% or 3% of what they originally had.

      Then they get upset in a completely justifiable way because the deal they signed to get 2% to 3% of what they owned is then breached.

      If the 1% did not insist on owning the ticket so many more houses could be built.

      • ian 2.2.1

        Cunnilife in his $4 million house and aunty Helen and her rentals. You guys are clutching at straws.I predict that this greedy grab for more by Ngati Whatua and associates will consolidate support for Key and National. Not supporting either way,just have a feeling how this situation will develop.

        • Sacha

          talkback rules

        • vto

          what’s greedy about it ian?

          an answer in full with evidence in support would be good to see – you know, just so we can see your are not just being a dickhead trol1.

          • ian

            you ask for evidence and then you abuse me.One day you will learn that someone with a differing view to yours is not necessarily a dickhead troll.

            [lprent: Looking at the conversation, you asserted something about Maori, were challenged on it, and as far as I can see haven’t even made an argument for your “view”. So you had a go at Cunliffe and Clark. vto asked for evidence of your assertions about that. Instead of furnishing it, you whine that he abused you? What does that have to do with differing views?

            In my book you are playing from the play book of dickhead trolls, the one trying to start flamewars. If I see you doing it again then I will ban you yet again for acting like one. The ban will probably be about double the last one you got for much the same reasons.

            If you wish to reduce this possibility, then confine yourself to OpenMike, and stop disrupting the dialogue in posts on serious topics that you clearly have no information or understanding about. Chattering with slogans from the past like a talking cockroach doesn’t endear to anyone. ]

            • vto

              yours isn’t a view it’s a kneejerk

              without reason and evidence that is

              got any ?

              and if that’s all too much for you then you may wish to reflect on your other kneejerk – that I had a differing view – any reason or evidence for that too? or just another dumbarse assumption (assumption is another word for kneejerk btw).

              • ian

                The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Models only give you a range of possibilities. Watch and maybe learn how John Key will make political capital by exposing the greedies.

                • Hateatea

                  oh, is he going to name the rich 1% who he wants to build the ‘affordable’ houses?

                • vto

                  “Watch and maybe learn how John Key will make political capital by exposing the greedies.”

                  by appealing to the racists and the bigots and the fools and the kneejerks….

                  says it all about john key and his supporters


        • Sacha

          greedy =

          offering this place as a city ..
          gifting a large chunk to Pakeha settlers ..
          many decades later, negotiating about 2% of it as Treaty settlement ..
          donating a large part of that back to the city ..
          participating in a co-management partnership with Council and other iwi ..
          negotating again over stewardship of volcanic cones ..
          paying market rates if exercising right of refusal, yes ..
          oh, gypped?

          – mana

    • Clemgeopin 2.3

      Hey, ian, this land was taken by force by the British, mate. Besides, if there is a requirement that the Maori be given the first right to ‘BUY’ any released government land, then why not respect that? What is your objection? I am curious to know, considering it is not even given free.

    • Hateatea 2.4

      And another red neck who doesn’t know anything truthful about the Treaty Settlement process but has a clear understanding provided by the equally ignorant and racist buffoons who inhabit talk back radio and some other blog sites.

  3. Don't worry. Be happy. 3

    So a company, Oravida, closely linked to a current member of this National Government is ‘etching’ Kauri logs to get around the law banning export..the current Prime Minister claims he can do what he likes with Public Land….another Minister has paid what looks like nothing other than multimillion dollar bribes to a rich Saudi….another Minister is responsible for conditions inside State Housing that are sickening and killing those who have no choice but to live in them….call the cops I say! Theft is theft. Corruption is a crime. And manslaughter cannot be simply ignored.

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