Daily Review 16/08/2017

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20 comments on “Daily Review 16/08/2017”

  1. ropata 1

    Some positive tweets for a change

    All babies in Scotland due from today will be gifted a box of essential items aimed at tackling inequality and promoting health #ScotBabyBox pic.twitter.com/SdcS23H7i9— Engage for Education (@engagefored) August 15, 2017

    The US Army exploded the Zeppelintribüne swastika using Explosive "D" in April '45. Americans cheered. pic.twitter.com/ln1OGxZoWj— Machine Pix (@MachinePix) August 15, 2017

    Scientists Turn Nuclear Waste into Diamond Batteries That’ll Last for Thousands of Years https://t.co/DoHAJrYDQe ByeBye energy companies.— paulbrislen (@paulbrislen) August 15, 2017

    It's hard to stay positive sometimes, so here's a bird realizing a love of drumming pic.twitter.com/DplQ4uZAPf— Kyle Hill (@Sci_Phile) August 15, 2017

    We remember this day, exactly 40 years ago this year, when the King died on the toilet for each and every one of us. pic.twitter.com/QqC8BFXxNq— ☭🚀🐕 Bodil 🐕🚀☭ (@bodil) August 15, 2017

    Rangimārie – peace and harmony. pic.twitter.com/TbDOjzQnAh— Kupu Hou (@KupuHou) August 16, 2017

    • Wow… read the one on turning nuclear waste into battery’s , that will last thousands of years,… one could imagine large banks of these things in operation in at least static sites, perhaps, … or, a way of using a process to amplify the output on more mobile machinery. This is the sort of thing that needs to be looked into big time if we are stuck with country’s using nuclear plants for energy.

  2. ScottGN 2

    Date’s wrong on this post?

  3. Anne 3

    Another Colmar Brunton due on TV1 tomorrow at 6pm. Given they appear to be somewhat biased towards the Nats… if there is a further shift to Labour and Ardern then the writing is on the wall.

    My hope is the Greens are still in there with a coalition chance.

    • ScottGN 3.1

      There will be a Roy Morgan too I imagine.

    • NewsFlash 3.2

      Anne, I’m sure the Greens will come back, the dust has nearly settled, and most have had a chance to consider the situation, a low support in the last poll should be corrected as ppl realise the negative impact.

      MT was a great loss for the Greens, but I personally believe she will be back, stronger and more experienced from situation, just look at Winnie, and the number of times he’s been up against it, and he’s still going, MT has a huge future in front of her, when you get knocked down you just gotta get back up.

      • WILD KATIPO 3.2.1

        That’ s the stuff, – both MT and Peters are not the sort to just fade away into obscurity. As for the Greens , they will be there alongside Labour in the new govt, – and they will INCREASE thier voter base once in power.

        Too bad Nats.

        Bye bye.

        And ,…

        Thanks for nothing.

  4. NewsFlash 4

    you have to wonder about Key giving a semi positive critique of Ardern, the real reasons for his resignation have never been released, I wonder if the Nats forced him out, sighting that they considered he was a risk with the “pony tail gate” and lot of supporters unhappy with his centrist policies, I know I saw a lot of criticism of him on Kiwi blog, but imho, those bloggers are real nut jobs, the worst kind.

  5. ScottGN 6

    Do you think Julie Bishop was acting on advice from Jerry Brownlee?

  6. joe90 7


    He renounced white power because he was about to get his ass whooped! 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/RfO00lb6LZ— Black Aziz Ansari 👏 (@Freeyourmindkid) August 15, 2017


  7. mosa 8

    A month ago English and the Nats knew they had it in the bag.

    Jacinda and Andrew have taught them to never be complacent….never.

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