Daily Review 15/10/2015

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Donald Trump down the drain

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21 comments on “Daily Review 15/10/2015”

  1. Tory 1


    So it’s not just the leftards of NZ Labour who appear bitterly divided over policy but the pox appears to have spread to the UK where Corbyn also has no ability to manage a rebellious caucus.

  2. Gabby 2

    Nazianal aren’t allowed to have that problem.

  3. Tory 3

    MuttonVogel, get a life and read the Urban Dictionary. Obviously too much time spent reading the Socialist Worker.

    • Muttonbird 3.1

      Well it doesn’t surprise me that a socially intolerant person like yourself would use a term like that.

      You are like Trump in the underground bunker. Why are you so angry?

      And why can’t you quote properly?

  4. amirite 4

    Aren’t we lucky to have a Righturd right there ^^^^

  5. NZSage 5

    What do these corrupt bunch of wasters have to do to make New Zealanders wake up and smell the coffee?


    • Anne 5.1

      What is even more pathetic is the vast majority don’t have a clue what the letters TPP mean let alone the actual contents of the agreement. They vote on a meaningless perception handed down by the Mike Hoskings of this world. “Weeell, if Mike Hosking says its good for us it must be good for us.”

      They are deserving of no less than 20 years of National and when they find themselves with a leaky roof over their heads they can’t afford to fix, and their kids have turned to crime for sheer survival they just might wake up. Too late! They’re done for.

  6. Tory 6

    Socially Intolerant, hmmm. I have yet to hear anything meaningful get uttered by Stuart Little and his caucus so yes, guilty as charged.
    Muttonbird: regurgitates food for its young, shits everywhere, easy prey for local inhabitants and prefers to live underground in a dark hole. Welcome to NZ Labour Party membership.

  7. Thinking Right 7

    Hmm, looks like Roy Morgan might have to get put on the list of ‘rogue’ Tory Poling Companies.


    Nats 50% up 5.5%
    Labour 29% down 2%
    Greens 11.5% down 3.5%
    NZF 6.5% up 1%

    Does anyone on the left have the sinking feeling about Little’s leadership?
    The same feeling as when Goff, Shearer, and Cunliffe also had issues with trying (and failing) to connect with the voters?

    At what point do the left ask themselves why the public aren’t buying what they have on offer – how many years until this occurs? (Only 7 so far and still counting)

    Though of the centre right myself, I certainly don’t argue that Key’s government is perfect – far from it there have been a number of distractions and mistakes that have knocked the impression of competent governance.

    The fact that the Nats are still on top after 7 years simply reflects the lack of confidence the voters have in the left being able to able to handle the Treasury purse strings with any sense of competence.

    Sort it out left wingers – Key should not be able to continue to govern on the basis of TINA.

    • maui 7.1

      It’s not the left’s fault if people would rather have greed, incompetence and corruption running the show. One way or another it’s not going to last long. You must be so proud.

  8. Rosemary McDonald 8

    From the ‘who has the time for this shit’ section, Farrar has been BUSY…


    Seems that since the Budget, “various lobby groups and parties have demanded a total of $8.4 billion in extra spending.”

    Wow! Big number! How do they expect us to pay for it all?

    “Increase the top tax rate to 72%; or
    Increase the company tax rate to 65%; or
    Increase the rate of GST to 23%”

    You’ve really got to hand it to the man….

  9. Rosemary McDonald 9

    And, Our Leader excels again….


    Simply bursting with Kiwi pride right now.

    • Gangnam Style 9.1

      Gawd he’s pathetic isn’t he, imagine the likes of Putin or Obama being asked questions like that, I doubt they would be giggling like a stupid teenage boy.

      • Thinking Right 9.1.1

        Mind you Key hasn’t lowered himself to the point where he prances around half naked on horseback bouncing his flabs in the sunlight like Putin did.

        Seems to be most Political Leaders feel the urge from time to time to act like overgrown children.

        • Stuart Munro

          Nor has he had his freikorps shoot down a civilian airliner. Key is treacherous totalitarian scum, but thus far not murderous totalitarian scum.

  10. Draco T Bastard 10

    This is an absolutely perfect example of how the MSM, in it’s efforts to pull readers in, fuck up reporting.

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