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Daily review 16/03/2022

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, March 16th, 2022 - 44 comments
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44 comments on “Daily review 16/03/2022 ”

  1. Muttonbird 2

    What is behind the vitriol directed at Jacinda Ardern?

    Old-fashioned sexism and misogyny

    It's clear (the violent and hateful rhetoric directed at Ardern) is rooted in sexist and misogynistic attitudes and beliefs, further amplified by conspiratorial mindsets.

    Research shows both men and women with more traditional views desire "tough", "bold" and "authoritative" leadership. A man displaying traditionally masculine behaviours, who is an assertive risk-taker, dominating and commanding others, is their ideal leader. This aligns with an assumption that women should follow, not lead.

    John Keys got away with a remarkable amount of juvenile, idiotic behaviour like pulling the ponytails of hospitality workers, parodying gay people, and doing prison rape jokes on the radio. He was kinda pulled up on these things but still didn't attract even 1/10th of he vitriol we see directed at Jacinda Ardern.

    So there's something else driving this which is ingrained in conservative, right-voting people, and conspiracy theorists alike. Something thankfully absent in the progressive left.

    It's called misogyny.


    • PsyclingLeft.Always 2.1

      To be clear, consultation with trespassers calling for the Government to be hanged is not a recognised part of our law-making process. It does not go ‘’first reading, select committee, second reading, committee of the whole House, third reading, pop down to the front lawn to see if the angry man who calls the prime minister a ‘girl in a skirt’ has anything he’d like to change, royal assent’’.


      And all the “Shes a pretty Communist ” “Stalinda” etc etc from Groundswell. . Beneath contempt.

      • Muttonbird 2.1.1

        Bet Groundswill will be all bow and curtsy in front of the PM, but telling the blokes in the pub how hard they were after.

        • PsyclingLeft.Always

          Lol…..absolutely matey . She could likely wipe the floor with them. Metaphorically. Nicely, but

    • In Vino 2.2


      I know a redneck right-wing misogynist: he called Jacinda Ardern 'Horse-face' right from the start, and has had dumb names like 'Jacindavitch' since. He is part of a large number of poorly-educated small business-owners who try to pay minimal wages, and claim that their profit-margins are their own private business, and should never be made known to anybody. Nothing to hide, huh?

      There are an awful lot of these knuckle-dragging troglodytes about. Sad fact.

    • Anne 2.3

      Its also jealousy, envy of her status and collective inferior complexes which culminates in a desire to pull her down into the gutter by spreading false memes and dirty stories. That is why her partner is also copping it. By dragging him down they think they are dragging her down too.

      You have to feel sorry for such people. They have hateful streaks and disordered minds.

      • Muttonbird 2.3.1

        Oh, no, Anne. According to Dennis, Jacinda has brought all this upon herself by treading into hate speech legislation.

        According to Dennis, these are all reasonable people who are having their radical centrist views censored.

        • Anne

          The sad thing is the number of people who believe at least some of it. I have a close relative who was told by someone they know that Clarke Gayford used to be part of a cocaine drug ring. The person told my relative they know it is true because he once sold cocaine to them. She believes it. It is a very serious claim to make without providing any kind of back-up evidence. Someone no doubt did sell this person cocaine but I’ll bet my life savings it wasn't Gayford.

          • UncookedSelachimorpha

            I've been amazed by this type of slander happening here in NZ too. It is straight from the USA alt-right playbook. Tell lies, no matter how ridiculous, about your political opponents. An effective but utterly immoral strategy – most people will not believe the lies, but they taint the views of some, damaging your opponent at little cost to yourself.

            The people I know who are caught up in this, have no idea of the history behind these strategies.

  2. Dennis Frank 3

    Suze Wilson is a senior lecturer in executive development at Massey University's School of Management. She discusses factors that have motivated haters to focus on the PM: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/on-the-inside/463428/from-pretty-communist-to-jabcinda-behind-the-vitriol-directed-at-jacinda-ardern

    She doesn't dig deep, therefore I couldn't find anything worthy of comment. The most noteworthy feature is the close-up photo of the wanted poster. It includes her photo & name, but does not identify her as Prime Minister.

    It declares she is wanted for these offences: treason, genocide, fraud, murder, terrrorism, war crimes, violations of the conventions of human rights, violation of the Nuremberg Code, misfeasance & misconduct in public office.

    It then presents an arrest warrant addressed to all constables & sovereign men & women of this country. It mentions powers to arrest, citing common law & section 24.24a of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. It instructs the addressees to arrest on sight and without delay – but doesn't say who!

    It tells them to use reasonable force deriving from powers granted by section 3 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 and take the arrested to a police station. Says it is authorised by & for the people. Then the word CrimeStoppers appears in blue & red.

    So looks like political art & theatre ain't quite dead yet. I will watch with interest to see if the creator(s) are prosecuted by the antihatespeech brigade…

    • Muttonbird 3.1

      Three comments on the same topic in DR this evening and yours is the only one which distracts from, and trivialises the important points.

      You couldn’t find anything worthy of comment, yet you indulged anyway.

      And you are supposedly the elder member? Grow up, son.

      • Dennis Frank 3.1.1

        Okay, if you didn't get the point, I'll spell it out. The motivations are revealed in the composition of the work of art.

        Actually, it provides multiple points. Another, related, is that prosecution leads to examination of motives in a court of law. The poster is therefore primary evidence.

        You really can't figure out obvious stuff like this?? Another point worth mentioning is that all three of us were obviously composing our comments simultaneously – Daily Review was blank when I started doing mine. Such synchronicity indicates considerable resonance in the group mind. Dismissing such deep correlative thinking – quite the opposite of triviality – is unwise.

        So the most important point – which you apparently totally missed – is the relevance of the poster to hate speech law. Mine was the only one of the three comments that made the connection.

        • Muttonbird

          There was no poster in my link so your points are null.

          Suze Wilson made a solid attempt at analysis, where you made none at all beyond some legal hot fantasy.

          I still have no idea what you were trying to say despite you claiming it was all-encompassing and clear and that I am a dunce for not understanding it.

          • Dennis Frank

            Don't traumatise yourself about it. If the leftists promoting hatespeech prosecutions aren't full of shit they'll do one, then I'll get the opportunity to explain it all again. You may get it on the second run-through…

            • Muttonbird

              That a bit of focus of late has gone on conservative thinking, ie, misogyny, racism, islamophobia, etc is healthy, imo.

              Their pushback is enlightening. Great to flush them out into the sunshine. Now to tidy up the mess.

              Or perhaps you’d prefer nothing at all was done to address hard right hate in the wake of the worst mass murder committed in NZ?

              Just leave them to it and hope it doesn’t happen again, eh?

              • Dennis Frank

                I agree re mysogyny & feel the targeting of the PM is indeed sexist. I bet a male Labour leader wouldn't have had such a poster created about them.

                I agree re hate-crime punishment. I'm puzzled that the pc brigade has refrained from launching a prosecution for three whole years. I hope it will soon occur to a journalist to investigate the reasons for the strange delay.

    • Kat 3.2


      Dennis the Menace and Gnasher - Wikipedia

      • Dennis Frank 3.2.1

        Yeah I had to wear that identification a fair bit when adolescent. But you obviously weren't impressed by the verbiage either – you would have quoted something along with your link if you'd noticed a point worth posting here…

  3. Alan 4

    Every PM in NZ has been the subject of verbal abuse.

    The current PM is no different, the article is patronising.

    • Kat 4.1

      Absolute rubbish Alan……and you know it.
      Heckling is one thing, sustained misogynistic abuse is another.

    • Muttonbird 4.2

      No, the article highlights the strong links between conservative voters, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, and sexist/misogynist thinking.

      They are all cut from the same cloth. I understand that might be an uncomfortable truth for you.


    • millsy 4.3

      Imagine if your daughter or wife was talked about like the current PM is talked about. How would you feel?

      I bet you wouldnt care as as far as your concerned, women should just put up with it, as well as the occasional back hander.

    • millsy 4.4

      This you?


      Perhaps I should spread the word? That [deleted] has a senior staffer who think that Ardern belongs in the kitchen and that she is a bi**h and a sl*t and everything else. What say you?

      [Banned until further notice for trying to break the anonymity of another commenter – Incognito]

      [Banned until 1 Nov 2022 for trying to break anonymity of another commenter and general contempt for moderation. The quality of your comments brings little of value to the site and is therefore not a redeeming factor. When you come back we want to see a noticeable improvement on all fronts – Incognito]

  4. Nic the NZer 5


    Good discussion of what to be aware of when considering, to which extent increasing interest rates can lower the inflation rate at present. In summary, that's not how inflation works.

    • Dennis Frank 5.1

      Causal focus sounds good but doesn't it just play to that antique view from 19th century physics that the universe is just one big pinball machine, with bits bouncing off each other going ping all the time?

      Y'know how that first book from Soros (Alchemy of Finance, way back) promoted his reflexivity principle? That markets were changed in response to each intervention (some greatly, some infinitesimally). That mass psychology interface is likely to be generating inflationary expectations that then become contagious on the basis of herding and add fuel to the fire.

      Seems to me that the view of economists is therefore too reductionist. Cause & effect relations driving inflation are likely to be too complex for their analytical abilities to cope with. They admit that markets are driven by greed & fear into cycles, but are still trying to pretend that ancient theory around rational behaviour is valid. Seems too incoherent for me to take seriously.

      However I've never seen evidence that interest rates produce inflation so feel free to dismiss my view as an outsider sceptic.

      • Nic the NZer 5.1.1

        I don't think there are any areas of physics which have ever done away with cause and effect.

        But if you look in detail at the mainstream models of how interest rates (and by proxy usually an implied, unmeasurable, quantity of money) are supposedly driving inflation then they are often assuming overly and implausibly strong effects. In the interest rates to inflation case the assumption is rational (able to accurately play the future like roulette) consumers, businesses and wage earners are continuously updating their spending, price and wage demands to offset government spending impacts. Ridiculous.

  5. Blazer 6

    I was relieved to see that the bald headed ,bible bashing ,Muldoon lookalike LOTO said that 'big brain' Simon Bridges replacement Nicola Willis also had a 'big brain'….

    OMG…'brain..damage' !

  6. joe90 7

    In 2017 Sweden reinstated conscription. Recently residents were reminded about their obligations.

    Everyone between 16 and 70 must contribute to the defense

    In Sweden, everyone between the ages of 16 and 70 who lives in the country is required to do total defense – even if you are not a Swedish citizen.

    If you belong to this group, you are therefore obliged to stand up as a conscript, conscript or general conscript if you are called up.

    – Conscription is about everyone who is conscripted being obliged to stand up for those who live in Sweden, contribute to our security and our freedom, writes Per Andersen Helseth at the Duty and Trial Agency.

    At present, only conscription is activated – but should civilian service be started, it means, just as for conscription, that those who are called up may undergo training and can be called up for military service

    It can be a crime to flee the country

    If Sweden goes on high alert, the government can also activate public service – which can lead to you being "deployed" by an authority, municipality or region.

    But for most people, this would mean that you are obliged to go to work as usual in order for society to function as normally as possible.

    – If you are covered by public service, you should go to work and work, says Petra Ekroth, investigator at the unit for security of supply at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

    For those who are conscripted and refuse to obey orders, the consequences can be serious.

    Anyone convicted of a breach of conscription can be fined or even imprisoned – which in practice means that a foreign citizen living in Sweden can commit a crime by fleeing the country if there is a war.

    google translate

  7. Reality 8

    The ignorant do the "girl in a skirt" stuff, which is simply pathetic. That sort can't accept a young woman leader. I also remember being in Australia when Julia Gillard was PM. She received the vilest abuse, particularly from that repulsive Alan Jones and other like-minded males.

    The Nats have been very jealous of Jacinda's popularity and go to any lengths to disparage and disrespect her in every slimy way possible. As in their underground sewer network spreading false rumours. Disgusting. Jacinda's working in a fish and chip shop as a teenager has been tossed around disparagingly – even though Luxon apparently worked at McDonalds!

    • UncookedSelachimorpha 8.1

      "…when Julia Gillard was PM. She received the vilest abuse"

      I agree, and she was their best PM in quite some time (and better than any since).

  8. joe90 9

    So we could get to watch it happen all over again…because freedom and business and tourism….only this time we get sick, too.



    I believe China is now teetering at the edge between barely containing BA2 wave of COVID-19 and completely losing control like it has in Hong Kong—which we know could spell horrible conditions outcomes and huge economic difficulties and disruption to the most critical manufacturing and export centers of the world. Thus, this bodes extremely poorly for the rest of the global supply chain crisis and economic stability. And it could even spillover into the Russian-Ukraine driven inflation crisis. What happens in China over the coming weeks will affect the world. COVID is not over — with the world acting slowly only further endangering the world.

    God help us.


    • Muttonbird 9.1

      I believe the 'losing control' in HK is due to the appallingly low vaccination rate of the elderly.

      Perhaps it's the same in China, but not something we need to worry about in NZ because we have decent, caring, and trusted leadership.

    • Oh shit! We're not off this covid treadmill by a long shot!

      Are we too optimistically opening up 'to the world' of omicron – just so some rich pricks can make a few bucks?

    • mary_a 9.3

      More of the same to come, but worse it seems! Ouch!

  9. aj 10

    That's scary. World of trouble.

  10. SPC 11

    Fun facts about Sweden.

    The MeToo movement died there because women were (all successfully) prosecuted for naming (on social media) those who sexually abused/assaulted them. And media were told not to publish names despite numerous women coming forward with allegations about the same person.

    And apparently the more well known the male the less likely the police were to take any complaints seriously.


    • Blazer 11.1

      Tell that to..Julian Assange.

      • SPC 11.1.1

        In that case the two women did not go on social media, both went to police after they compared their experience with him. As a foreigner he might have been given a warning and informed about the technical detail of their rape law (which is complex – because they require explicit consent on each occasion etc) … but then came a change of prosecutor (it went political).

        Swedes value privacy, they were probably so embarrassed about the Assange case (and publicity over migrant assaults on women), they want courts to handle these matters with as little publicity as possible.

        This means the MeToo movement is effectively dead there. And with it prosecutions because it reduces each case down to as singular he said she said (it is the number of women coming forward that makes the case to prosecute compelling, in the instances of women convicted for slander and required to pay damages there were often numerous other women who made similar claims but this made no difference).

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    The Government has welcomed the release today of StatsNZ data showing the rate at which New Zealanders died from all causes during the COVID-19 pandemic has been lower than expected. The new StatsNZ figures provide a measure of the overall rate of deaths in New Zealand during the pandemic compared ...
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    Legislation that will help prevent serious criminal offending at sea, including trafficking of humans, drugs, wildlife and arms, has passed its third reading in Parliament today, Foreign Affairs Nanaia Mahuta announced. “Today is a milestone in allowing us to respond to the increasingly dynamic and complex maritime security environment facing ...
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    3 days ago
  • 195,000 children set to benefit from more mental health support
    Budget 2022 will continue to deliver on Labour’s commitment to better mental wellbeing services and support, with 195,000 primary and intermediate aged children set to benefit from the continuation and expansion of Mana Ake services. “In Budget 2022 Labour will deliver on its manifesto commitment to expand Mana Ake, with ...
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    4 days ago
  • Belarusian leaders and defence entities targeted under latest round of sanctions
    Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta has today announced sanctions on Belarusian leaders and defence entities supporting Russia’s actions in Ukraine, as part of the Government’s ongoing response to the war. “The Belarusian government military is enabling the illegal and unacceptable assault on Ukraine’s sovereignty,” Nanaia Mahuta said.  “Under the leadership of ...
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    4 days ago
  • Queen's Platinum Jubilee Tree planting event at Government House
    Just after World War 2, there were incentives to clear forest and bring land into agricultural production. In places, the land had been stripped bare as forests were felled for sheep grazing. Today, you only have to look at the hills around Taihape and see the stumps of a once ...
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    4 days ago