Daily Review 16/02/2017

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14 comments on “Daily Review 16/02/2017”

  1. AsleepWhileWalking 1

    In case you missed it…
    Security risk shifts from staff inside Work and Income offices, to outside.
    – Security guards holding clipboard so they can check appointments means they are distracted and hands occupied
    – Still no emergency call button as recommended after death of guard in 2013
    – RT’s taken away as a cost saving exercise


  2. Cinny 2

    Housing crisis is very real here in Motueka, as I’ve mentioned before on TS it’s near on impossible to find rental accommodation for many local families.

    Our local MP and the wonderful lady at his office are doing what they can

    Locals being shut out of the property marking. Working families living in tents and caravans as more people flock to our region for the apple season.

    People coming down from up north to live, buying what they consider to be ‘cheap’ property. Rentals being sold to home owners, effectively removing another rental property from the market.

    Property that due to ‘sunshine wages’ is now well out of reach for many locals.

    Property that has increased tremendously in value, up to $100k, during this last year.

    New homes are going up all over the place, but it still is not enough to meet the current demand.

    Winter is coming… literally, and many will suffer if this is allowed to continue.

    Fucking building boom, sugar coated shit.

  3. mac1 3

    Anybody get the significance of the number 123 in the picture?

    If it refers to Psalm 123, then this is how it goes. So well chosen by the Unitarian Church giving sanctuary to the Indian men there. Especially verses three and four.

    “1 To you I lift up my eyes,
    O you who are enthroned in the heavens!

    2 Behold, as the eyes of servants
    look to the hand of their master,
    as the eyes of a maidservant
    to the hand of her mistress,
    so our eyes look to the LORD our God,
    till he has mercy upon us.

    3 Have mercy upon us, O LORD, have mercy upon us,
    for we have had more than enough of contempt.
    4 Our soul has had more than enough
    of the scorn of those who are at ease,
    of the contempt of the proud!”

  4. Red 4

    Since when do you go to a church to get ssnctury for signing a Fraudulent document , if you want to get an agent to fill out your document that’s your call, it’s still your document, by law completed by you. go after your agent re breach of care or duty etc but that’s not nz problem

    • AB 4.1

      You don’t think there might be some responsibility for this country having allowed (and encouraged) the establishment of what on the surface looks like a bogus private, tertiary education sector? One that sells low-value, over-priced education to gullible young foreigners?

      • Red 4.1.1

        the quality of education is irrelevant If I want to visit a basket case socialist country, say Venezuela, just because it is a basket case does not remove my obligation to fill out my visa application accurately, irrespective if I use my travel agent or do it myself Take the bleeding heart emotion out of it and apply some rationale thought and the answer is very clear as are the actions by the immigration department

        • AB

          “the quality of education is irrelevant ”
          Only in a black and white world where self-appointed righteous people like you seem to live.
          Because this whole system looks borderline corrupt to me – from top to bottom, from the education provided to the immigration advice received. And it looks like the students are being scammed. Far easier to punish the occasional student and leave the whole shonkey edifice in place because people are making quite serious money out of it and that’s all good eh?

    • greywarshark 4.2

      Your load of misinformation has been delivered to the wrong address. Return and take back to the pit the delivery came from. This international student matter is NZ
      fault because it has provided its usual shonky systems with no action to complaints that it has not been working correctly. We always manage to muck up anything that we enter by some poor workmanship and laxness. Enter here the country of bright smiles but watch out for the underhand dealings or cons.

      Churches have long been places where some of them embrace humans and try and help those in difficulties being badly treated. Some churches go off the rails but most make some effort to help the vulnerable.

      • Red 4.2.1

        Guess you should immigrate then. strange where so shite but so many people want to come here, I guess the rest of the world must be really shite

    • mac1 4.3

      Yes, Red, you are right. Justice must be done. I hope that the fraudsters are caught up with, too.

      And then, as mentioned in Psalm 123, then there is mercy.

      And there is contempt, scorn and pride. Especially the scorn of those who are at ease.

      We must be careful. As those who are at ease often find they are but a short fire, quake, accident or job loss away from calamity.

      • Red 4.3.1

        If I was given a dollar every time a lefty has rolled that one out I would be able to retire

        • mac1

          Lefties roll out psalm 123? Your statement is unclear.

          If you refer to my last paragraph, a study of history would prove how transient is our good fortune. Is that what lefties told you? Fire destroyed my home. Earthquakes destroyed the city I was born in. Accidents also, like fires and quakes, respect no ideology. And job losses came to Dunedin this week. I could also have mentioned bad health. There is a reason why this government doers so well in battling cancer. It respects no ideology, class or income.

          Anyway, Red, why would you want to retire? Is a life of work not reward enough until age and health and fortune determine otherwise in this better society of ours?

          Why seek retirement? What is wrong with this world that we seek to not work in it while we can? You know, creating, building, enabling, caring, sharing, combining, cooperating, helping?

  5. aerobubble 5

    Fake businessman. Inherited wealth who fails to file tax returns when running for office.

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