Daily Review 16/03/2017

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7 comments on “Daily Review 16/03/2017”

  1. Cinny 1

    Front page HEADLINE news in the Nelson Mail tonight.

    Rental crisis sees families forced out of Motueka

    We have some wonderful people in our community who are doing everything they can to help with our housing crisis. Our local school principal Mr Munroe (he’s epic as), Motueka TDC Cr Ogolive (an old boy that loves Motueka and is fair and honest), and our local MP Damien O’Connor (legend) are asking for locals with spare rooms to help out with the situation, it’s that bad.

    Soooo are the 109 TDC Dwellings (of which 45 are in Motueka) different from the 109 HNZ dwellings?

    • Carolyn_nth 1.1

      I thought it meant 109 council owned dwellings are different from the HNZ houses.

      But looking at the HNZCorp website seems to indicate that HNZ also works with various social housing providers. So there could be some overlap – it’s not clear.

      Tasman Council owns 101 Pensioner dwellings.

      • Cinny 1.1.1

        Thank you Carolyn 😀 for clearing that up for me, I found it a strange number to be repeated, 109. So quite likely all of the TDC dwellings in Motueka are pensioner cottages.

        Think I’ll do a bit of asking around our locals re the 109 HNZ houses. Geez we’ve got an awesome community here, love our town.

        Nickoff won’t be too happy about that on the front page of his local paper, good. People need to know the housing crisis is trickling down the country, even small places like our Motueka.

        So much suffering in NZ because of the choices of a few.

  2. Carolyn_nth 2

    Interesting post on the Daily Blog by Donna Miles, on a Gareth Morgan public meeting and TOP.

    Miles likes the UBI, but not the policy on sustainable economic growth:

    Another issue worth mentioning is Morgan’s response to my question around the sustainability of a growth-based economy.

    Morgan seems to think that a growth-based economy is sustainable if it was coupled with the right ecological investments.

    This view is at odds with the opinion of Professor Tim Jackson who, only last month, stood on the same stage to deliver a lecture on prosperity without growth.

    Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey, Jackson refers to Morgan’s idea about the sustainability of a growth-based economy, as “wishful” and “magical” thinking.

    Jackson explains “prosperity isn’t just about earning more and having more, it consists in our ability to participate meaningfully in the life of society.”

    There at the club, an attendee asked Morgan to describe, in 5 words only, what he had that would make us vote for his party on the election day.

    Morgan said he would say it in 3 words: “A Business Case.”

    I wish he had used his 5 words and said: A Social Case For Change.

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