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80 comments on “Daily Review 16/11/2016”

  1. billmurray 1

    I would just like to say that I am a bit sick and tired of the protests in the USA against the Trump victory.
    I would have voted for Hillary and was stunned when Trump won against most of the polling predictions.
    I guess many millions of ordinary Americans were also stunned.
    But those same millions accepted the result and went to work the next day.

    The people protesting seem to be unable to accept fact and reallity

    The pox and anything else on the heads of the nihilistic flat headed morons.

    • lprent 1.1

      At first glance you appear to be a bit of gormless hypocrite.

      On one hand you are saying that people should accept legal popular action in the form of vote to express their opinion.

      And in the other you appear to be saying that people are should not exercise popular action in the form of legal protests to express their opinion.

      Can’t you see that they are exactly the same level of civic responsibility?

      Perhaps you should desist from whatever has made the blood rush away from your brain (on the cause of that I won’t comment) and try to do some thinking before you run a dumbarse, hackneyed and stupid line like that.

      Being the kind of idiot troll you are, I don’t expect that you are capable of dealing with the actual substance of my comment. Instead I predict that you will either avoid it, or start worrying about politeness rather than to shore up your argument. But that is the way of the idiotic parrot…

      • billmurray 1.1.1

        it was not a gormless statement, there has been a legal and proper election across all states of America.
        Trump won fair and square, these so called peaceful protests on many occasions turn into wanton damage of private and public property.
        Most of the protests are not legal as you proclaim but take place in defiance of official approval.
        The protest’s ARE nihilistc and do not serve democracy or indeed the Democratic party for the future.

        There was nothing contradictory in my post.

        The pox on them and all their supporters.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Trump won fair and square

          Clinton actually got more votes so are you sure that it was ‘fair and square’?

          When we got election results like that we changed the system.

          • billmurray

            Draco T Bastard,
            Trump won the “States” hence the required legal state votes.
            Hillary apparently got more votes than Trump across the USA but lost the “States” vote.
            Hillary is now getting lambasted by the Democrats for not campaigning hard enough in the rust belt States.
            Obama has also given Hillary a burst for not campaigning hard enough anyway.
            Ordinary democrats are also saying that Hillary by attacking Trump on the legal and illegal migrant row was in fact endorsing the status quo of migrants into the country.

            It was fair and square election, with a quirk.

            • Draco T Bastard

              Yeah, figured that you would come out with some sort of BS justification for the unfair and anti-democratic US electoral system. Fairly typical of RWNJs to hang on to the laws the way they are even after they’ve been shown to be morally repugnant.

    • ropata 1.2

      I protest against this oxymoronic protest protest.

      • billmurray 1.2.1

        I reject your assertion, nothing oxymoron about what I said.

        • ropata

          please shut up and stop expressing your opinion. to complain about others freedom of speech is a dick move. but that’s what you are

          • In Vino

            True. A protest about protesting is the very definition of an oxymoron, billmurray – a pity it needs to be explained to you. Please take Ropata’s advice.

    • millsy 1.3

      Given that the protesters are of a sector of the community that will be subjected to mass pogroms by Trump’s brownshirts, I don’t blame them for protesting.

    • GregJ 1.4


      Be prepared for more. Calls already going out for a million women march on Washington for Inauguration Day to protest Trump and the Repugs misogyny!

      More power to them!

    • Siobhan 1.5

      Protests are, you know, an important part of Democracy…though the George Soros funded ones should come with a massive ‘disclaimer’. Then again so should most of Hillarys ‘independent’ media advocates.

  2. billmurray 2

    Just read that John Key has slammed Brian Tamaki of Destiny church for Tamaki’s assertion that Gays / Sinners are the cause of our earthquakes.
    Well done John Key.
    First political cab off the block.
    Come on Winston, Andrew, Metiria and James.
    Brian Tamaki is a hateful, idiotic moonbeam, what’s your take????

    [Are you on troll duty? Of course Labour and the Greens will criticise Tamaki for his stupid obnoxious inane comments. So the test now is who does the Herald print first? – MS]

    • ropata 2.1

      The media should not give that troll Tamaki any oxygen. It’s obvious tabloid junk devoid of substance. Nice soft target for FJK to continue his earthquake PR campaign

      • billmurray 2.1.1

        yes I agree with you, but unfortunately we both know that it will be headline in the TV news channels tomorrow.
        Not nice nor positive for this blog to say FJK when referring to our Prime Minister
        “earthquake PR campaign”, yes you are right on that , John Key is the leading MMP politician in the country and unless we box smart, he WILL get a fourth term.

        • Robert Guyton

          “The media should not give that troll Tamaki any oxygen”, says ropata.
          “yes I agree with you” says billmurray, the man who brought up the subject here on TS.


          • billmurray

            Robert Guyton,
            it was not about Tamaki, it was about an expert showing us how MMP works.
            You know that.

            • Robert Guyton

              I “know that”?
              I know I hadn’t seen “that troll Tamaki” getting any oxygen in the media until I read your comment, billmurray. That’s what I know. Your agreeing that Tamaki shouldn’t get any oxygen from the media contrasts with your action of giving him just that. Odd. Almost as odd as your claim to know what I know. You employ a curious kind of illlogic.

      • KJT 2.1.2

        I think it is God punishing Tamaki for making himself rich at his disciples expense.
        It could be God aiming for CV for offering a different position on
        Someone needs to tell it his aim was a bit off.
        Maybe God learnt geography at a charter school?

      • Siobhan 2.1.3

        If John Key had anything to interesting/valid/important to say he would have refused to comment on Tamaki.
        It’s like the politicians and media folk who feel the need to talk about that one Nazi in Dannevirke or wherever, and the gaggle of like minded morons in ChCh..its an excellent way to avoid talking about real NZ homophobia and racism.

    • Gabby 2.2

      Isn’t it a little selfish to appropriate 4 question marks for one question billmurray? Do you not feel a moral obligation to provide 3 more questions? I hardly think the Blessed John Ponyboy Key would approve of such extravagance.

      • billmurray 2.2.1

        yes you are right but your admonishment for chiding me, this time, is a verbal warning, any further chiding will result in a full written final warning with the gallows being the next step.

      • Anne 2.2.2

        I agree with you Gabby @ 2.2

        I mean 4 question marks and only one question is dishonest and shows a level of contempt for readers. I mean when one sees 4 question marks and he only supplies one question well… I consider that to be an attempt to undermine our democratic rights. We have every reason to expect and receive 4 questions. I mean it is so impolite and ungentlemanly to behave in such an inglorious way. I could go on…. 😉

        • billmurray

          Please do, you were polite and I enjoy your commentary.
          No contempt, impoliteness or ungentlemanly behaviour was meant.
          Your democratic rights and cooked breakfast mean a lot to me.

        • mikesh

          Four question marks would surely show four times the puzzlement that one would show.

          • In Vino

            Or the finger was left on the ‘?’ button four times too long… Never misunderestimate the digital and literary clumsiness of a klutz.

  3. weka 3

    I see there is a new mouse in the house.

    Meanwhile, if you missed the super moon last night, here’s a good time lapse,

  4. Gabby 4

    I should have thought the very least you could do was to say ‘please’ when you call down a plague. Your discourtesy leaves an unfavourable impression.

    • billmurray 4.1


      • Gabby 4.1.1

        I’m hurt that you felt it unnecessary to thank me for my helpful reminder. It is sad that your persistent flouting of the conventions of social intercourse is poisoning the minds of your readers. I fear for your future, I really do. One cannot fail to be put in mind of the Worst Excesses of the French Revolution.

  5. “When the words of Donald Trump such as “Build a wall” or “Grab her by the pussy” are repeated in this country (and they have been) we have to look into our own potential for darkness. Let’s not forget how our own Prime Minister grabbed a young woman by the ponytail in her workplace and would not take “no” for an answer. He would never be as verbally crude as Trump but he has shown a bizarre lack of respect and judgement.”

    Catherine Delahunty

    • billmurray 5.1

      Robert Guyton,
      I do not condone any such actions:
      We should consider the societies we live in:
      John Key is the Prime Minister of New Zealand.
      Donald Trump is the President elect of the United States of America.
      Political correctness is not the political bogey that many political parties like to preach it is.

      “ain’t them the facts”

  6. You do not condone the hair-pulling actions of John Key *single question mark.
    I’m pleased to hear that. Does that mean you condemn Key’s behaviour (repeated and unasked-for) toward the waitress with the pony tail *single question mark

    • billmurray 6.1

      Robert Guyton,
      I shall write my first sentence again:
      “I do not condone any such actions”

      BTW what’s your thought’s on political correctness?.

      • “Do not condone” and “condemn” are different, billmurray, fyi.
        Do you condemn Key’s behaviour, (I ask for the second time)?

        • billmurray

          Robert Guyton,
          you should keep asking until the cows come home , which used to be about 5am.
          Try a different dictionary.
          Ask Catherine Delahunty I am sure she will help.
          If you contact Catherine give her my regards.
          Try getting a grip.

          Finally, you could try asking me a third time to get the same reply.

          • Robert Guyton

            Finally, you could try asking me a third time to get the same slippery reply.

            • billmurray

              Robert Guyton,
              You do know of course that you need to put your glasses on when you read a post.
              Could be your problem!.
              Its cold at 5am in the morning, don’t wake me up.

              • Doogs

                “5am in the morning”

                5am IS in the morning.

                I don’t not understand your syntax.

              • The lost sheep

                What is ‘slippery’ about Bill’s statements Robert?

                He does not ‘condone’ JK’s actions, i.e. he is willing to state they were neither harmless or acceptable.
                But he is declining to ‘condemn’ the actions, i.e. he is unwilling to express a strong disapproval or a suggestion that the actions are worthy of censure or punishment.

                That’s perfectly clear?

                • As I said, slippery, that’s perfectly clear *no question mark.

                  Unwilling to suggest that repeated pulling of a young woman’s hair, despite her objections, by a male Prime Minister, is worthy of a censure?
                  Is he really not willing to suggest that, lost sheep?
                  Got it.

  7. Anne 7

    This… in all seriousness:

    Can anyone provide a background to today’s DR photo? Or is it photo-shopped?

    • mickysavage 7.1

      A protester at one of the recent anti Trump protests. Slightly naff and opportunistic but the message I thought was appropriate.

      • billmurray 7.1.1

        Mickey Savage,
        The protest may have been at a anti-Trump rally, but was it a anti-Trump message or a message to the protesters?.
        I have taken part in many protests, some violent, and often the Marshalls would warn us against the dangers of certain action.
        In the photo shown the police would be armed.

      • Anne 7.1.2

        Talking of naff… 🙄

        • mickysavage

          He thinks that Key stole a march on Labour by criticising Tamaki as if Labour or the Greens would not …

          • Anne

            He can’t even put his response in the right place.

            Edit: oops… it’s gone.

          • billmurray

            Anne @ Mickey Savage,
            What is naff about my post?
            Key did steal a march on Labour and the Greens, Key made Herald front page at 5pm lambasting Tamaki.
            Its MOU and MMP, Labour and the Greens need to pull finger if they want impact.
            Mickey you should stop defending second rate performance, you are not doing the practitioners any favours.

            • mickysavage

              If performance is measured by the priority the Herald gives a story Labour will never win.

              • billmurray

                perhaps fair comment, I am somewhat uneasy about their polls.
                John Key, for 3 more years would be awful tragedy for the country.
                I am worried about a early election 2017.
                The fact that John Key denies it means nothing.

  8. billmurray’s “style” is to disingenuously respond to every criticism of his behaviour here with a passive/aggressive “who me? Naaah!” then seize the opportunity to repeat, over and over, his original (naff) claims. Watch him work.

    • ropata 8.1

      bring back CV. at least he made his case instead of boring everyone to death with fucked up fake politeness

      • In Vino 8.1.1

        Exactly, Ropata. BM, Pockish Rouge, James and Chuck must be laughing into their coffee mugs over the CV ban. It is they who do the damage on this site.

        Ban the dumb-arse trolls who pretend to be polite and matey, not CV who never indulges in vulgar invective, but gives challenging info.

        • James

          I don’t pretend to be polite – I am polite.

          As for vulgar invective – I don’t believe you will find that in my post – people who disagree with me see to have it in spades tho.

  9. Muttonbird 9

    billmurray got his arse handed to him on a plate yesterday. Looks like he enjoyed it because he is back for more. A banning is not far off, surely.

    • billmurray 9.1

      I’ve missed you.
      You need to be more positive about your postings.
      I have it on the highest authority that this will help you with stomache upsets, sleep, backache, migraine and unpleasant thoughts such as voting for John Key.
      Give it a try and keep me posted.
      Go the Wallabies.

      • Muttonbird 9.1.1

        It’s like I know you. Not sure you’ll be around here for long so I hope it comes to me soon.

        • billmurray

          I am sure it will come to you, try thinking and stay off the juice.

          • Muttonbird

            You have me at a disadvantage. You seem to know me but I haven’t a clue who you are.

            I know you are upset about being found out yesterday but do tell before you leave.

            • billmurray

              Muttonbird , I am not leaving:
              Except for going on holiday to my house in Honolulu for a few weeks a year, I will not be going anywhere.

      • Paul 9.1.2

        Any chance you could stop trolling this site?

        • weka

          Any chance people will stop feeding him? 😉

          • Paul

            Better to ban him.

            • greywarshark

              Go for it Paul. Stick to that theme. Looking at the whole thread, it’s the usual lot of hot air that follows from dealing with such people-bots. It’s like the proverbial ‘bashing your head against a brick wall being a great thing because you feel so good when you stop’. But commenters need all their undamaged brains to do effective good in this crummy world.

  10. joe90 10

    Bloke has a crack.

    1) These Sanders tweets on WWC are what happens when good intentions meet high school term papers that get a D – let me tweetsplain why pic.twitter.com/4LDkF1PqQ0— T. R. Ramachandran (@yottapoint) November 15, 2016

    2) This is a long tweetstorm, so after it is posted, you can more easily read the tweets kanvz’d here: https://t.co/kAnTQHnwjc— T. R. Ramachandran (@yottapoint) November 15, 2016


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