Daily Review 17/11/2017

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29 comments on “Daily Review 17/11/2017”

  1. ScottGN 1

    Is it me? Or is there a narrative emerging from the National Party? The government is a bunch of neophytes, well out of their depth. There’s been a dreadful mistake. If everybody can just hang on for a minute normal service will resume. This morning we had Judith Collins at her most condescending best accusing the PM of ‘student politics’ over Manus Island. And tonight Maggie Barry was implying the new Conservation Minister was too dumb and inexperienced to get a handle on National’s PR snow job, Predator Free 2050.

    • Grey Area 1.1

      No, it’s not just you ScottGN. And of course as those corrupt muppets see themselves as the natural party of government the fact they were totally incompetent in almost all spheres doesn’t worry them one little bit.

  2. adam 2

    Boy I’m over the MSM doing a number on Female mp’s with awful photos. It seems to particularly directed at the Greens and the labour party MP’s. Sad really.

  3. Exkiwiforces 3

    I’ve just realized I’ve wasted over 1hr this afternoon catching up on the shenanigans over at the Yellow Peril thread since old mate turned up last night and I haven’t done the washing, house work or had a cuppa and read this mornings Oz newspaper yet. In the dog box tonight.

  4. adam 4

    Great interview of Abby Martin by Jimmy Dore. 1/2 an hour.

  5. Union city greens 5

    Been streaming anything good lately?

    I’ve been free loading on Z nation, The Orville, Star trek discovery, Chance, Stan v Evil, Future man, Young Sheldon and Van Helsing… Among others.

    • mpledger 5.1


    • BM 5.2

      The Orville is embarrassedly bad.

      • Union city greens 5.2.1

        I love it, and most importantly, I love it.

        • BM

          Fair enough, taste is rather subjective.

          Personally, I consider it cringeworthy dross of the highest order.

          • Union city greens

            Seth is a genius. Watch it like star trek but with real people with real people issues and it’s a spot on commentary.
            Watch it it with along side the new Star trek and it zigs where that one zags.
            But the best bit is when the captain speaks and you close your eyes and then Brian Griffin is calling the shots.

            Seth, 9/10

            • McFlock

              I expected it to be really bad, but it’s actually very close to ST:tos but with good special effects.

              Blue AND green alien sex, lol

            • millsy

              I have seen Orville yet, but I wasn’t impressed by ST:Discovery. I think they screwed the franchise up with the whole re-boot thing, chucking the whole Canon out the window. Sometimes there isn’t anything wrong with setting a TV series AFTER the events of the first one.

              • You may want to rethink that. The last episode shifted them out of known space and thus out of cannon. Effectively we now have a new ST:Voyager and the story line seems to be developing well.

                Still, not the way I would have done it.

    • gsays 5.3

      Hi ucg, I often struggle to stay entertained by tv series (breaking bad and game of thrones left me cold), I have enjoyed a few episodes of American Gods. Neil gaiman wrote it, good cast.

      Also high maintenance.
      The katering show and get krack!n have had me in stitches.

      • Union city greens 5.3.1

        It’s funny that I don’t consider myself a tv watcher, but when push comes to shove, if it’s a house make over, kitchen wannabe, boy/girl friend/ wife/husband show, I search out the best escapism I can find for free.
        You can’t imagine how made up I was when I found stranger things and both series of channel zero.

        If context is the charm, reality tv and terrestrial programming is the bottom of the barrel.

        Man, you should check out the second series of the Exorcist 🙂

        • rhinocrates

          Oh yeah, Stranger Things. Stunt casting of Sean Astin and Paul Reiser that isn’t just a gimmick. Spielberg, Lovecraft and King all blended together smoothly. And Steve’s hair…

          The 80s were really an awful time with the Cold War hotting up again, but now I think I want to watch Robocop again.

          • millsy

            If you ignore the violence, there are interesting themes in RoboCop that are relevant today. Reality TV, privatisation, use of robots, urban renewal, outsourcing, dodgy experiments, corruption, etc.

            • rhinocrates

              Why ignore the violence? You’re right, it’s very relevant.

              I mean, a lot of clever art and satire came out of the 80s, and Verhoeven followed up with Starship Troopers, another sweet poison.

            • Exkiwiforces

              A very good point there Millsy.

              I been watching SS GB in between watching spooks and I’ve told by someone that A man in a high castle is out as well on the giggle box. I’ve the two books SS GB and A man in a high castle as part of my annual Summer reading list among the usual history and reference books for building 1/700 model ships along with other the 4 books I’m reading at the moment.

    • rhinocrates 5.4

      Mr Robot?

      A nice twist (of the knife) in this season is how the “revolutionaries” can get played. A necessary warning, which can be summed up as “Good intentions aren’t enough.” It might flip into Philip K Dick territory…

      Speaking of which, you might want to see Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams. Following that, there’s news that a Twilight Zone revival is in the works. Amazon is also planning a Lord of the Rings prequel series as a Game of Thrones rival. The Last Kingdom is a dark age Britain-set drama that had Rutger Hauer in the pilot. Haven’t seen enough to comment yet. Lots of men with beards and mud.

      The Orville… interesting. I found the first episode terrible, failing as a comedy and as a ST:TNG clone, but it’s rapidly grown on me on account of how it’s treated its characters. Isaac discovering the concept of “practical jokes”…

      Watch it it with along side the new Star trek and it zigs where that one zags. My impression too. The two make a nice set.

      The Deuce gets good reviews – from the people behind The Wire, but it didn’t grab me. I don’t need that pessimism, I guess.

      There’s another season of The Girlfriend Experience. Same as above. Cold as Kubrick was accused of being, but it seems rather trite so far, without his depth.

      American Gods if you haven’t seen it already? Amazeballs.

      I’ve been watching old things too – you can find 70s cheesefest Space 1999 if you look…

      • Union city greens 5.4.1

        Enjoying this season of Mr Robot more than the last one.
        Electric dreams have been okay, the Brian Cranston episode and impossible planet being my faves, but for some reason they put sex scenes in where they’re not needed and have spoilt a couple of shows for me. Still, always good to have adult sci fi on show.

  6. eco maori 6

    I thought of crowd funding to fight my case in court when I figure out that I had a few viewings.
    Alot of people dont get why I say money is a major hindrance to OUR WORLD SOCIETY.
    One problem is that a lot of people whom control a shit load of money develop a personality that lets there ego run ramped and there view on reality is that the ruling class can do what they want and there money gives them impunity.
    O hang on that’s reality what I’m saying is I do not think that these people have the skills to lead us into a long and prosperous future. And money can be use to manipulate most of our laws to benefit them over us the many Kia Kaha

    • indiana 6.1

      You make a great argument for having as small a government as possible, low taxes and as little bureaucracy as possible.

      • eco maori 6.1.1

        Well no that sounds like big business plan a small government so they can own/control everything my preferences is no money less corruption in OUR WORLD a more humane world society Ka pai

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