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27 comments on “Daily Review 17/08/2016”

  1. Pat 1


    “Papua New Guinea’s prime minister Peter O’Neill met with Australia’s immigration minister today, and says they have agreed to close the Manus Island detention centre”.

    • mickysavage 1.1

      Well done PNG and shame on Australia.

      • Macro 1.1.1

        I gather Micky it is an attempt to pre-empt the PNG Supreme Court which are to consider the matter of whether the detention centre breaches PNG’s constitutional guarantee to liberty. This is set to go before the bench next week, and a judgement is expected quickly.

        “Spokesman for the Refugee Action Coalition Ian Rintoul said he was concerned the PNG and Australian governments were seeking to pre-empt the upcoming supreme court hearing, by suggesting the centre was slated for imminent closure.”

  2. Rosemary McDonald 2

    I won’t have been the only person concerned enough to email Jacinda Ardern about the possible appointment of the former CEO of a multinational aged care provider (with a less than spotless reputation) to head the new Ministry for Children….or whatever name the Notional Party decide upon.

    Jacinda did a most sterling job putting the Minister for Social Degradation on the griddle in question time today….

    • Wensleydale 2.1

      You’ve got to hand it to Jacinda, she’s tenacious. Unfortunately, Tolley is just as evasive and slippery as we’ve come to expect. Tutored by a master no doubt.

  3. weka 3

    Mixed feelings about this one. Leaving aside the utter inadequacy of the targets, I can’t help but feel that National are up to something. The opposition parties supping with the devil was the first thing that came to mind. Second thought was Bennet doesn’t know what the fuck she is doing and needed help. I don’t really believe that’s the motivation, but ever the question with NACT – evil or incompetent.

    In a significant development, the National Party has reached out to Labour, Greens and New Zealand First to seek a cross-party approach to climate change for the first time.

    The bid for a bipartisan agreement on the issue comes after the Government committed today to ratifying the landmark Paris Agreement before the end of the year, locking in New Zealand’s long-term emissions reduction target.

    Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett said today she had met with Opposition MPs to discuss a joint approach to meeting New Zealand’s climate goals.


    • mickysavage 3.1

      The actual effect of National’s policies is crap. They are looking for plausible denial and are attempting to spread the blame around.

    • Anne 3.2

      Here’s my take from what she says in the article:

      “We now have got a global momentum into lowering emissions in this great world that we live in and I think it is going to be decades of work.

      “In that context there probably is room for some cross-party [discussion].

      “I still think that there will be a number of differences between the parties. But I do think it’s worth opening the dialogue and seeing if there’s a few agreements we can come to.”

      I know bugger-all about Climate Change and I’m out of my depth. I can bandy about monetary costs and percentages but that’s all. So, I intend to pick the brains of the boffins including those from the opposition parties and when it comes to implementing the decisions reached… I will take all the credit.

      Edit: And as mickysavage says: if it all turns to custard I will blame the opposition parties.

      • Pat 3.2.1

        I know bugger-all about Climate Change and I’m out of my depth. I can bandy about monetary costs and percentages but that’s all. So, I intend to pick the brains of the boffins including those from the opposition parties and when it comes to implementing the decisions reached… I will take all the credit.

        Edit: And as mickysavage says: if it all turns to custard I will blame the opposition parties.’

        Think its more likely they will wish to paint the opposition as intransigent with regard to CC when anything National proposes is inadequate.

    • Ad 3.3

      What on earth would motivate Labour or the Green to take climate change off the election table, before we’ve even gotten to the election?

    • b waghorn 3.4

      Hopefully it’s that the nats have realised that real action is needed now. Now if all the parties went to the next election pushing the same comprehensive plan we could get the ball rolling .
      Bennetts out of her depth but she’s bright enough to know that time is running out .

    • Cinny 3.5

      Maybe its to slightly change the narrative? Distraction… thats lovely portly paula re cross party talks and paris but, I found Question 12 today re the carbon credits very informative.

      Maybe you are just completely out of your depth plump paula and need the help of others because you care more for consumption than saving the planet?

  4. Rodel 4

    On the news tonight.-
    Hospital doctors working 10 hour or more day or night shifts, for up to 12 consecutive days are feeling tired.

    I hope You or I don’t need emergency treatment from a doctor who is just finishing twelve consecutive 10 hour shifts.

    Coleman the minister of health couldn’t be contacted as he’s in Rio. …..Sam Lotto his stand in, referred News-Hub back to Coleman’s office who in turn referred them back to the DHB concerned.

    Rio!? Isn’t parliament supposed to be in session?
    There must be some important government health business meetings going on in Rio.

    • Wensleydale 4.1

      I suspect he’s doing water quality comparisons. If all goes according to plan, Havelock North is just the beginning.

  5. Keep your feet on the ground, your hands in the soil
    (Apologies for link-wh*ring, but I’m determined to inject some earthiness into the menu here on TS 🙂

    “Winter is signalling it’s imminent departure through the behaviour of the birds in the trees of my garden; they’re singing a different tune in the evenings and it’s one I recognise from spring’s passed. My propagation beds are not as full as I intended them to be due to unexpected business and I’m feeling foolish for not having focused better on collecting cuttings from the things I want to have more of. It’s not too late though, as the plum blossom hasn’t yet burst, so I’m doubling down on my efforts to collect from afar for the near. Today, I planted a dozen rhubarb crowns given to me as a reward for pruning the apple trees of a woman who couldn’t do them herself. As well, she gave me handfuls of gooseberry prunings which I’ve pushed, individually, into the soil of the beds. The three English Greengage seedlings I was given last week are now settled into the soil of the orchard park across the way and I’m planning to sow the seeds of the native broom, Carmichaelia odorata tomorrow, so I’m in catch-up mode and making some good progress. I’m becoming very enarmoured with gooseberries and will visit each of the rare specimens I already have growing here, thanks to thoughtful donors from all around Southland and Otago, and snip the tips of those to further populate the cuttings bed, so that I can increase the presence of those old favourites, the goosegog. It’s a prickly business though, and I’m nursing several punctures. No matter, it has to be done and every morning is warmer, lighter and more filled with bird-song than the one before. Oh, and hazelnuts! I wanted to plant a hundred of those but haven’t done one! I’m determined to find a cache and plant them post haste.”

    • lprent 5.1

      Apologies for link-wh*ring

      Robert. Don’t care too much about link-whoring on OpenMike or Daily Review – there is no topic. Unless it winds up in being repetitive.

    • One Two 5.2

      Thank you for the informative posts, Robert

      The amount of take away information is so helpful, and appreciated

  6. Thanks, lprent. I’ll try not to drone on.

  7. ScottGN 8

    “…and every morning is warmer, lighter and more filled with bird-song than the one before.”
    Pretty much sums up the feeling at my place. It’s been a rubbish winter here in Queenstown (where we love winter) so I’m all ready to embrace Spring.

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