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30 comments on “Daily Review 18/04/2018”

  1. patricia bremner 1

    I feel proud of Jacinda Ardern. She is making this trip look a breeze so far.

    Trevitt could not resist saying “luckily a kiwi bird important to Merkle broke the ice”

    Ice?? Oh!! Perceived ice…. you know “The Russian stuff” LOL LOL. Good try.

    In reality our PM is perceived to be an excellent ambassador and Leader by all who have met her.

  2. Ad 2

    New Lynn local board member Derek Battersby resigns after calling Genter a “silly bitch”.

    Old white male joins #metoo and ‘moves on’

  3. Carolyn_Nth 4

    Kim Baker Wilson, TV1 News producer: Dear Israel Folau: I’ve already been to hell

    Wilson was gay-bashed, resulting in brain damage.

    An example of why, having the platform to speak publicly also requires some social responsibility. The argument that a person can say anything because freedom of speech, does not always hold up.

    • mickysavage 4.1

      Post of the week if not the year …

    • Ad 4.2

      Israel Folau has full freedom of speech and full freedom to face the consequences of that exercised freedom.

      And a bit sad when society has to turn to sponsors to defend their beliefs.

      I am sure Folau will feel the exercise of that freedom of expression from opposing teams, because as Michael Jones, who tackled like a sack of cement, used to say, “It’s better to give than to receive.”

      • Carolyn_Nth 4.2.1

        I don’t really understand your last comment.

        But this gay, Christian OP writer says that it seems very few rugby players have spoken out against Folau’s comments – except for a Brad Weber.

        When someone as important in the game as Brad Weber takes issue with Folau it’s refreshing, Watson says, “like you can breathe out again”.

        Rugby celebrities publicly disagreeing with Folau and expressing support for the gay community help to balance out his hurtful comments, Watson says.

        “But the fact that a lot are staying fairly silent publicly… it does then play with your mind.”

        • Carolyn_Nth

          Oh, and All Black T J Perenara has sad in the last hour that he is 100% against Folau’s comments:

          I’d like to add my voice to the conversation currently taking place. As professional rugby players, whether we like it or not, we are role models for a lot of young people. Notably, young Māori and Pasifika people.
          8:32 PM – Apr 18, 2018

          You don’t need to look far to know that young Māori/PI are overrepresented in youth suicide statistics and, as I understand it, even more so when you look to those who are part of the Rainbow community. Comments that cause further harm cannot be tolerated.
          8:33 PM – Apr 18, 2018

          Let it go on record that I am 100% against the comments that were made by Israel. It was not ok to say that. It’s not an attitude I want to see in the game I love. There is no justification for such harmful comments.
          8:33 PM – Apr 18, 2018

          To anyone, young Māori/Pasifika people especially, who may be struggling with their identity – please know that it is ok to be you. You are perfect as you are. Do not let these comments keep you from being yourself. Polynesia has been sexually diverse since forever.
          8:34 PM – Apr 18, 2018

          • Ad

            Bigger story here than it is in Australia.
            melbourneage forgotten it.
            theaustralian forgotten it.
            even abc are just rolling a cold story over.

        • Ad

          Qantas reacted far faster.

        • SPC

          Weber’s opinion was over the top

          “I can’t stand that I have to play this game that I love with people, like Folau, who say what he’s saying” – which is a barely disguised call for people who have the opinions of Folau to be banned from the game.

          Which would be discrimination based on religious faith against Jews, Christians and Moslems.

          Much classier and to the point is this.

          “New Zealand Rugby is committed to Diversity and Inclusion, and welcomes people from all walks of life. We respect that people have different views and beliefs, however expect that any opinions and views are expressed in a respectful way,”

          Which would come under the player code.

          Folau’s case came out of the recent referendum in Oz and his public position on it and thus the question put to him which led to all this.

          It’s an interesting thing where players on contract are now subject to the belief expression and behaviour restraint that were once the preserve of religious obligation – such is the power of sponsors and the market and correct public opinion.

      • mauī 4.2.2

        The whole thing is contrived media BS. Of course religious views are somewhat archaic and don’t really mesh that well with a modern society. Those are Folau’s beliefs that probably won’t ever change, just like everyone has beliefs that someone somewhere else would find appalling too. Time to move on, whats the media going to do launch a petition to rewrite the bible.

    • millsy 4.3

      A product of Western missionaries imposing the bible on a tolerant and permissive people and turning them into religious nutcases.

  4. AsleepWhileWalking 5


    Brits are overwhelmingly against a trade deal with the US due to having to accept lower food standards if such a deal took place. 82% want to keep food standards as they are, that is the EU standard.


    WTF is chlorinated chicken? Well whatever it is it is substantially cheaper than *normal* chicken and apparently you can buy it in the USA and whatever nations have a trade deal with them. Hope that is not NZ.

    • Carolyn_Nth 5.1

      And then there’s US cheese?!

    • millsy 5.2

      The food industry in the US is probably dirtier than the fossil fuel industry.

    • Exkiwiforces 5.3

      Should try and eat in Yank DFAT (Mess). You would be very hard press to found a healthy eating option and it go to a point where I had the other half sending over cereal, tea and my NZ jam from Oz for breakfast as it was shit with lunch and dinner a bit of a pot luck. We were lucky to that was had access to the local host nations dry canteen which was the only saving grace for us Ockers.

      I was chatting to the Padre last week when I pop in for a chat. He was saying the Yanks were complaining about the high standards our cooks have and they want the standards dropped to the USMC DFAT standards. Which caused a revolt within the cooks, which flow on to the rest of the base at all levels of rank within the base and with threats of going public if they were force to eat that yank shit the call food.

      If you love low food standards, high levels of the following salt, sugar, fats and green cheese then it’s the food for you! Not included in the that package of the long term health effects to your body and the possibility of an early death.

  5. Jenny 6

    “Veteran activist Roger Fowler still battling on behalf of people of Gaza”
    Manukau Courier, April 17, 2018

    The south Auckland local and veteran human rights campaigner has been working to shine a light on the situation experienced by the people of Gaza in the Middle East for almost a decade….


    Roger Fowler the editor of the Kia Ora Gaza website has been unwavering his his support for the people of the Middle East against their oppressors, whoever they are. As well as taking the side of the Palestinians against the Israeli Zionists, Roger Fowler has stood on the side of the Egyptian people against the the Mubarak dictatorship, and stood with the Syrian people in their uprising against the Assad regime.

    Roger Fowler once even received a slight head wound when he fell fleeing with Egyptian protesters from an attack by riot police in Tahrir Square

    “Egyptians in Tahrir Square damn Israel’s war on Gaza”
    Kia Ora Gaza, 16 November, 2012

    Roger Fowler, from the New Zealand network Kia Ora Gaza, captures the scene in Cairo’s Tahrir Square as thousands of Egyptians come together to protest Israel’s war on Gaza.


    “Syrian revolution’s ‘mocking bird’ haunts his murderers”
    Kia Ora Gaza, September 5, 2012

    Ibrahim Qashoush sings his revolutionary anthem with the catchline “It’s time for you to go, Bashar!” to a vast crowd in Hama, one of the cradles of Syria’s popular uprising against the dictator Bashar Assad.



    “Egyptians clash with riot cops one year on from bloodbath”
    Kia Ora Gaza, November 20, 2012

    Photo essay by Roger Fowler, Kia Ora Gaza activist in Cairo


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