Daily Review 18/07/2016

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This is the last straw

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19 comments on “Daily Review 18/07/2016”

    • McFlock 1.1

      the fools – they ate it for a week, rather than a single demonstration-prepared serving with a side-order of Coleman’s saccharine!

    • aerobubble 1.2

      Steel dumping. Whats the economics of that? Why would a country dump a product on another? Inferior quality. Well first there is a glut, but follow the money. NZ dollars must buy this bad steel, therefore someone somewhere is buying nz value products in exchange to balance the currency. Higher quaility, food mostly. So we are exchange pure clean water, using up soil to grow quality plants and meat for export and are increasing the risk from damage in the next earthquake.

      Oh, but its worse. Not only are we buying crap steal, but TTP is lowering the quality of food webuy at the supermarket, lowering the quality of houses we can buy, all so we can exchange our quality for housing investors to sit on auckland land and homes, secure their wealth here, so the profits keep rising for exportig quality meat and dumping poor quality meat. Hell what gives with that, how can free trade mean that foriegn markets get quality meat, homes, etc, yet we dont, we get damp housing if we are lucky, tasteless old prefozen meat, carrots that rot inside a day, etc, and free tade that says all boats rise together…

      It aint free trade whenschools go backwards, when hospital food gets worse, its a rigged trade when we get worse outcomes by opening trade doors. I live in the heart of farming country and the meat suppliers are dumping crap water infused at, thats tasteless, and useless in sandwiches from the aftertaste of some chemicals i quess used to bleach out whatever nasty they were alledgedly infected with but worse leaves my stomach upset.

      so wheres the economics of butchers dump crap meat into our town, you guessed it, they make a profit bothsides, quality overseas and dumping poor quality here, i would not be surprised that the meat on our shelves wnet to china first dud not get sold was reconditioned there and dumped here,

  1. Sabine 2

    Ann Coulter in regards to open carry and the likes at the Republican Convention.

    Don’t suspend the second amendment, suspend the first. 🙂

  2. Paul 3

    Another day in John Key’s neo-liberal nightmare.
    We have become a cruel, greedy, uncaring and selfish nation under his wretched leadership.

    Anyone who voted this government in.

    A large proportion of New Zealand teenagers are living in poverty, a study has revealed.
    The research from Auckland University showed almost one in five secondary school students and nearly half of all Pacific students were struggling.
    Significant differences between ethnicities were highlighted, with about one third of Maori students living in households experiencing poverty.
    Published in the International Journal for Equity in Health, the study used data from the Youth 2012 study of 8500 students.
    It grouped students by household poverty based on nine indicators of deprivation:
    * No car
    * No phone
    * No computer
    * Parental worry about not having enough food
    * More than two people sharing a bedroom
    * No holidays with family
    * Moving home more than twice a year
    * Garages or living rooms used as bedrooms
    * No parent at home with employment.
    Students needed to report two or more indicators before being classed as experiencing poverty, while researchers also examined the interaction between household deprivation and depressive symptoms, smoking and obesity.
    Senior lecturer and co-author of the report Dr Terry Fleming said some results mirrored those found by the Ministry of Social Development and the Child Poverty Action Group.
    But the suggestion such a large proportion of Pacific youth were living in poverty was worrying.
    “When you start excluding a community or ethnic group to that extent that’s pretty harmful.”



    • Gangnam Style 3.1

      Teenagers just out of school must be so vulnerable right now, if they don’t have rich parents, no dole & only low paid crappy tiny hour non-career-type jobs, hope things get better for them.

      • Paul 3.1.1

        The only way things are going to get better is the eradication of neoliberal thinking and policies in this country.
        As the 2 major parties are both still wedded to this economic cult, it will require grassroots movements to change the paradigm.

  3. adam 4

    HSCB who helped fix our last election, and was caught in those paper made public from Panama. But here the kick, no charges folks.

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