Daily Review 18/09/2017

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39 comments on “Daily Review 18/09/2017”

  1. Union city greens 1

    A bit of escapism in these troubled times. If you haven’t seen or heard of The Orville, yet, give it a google and find a stream.
    Seth Macfarlane does Star trek. Funny as .

  2. ScottGN 2

    So today we had Ardern back in Whanganui for her second visit in less than 2 weeks. English, meanwhile was in Tukituki, which according to Newshub both main parties now think is a marginal.
    Ardern on the offensive trying to flip a National seat, English on the defensive trying to hold one.
    There’s that old adage that political pundits like to trot out that where the party leaders go in the final days tells you a lot about how it’s playing out.

    • Muttonbird 2.1

      English is spending time in Tukituki backing Tule who poisoned 5000 locals last year? Bad strategy, imo.

      • ScottGN 2.1.1

        I used to live in Hastings Muttonbird and I can tell you there’s still widespread anger at the way Yule, both district and regional councils and central government handled the water crisis.
        National selected Yule at a time when they assumed a cakewalk to re-election. That was a mistake and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Labour take back that seat.

        • tc

          +1 yes the contempt for the public shown was hard to miss right down to findlayson delaying the completed whitewash till post election.

  3. ianmac 4

    And why is Hooton demonically frothing against Jacinda at the end of Nine to Noon. He was shouting/screaming invective against Jacinda. Katherine couldn’t stop him nor Stephen Mills. And after his turn at summing up, away he went again shouting over Stephen and Katherine.
    Don’t listen to it though. Sickening.

    • ScottGN 4.1

      He was only frothing a little bit more than usual. To be expected really, since it was his last rant on RadioNZ before election day.

    • Anne 4.2

      He really sounded unhinged at the end of the programme…Jacinda knows nothing. I tell she knows nothing… nothing at all… And on it went in the same vein.

      It beats me the media use him so much. He’s not the full quid imo.

      • weka 4.2.1

        I don’t think it’s unhinged, I think it’s intentional tactics to put people off voting Labour or left at all. Silly little princess can’t run the country. Hooton knows what sexism is, so he pre-emoted accusations before he started on about the Ardern stuff.

        Massive eye rolls from Stephen Mills and Kathryn Ryan though.

        • In Vino

          I thought Mills did well when he told Hooten to ease up and go run a marathon.
          But Hooten wrecked right of reply with those interruptions, and RNZ need to penalise him for it. It happens too often. Kathryn Ryan needs to be told she can take control, and she needs to actually do it. Hooten does his own rant, then blocks his opponent from speaking with further butt-in ranting.

          • marty mars

            He did do well and rnz also need to sort hollowhoots out – he sounded like a petulent 5 year old – and he is the rights poster boy lol

          • tc

            100% messaging, zero political intellectual rigour from a shill with a taxpayer funded soapbox.

          • weka

            True, and I think we can keep applying pressure to RNZ. They seem to be getting the message on twitter about a few things.

            Hooton made a dick of himself this morning, in some ways it was useful for that to be so visible.

  4. Bearded Git 5

    Interesting hearing a relaxed Winston being interviewed by Campbell on Checkpoint tonight. He said clearly that it was National Party people that had leaked his pension over-payment details and they had also leaked a health scare about him last Friday (i hadn’t heard about this-sounded like Winston has threatened them with legal action.)

    One thing is certain-NZF will not go with National if they can help it. Better get 48% Bill…NO CHANCE!!

    Also Winston was mumbling about some info that will come out before polling day…. watch this space.

    • joe90 5.1

      For a few days now fsiani (banned at TS) has been trotting out the Winston won’t see 2020 nonsense over at the sewer.

    • ScottGN 5.2

      It was a great interview.
      I’m going to watch RadioNZ’s election night coverage on Freeview channel 50 on Saturday night. Though if half the votes are going to be done and dusted by election day I could be sloping off to bed by 9.30.

    • Whispering Kate 5.3

      There was a comment from Ianmac on Open Mike today that Stephen Mills “made a passing hint this morning suggesting there may be something danaging to National likely this week”.

      If there is a God please let there be something that will stop National in their tracks – the long suffering electorate needs a breath of fresh air and they need it now.

    • ianmac 5.4

      Yes to John Campbell. He managed a really good interview with Winston.
      Winston says that a person high up in National warned him of the plot to damage him over Super and now again a high National warned him about another plot to use his health to undermine him. Dirty Politics?

  5. ScottGN 6

    David Fisher in the Herald
    “They were digging around for a log”

  6. DSpare 7

    There is a 13 way debate (all except Nat, ACT & People’s parties are sending someone) set to be moderated by a panel of three over on TDB in 5 minutes. May be unwatchable or unmissable (more likely in the entertaining disaster fashion, than actually being informative). I’m going to give it a few minutes of my evening anyway.

    If you avoiding TDB, here are a couple of other links:


    • DSpare 7.1

      Not really a debate, just Bradbury doing a short interview with 13 party representatives in a row. A bit boring (and with technical glitches aplenty depending on the interviewee’s skype setup) but quite informative. I would almost have preferred a disasterous meltdown of cross-shouting, but I suppose this is more worthy.

      There was a bit with Curwen Rolinson at the start, but no sign of Kate Davis (unless I missed it) I’m guessing that they will be at the end.

  7. AsleepWhileWalking 8

    Woman tries to get abortion, but DHB obstructed her from doing so.


    “The Crimes Act allows abortions up to 40 weeks, but applies stricter criteria for abortions after 20 weeks than before 20 weeks. On what legal basis does the Waitematā DHB restrict abortions to 18 weeks? On what legal basis does the DHB refuse to allow a woman the opportunity to have her case considered by certifying consultants?”

  8. greywarshark 11

    Has someone commented already on this? Last Thursday there was knowledge of the refinery pipe leak revealed on facebook but not the Stock Exchange.
    I’ll read on and find when passengers were warned about it.

    18/9/17 http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11923666
    In last Thursday’s Facebook post, Refining NZ said: “Hi everyone. Just to let you know that earlier this afternoon we spotted a leak of jet fuel on a section of the Refinery Auckland pipeline near Ruakaka. We’ve isolated and contained the leak and our crew is busy carrying out a recovery and repair operation.

    “The Fire Service has a cordon in place and as a precaution we’ve put a family who live nearby into a local motel.

    “We’re working with the oil co’s [sic] to ensure that fuel supplies aren’t unduly impacted. An early estimate is that pipeline will be out for the next two days.

    “Finally, the refinery will continue to operate while we get the pipeline back up and running,” it said then.

    In its statement to the NZX today, Refining NZ said it was too early to estimate accurately what the financial impact of the rupture would be, but it expected that its revenue would be affected by NZ$10-$15 million.

    I wonder who will recompense all involved for that. The illegal swamp kauri
    operation that is alleged to be known by Judith Collins and another player is someone in the drug industry?

    Will it be something that seems to quietly slip away as under the terms of agreement by the Marlborough Ports Authority and the NZ Government when the pilot took the cruise ship the Mikail Lermontov too close to the coast as he carelessly showed off his scenic tourism and his seamanship.

  9. Exkiwiforces 12

    There was a nice wee interview of Jacinda on the ABC’s 7:30 report tonight when she was Nelson and they did a wee bit on old Dipton when he was in Ashbuton talking to a bunch of angry farmers ( from the sounds of it dairy farmers and I still can’t work out who wants to run dairy farm on the Canterbury plains with its poor soils, harsh summers and winters. As Canterbury is only good for mix cropping and sheep) about the water tax.

    Will post a link when it comes available which is between 8:00pm and 8:30pm Australian CST.

  10. ianmac 13

    Interviews allover the place. Jacinda handled this one with confidence and credibility. Straight answers.
    “Vote 2017: Labour leader Jacinda Ardern answers your questions.”

  11. ianmac 14

    And the kids interviewing Leaders was compelling much to my surprise.
    Jacinda was up first. Watch the total engagement with the kids. They were very responsive and Jacinda made their faces light up.
    They just started to interview Bill English but cut at 9pm. It will be on Part 2 tomorrow night at 8pm TV1.
    Great questions from bright kids.
    Also James Shaw and interestingly the Gareth Morgan. Don’t know how to link but it is on TV 1 Face The Classroom
    8:00pm – 9:00pm

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