Daily review 19/07/2019

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22 comments on “Daily review 19/07/2019”

  1. Muttonbird 1

    It's incredibly depressing how much Soimon Bridges undersells and disparages New Zealand. Here he calls us, "a fly". He thinks we're not good enough.

    I would hate for this negative-thinking, hand-wringing, disappointed dad to become PM. He'd have New Zealand on its knees, licking the boots of the world in an instant.


  2. Muttonbird 2

    Not only do smokers endanger the lives of themselves and those around them. Not only are they a financial drag on their loved ones. Not only are they a terrible burden on the heath system.

    Turns out they are the biggest polluters too.


    Its an absolutely disgraceful habit and one which is in fact very easy to kick.

      • Muttonbird 2.1.1

        I used to smoke in my early 20s.

        • Pat

          it dosnt work you know

          • Muttonbird

            What doesn't work?

            • Pat

              berating smokers….indeed in some instances its likely counterproductive

              • mickysavage

                They do need to get over it.  Smoking is bad for their health and bad for the rest of us and bad for the planet.

                • Pat

                  lol….bad for their own health,? yes…bad for others? would doubt that with the restrictions imposed…bad for the planet?possibly but considerably less so than flying.

                • Sabine

                  The government can ban smoking any day it likes. 

                  However for some reason smoking is still legal. 

                  And driving is also legal. And alcohol. 

      • Anne 2.1.2

        I'm a reformed smoker and we are the worst. When driving past a pedestrian with a fag hanging out of his/her mouth, I have had to do battle with my impulse… to stop the car, get out and yank the fag out of their mouths while giving them a piece of my mind. 😈

        • Jilly Bee

          Me too Anne, I stopped cold turkey in 1991 when I had a terrible head cold – the fags tasted ghastly and I had ran out and simply couldn't be bothered about getting to the dairy to replenish my supply.  It was also the day of our second son's 21st birthday BBQ and it suddenly occurred to me that I may like to stay alive to welcome some grandchildren into our family.  I can't stand the smell of cigarettes now – they have me on the point of gagging.

    • arkie 2.2

      Turns out they* are the biggest polluters too.

      *Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions

    • Bruce 2.3

      I visited a beach at Cadiz were the Mediteranean Sea  empties into the Atlantic Ocean , wondering what the football  field sized  sand drifts 600 mm high were ,I kicked one, solid cigarette butts.

    • solkta 2.4

      one which is in fact very easy to kick

      Bollocks to that. Giving up nicotine is one of the hardest things i've ever done in my life. Been nearly 30 years now and i would never go back.

      • Muttonbird 2.4.1

        But it's over in about a month. Not like alcohol which stays with an addict forever.

        • solkta

          But it's over in about a month.

          That was not my experience. The biggest danger point, at least for me, was  actually at three months. Then six months. And even a year. Though i would never go back i still enjoy a bit of blow-by. People think i am being polite when i stand outside with the smokers. 

          I've never managed to get addicted to alcohol although my consumption through a couple of periods in my life would be considered as alcoholic.

  3. tc 3

    Today’s open mike brought to by the QUIT program.

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