Daily Review 19/11/2018

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26 comments on “Daily Review 19/11/2018”

  1. Ed 1

    “17.4 million people didn’t vote leave because they’re racist.
    17.4 million people didn’t vote leave because they’re dumb.
    17.4 million people voted leave because of poverty; a failed economy as a result of 40 years of globalisation; & a desire to take control away from elites.”

    • Chris T 1.1

      And I would hazard a guess most of the entire lot wouldn’t have had a clue about the ramifications of the decision either way.

      • Anne 1.1.1

        Thanks for the reality check Chris T.

      • Ed 1.1.2

        Elitist claptrap

        • Anne

          How come then Ed many of them admitted to “not really understanding what it was all about at the time” and have been wanting another referendum because they “realise they made a mistake voting Leave” and want to change their vote.

          You must be very selective in your reading because it has been reported by many news outlets since the referendum took place.

          I don’t have a firm view on Brexit because I have the humility to recognise that living so far from the scene of the action, I am in no position to pass judgment.

          • te reo putake

            The polls since the referendum have been consistent; not only do the majority appear to think the outcome was a mistake, the majority would now vote remain.

            Given that the lies the Tories told at the time have now been exposed, and the criminal rorting of the Leave campaign is heading to the courts, it’s no surprise that most Brits want to stay in. The total shambles around the exit neg’s is just the icing on the cake for public opinion.


            • mikesh

              Is it the leaving that is the problem, or the Europeans playing hardball.

              • Anne

                As far as I can ascertain, it is the” leaving” that’s the problem. Now that its about to happen, many Brits have changed their minds and don’t want to leave after all.

      • Pat 1.1.3

        The analysis that there is anti establishment feeling driving these results dosnt claim that it is the sole motivation for such a vote. As with all votes there will be a tribal rump, there remains a large portion disengaged but the claim is the crucial element creating the (unexpected and apparently irrational) swing is in fact this anti establishment feeling….there is much to support it.

        Indeed a browse of this site shows clear signs of its existence in NZ

    • Gabby 1.2

      That worked well didn’t it eddy.

  2. ScottGN 2

    So the only women leaders at APEC were Jacinda Ardern and Carrie Lam from Hong Kong? Sometimes it doesn’t feel like we’re getting very far.

  3. Draco T Bastard 3

    Report: Microsoft’s enterprise products covertly gather personal data on users

    Microsoft systematically collects data on a large scale about the individual use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Covertly, without informing people.

    Microsoft does not offer any choice with regard to the amount of data, or possibility to switch off the collection, or ability to see what data are collected, because the data stream is encoded.

    Similar to the practice in Windows 10, Microsoft has included separate software in the Office software that regularly sends telemetry data to its own servers in the United States.

    And that is another reason why I think that the government needs its own IT department that develops its own damn software including the OS that government computers use. Forget going to private providers as it’s obviously far too insecure.

  4. One Two 4

    Old news, Draco as I’m sure you’re aware..

    There will be no surrender by the big techs…

    The only way the tech giants might possibly be halted is for consumers to wise up and adandon the technology which is diminishing physical and mental health…

    Not just walking away from one or some…because mergers/aquisitions…all of them…abandoned…

    I don’t see it happening!

  5. Knowledge you didn’t know you needed to know.

    “Of all the many mysteries that surround the common wombat, it is hard to find one as baffling as its ability – broadly acknowledged as unique in the natural world – to produce faeces shaped like cubes…

    … “My curiosity got triggered when I realised that cubical feces exist,” said Patricia Yang, a postdoctoral fellow in mechanical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. “I thought it was not true in the first place.” ”


  6. To paraphrase Alex Ferguson, cricket, bloody hell!

  7. gsays 7

    For any cricket tragics, NZ have won the first test against Pakistan.
    Defended the second lowest second innings in NZ history.

    We won by four runs.
    Congratulations Kane and the team and well done new coach Gary Stead.

  8. patricia bremner 8

    Patel has worked for this. So pleased for him and for Kane.

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