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114 comments on “Daily Review 20/04/2018”

  1. Ad 1

    Great Commonwealth leaders toast in the Korowai – inspired and dramatic choice.

  2. Agora 2

    Jacinda looks radiant in korowhai cloak .. & baby bump ?

    Over the Tasman ..

    .. the environment which produced John Key may yet have repercussions in the USA.

    • Well I never, the big banks in Aussie have been ripping off their customers – who would have credited it?

      But not the same banks in New Zealand, oh no, over here they behave! sarc.

      • bwaghorn 2.1.1

        kiwibanks no better , my kids kiwi saver gets 3.5% but after they take their lot she earns .01% increase ,

  3. Wei 3

    Couple of airheads.

    • Sanctuary 3.1

      Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, along comes Colonial Viper, the lesser edition…

      • It seems Wei’s default position is abuse!

      • greywarshark 3.1.2

        Can you please leave CV out of this. Unless it really is CV and you know it. He had some points to make about his concerns. This is just a troll who uses problems that need limiting and cause disagreement to foster disagreement. I think CV was better than that.

        • Incognito


          I hope CV has found a better way to make use of his considerable resources than squandering (not all his fault!) them here on TS. Better leave it at that.

  4. Cinny 4

    Wows, I’ve never seen a New Zealand PM looking so incredible on the world stage.

    A glowing pregnant lady, wrapped in a prestigious korowai, her adoring partner beside her. Our PM, she does our country proud at events like this.

    This photo in particular…. LOVE LOVE LOVE, KUDOS to the photographer.

    Their baby will buzz out on this photo 🙂

    • Wei 4.1

      Proud because she is pregnant? Is that some sort of earth shattering accomplishment?

      Wondering if she would have been able to do her job as PM better with or without the distraction of a pregnancy and baby to come?

      • Cinny 4.1.1

        Having run an award-winning company while pregnant, and afterwards with a baby and toddler, while my husband was working offshore, and without as much help available as Jacinda has, I’m sure she will be just fine 🙂

        It’s public relations on the world stage and she is nailing it, this is super helpful for upcoming trade deals with other countries. JS

        Maybe wei, it is you that needs a distraction from trolling?

        • Wei

          Totally illogical comment. Can you answer this:

          “Wondering if she would have been able to do her job as PM better with or without the distraction of a pregnancy and baby to come?”

          • Cinny

            Are you for real wei? LMFAO.

            Come up with some better material sunshine, that topic has been debated across the planet.

            She’s pregnant not incapacitated.

            • McFlock

              I’d also suspect that the broader perspective, particularly for future generations, would make her a better PM.

          • Hanswurst

            Would John Key have been a better PM without the distraction of ponytails in public places? Would Jim Bolger have been a better PM without the urge to adopt the accents of people he talked to? Would Geoffrey Palmer have run the country better if he had not been so preoccupied with constitutional reform? The counterfactuals are as endless as they are futile.

      • Ed 4.1.2

        Is your bitterness necessary?

      • mary_a 4.1.3

        I guess then you could have said the same for Queen Elizabeth II Wei (4.1)!

        Yes, the Queen had help. But don’t forget, so will Jacinda. Both very competent and committed women.

    • Venezia 4.2

      A fantastic, beautiful, powerful image. So proud of our Prime Minister.

    • patricia bremner 4.3

      Absolutely Cinny. I was so pleased and proud. Also to be given the honour of the Toast to the Commonwealth was special. The Queen is an astute woman.

      Wei what is your problem? Your bile is unbecomming.

      • greywarshark 4.3.1

        Wei to go! Can’t you commenters control yourselves and restrain from encouraging this yobbo? That’s what you are doing.

  5. Mark 5

    Cindy keeps on wowing the dancing with the stars brigade, but unfortunately the former leader of the young socialists is a lightweight, who will hopefully be gone before she and her mob do too much damage.

    • Cinny 5.1

      You know it’s a magnificent photo when RWNJ’s come out to slag off the PM.

      The PM that quit.. aka john key never ever looked this good.

      • Chuck 5.1.1

        Agree its a nice photo.

      • Fireblade 5.1.2

        Our PM is naturally articulate, possitive and warm. These qualities are beyond the comprehension of RWNJ.

      • Rosemary McDonald 5.1.3

        Cinny…looks aren’t everything. I’m hoping that our PM has more to her than that. Key had charisma (they say, never saw it personally) and oh what a treasure of a Leader he turned out to be.
        This cult of personality thing swirling around Ardern has to stop, and she needs to settle down to sorting out the mess left by thirty years of inequity building that had left so many in despair.

        Being photogenic is not going to house the homeless or provide desperately needed mental health services.
        Being positive is not going to improve the lives of those struggling to live on benefits or low incomes.

        It is my sincere hope that when she returns from this wee sortie she’ll be allowed by her fans to settle down to the real work.

        • Cinny

          Hey there Rosemary 🙂 Absolutely looks aren’t everything, but in the cyber world so built and reliant on images, these photos are outstanding.

          There sure is much work to be done, in the mean time, Jacinda appears to be making a rather good impression at CHOGM.

    • Ed 5.2

      Seems bitter and unnecessary.

    • Sanctuary 5.3

      Cry your salty bitter tears of defeat. I’ll just boil the kettle and make a pot of tea so I can enjoy your wailing in comfort.

    • JC 5.4

      “She’s not just leading a country. She’s changing the game. And women and girls around the wold will be the better for it,” ….


      Just in Case you had your head up your arse, Mark!

      arse ɑːs/
      British vulgar slang
      noun: arse; plural noun: arses

      1. a person’s buttocks or anus.
      2. a stupid, irritating, or contemptible person.

      verb: arse; 3rd person present: arses; past tense: arsed; past participle: arsed; gerund or present participle: arsing

      1. behave in a stupid way; waste time.
      2. make a botched attempt at something.

    • Babayaga 5.5

      76 working groups established. Zero houses built. I’m getting a huge laugh out of the sycophancy though!

      • Incognito 5.5.1

        Zero houses built.

        Not one single house built since the Government was sworn in? You clearly are not living in New Zealand and very poorly informed. It happens …

        • Babayaga

          One word. Kiwibuild. All talk and no trousers.

          • Incognito

            Once again, you are moving the goal posts. Your claim is this, and I quote verbatim:

            Zero houses built

            Do you still stand by this claim? Just for the record. Please try and give a clear & definitive answer this time; a simple “Yes” or “No” would suffice.

            • Babayaga

              Yes, zero by the government. It was after all referring to the working groups.

              • Incognito

                Fully agree there with you: the working groups have built zero houses and I think that’s because it is not [in] their brief. It wasn’t clear from your original rant comment @ 5.5 that’s what you meant but I’m glad I could help you clarify it. A simple rule: mean what you say and say what you mean. In this way there won’t be as much confusion and we can all laugh at the same joke at the same time; oh, how we laughed …

                • Babayaga

                  The Government has been zero houses. Working groups don’t build houses. They talk and spend money and excuse the government from actually making decisions.

                  Ps a simple rule is to read a post carefully before placing foot in mouth.

                  • Incognito

                    There is/was no “post” as such to read given that this is under Daily Review 20/04/2018.

                    Nor can you be referring to the comment made by Mark @ 5 because there was nothing about “[Z]ero houses built”. Guess who came up with that little gem @ 5.5? Yes indeed, it was the Honorary TS Goalpost Mover and Obfuscator.

                    Not one single house built in the whole of New Zealand since the Government was sworn in on 26 Oct 2017. Not a single meaningful decision made. Only working groups and nothing else. Oh, how we laughed!

      • patricia bremner 5.5.2

        BY,Nats had an equal number… go figure!!

      • Agora 5.5.3

        When is the last time you interacted with women elders in an agora ?
        ‘Baba’ means grandmother in most slavic languages, and there has long been a stereotype of the wise old crone in many cultures.
        https://www.historicmysteries.com › Myths & Legends

        “76 working groups” ? Someone is working harder than you.
        “Zero houses” .. have you ever built a house ?
        “Sycophancy” – could you provide some concrete examples ?

        “A sycophant is a person who tries to win favor from wealthy or influential people by flattering them. Also known as brown-nosers, teacher’s pets or suck-ups”. https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/sycophant

        It is generally wise to engage the frontal cortex before pressing ‘Send’.

        • Babayaga

          I love your definition of sycophant…it makes my point perfectly. Perhaps you should follow your own advice??!!

          As for the working groups, they aren’t ‘working’ at anything other than putting off actually making decisions.

          • Agora

            Sour grapes. You are no longer fixing this agora.

            A broad range of working groups allow more flexible options in unpredictable environments.

            • Babayaga

              No, working groups are being used to avoid making decisions. Ardern is good at avoiding making decisions. But then if she receives a Greenpeace petition…

              • Incognito

                God forbid this Government would make informed decisions that are not coming from KB or NZTU but from expert opinion and genuine consulting with interest groups, stakeholders, and the people in general. The Nat model is strictly authoritarian while neither explaining anything nor admitting or taking responsibility for mistakes and generally hiding behind obfuscation, slippery semantics, and selective amnesia (and the OIA). I know what I prefer and I know what is better for democracy.

                • Chuck

                  Let us see once the working groups start to report back and Ardern has to start making the hard calls.

                  The “expert opinion and genuine consulting” needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

                  • Incognito

                    Why Ardern? On the reports and recommendations of all 76 working groups?

                    The “expert opinion and genuine consulting” needs to be taken with a grain of salt.


                    • Chuck

                      Why Ardern – because she is the boss (the buck stops with her).

                      A grain of salt…Regardless of who is in Government, the agenda of the day will always carry more weight.

                  • Incognito

                    Contrary to popular belief the PM does not make all decisions that come out of working groups, for example. It would be impossibly inefficient to govern a country like that.

                    What do you mean by “the agenda of the day”? And how does this exclude or rule out “expert opinion and genuine consulting”? None of this makes any sense unless you explain it clearly.

                    • Chuck

                      “Contrary to popular belief the PM does not make all decisions that come out of working groups”

                      Of course not. The point I am making is once it becomes Government policy, Ardern owns whatever call is made as the Captain of the ship (as Ardern likes to make Captain calls 🙂 ).

                      Agenda of the day – as we have a progressive Government that is the agenda of the day. Expert opinion will be sort to fit that narrative. At the very least they will the loudest voices in the working groups

                • Baba Yaga

                  Oh I’m all for informed decisions. I’m just not for putting decisions off and calling that a working group.

              • Pat

                have you been taking lessons from Garner?

        • McFlock

          I always figured that BY had simply seen “John Wick” and appropriated that.

          Fifteen years ago they would have used the handle “Dementor” or “Orc”.

    • Draco T Bastard 5.6

      It was your mob that did the damage – as always.

      It’s now the Labour led coalition that’s fixing it.

    • patricia bremner 5.7

      “Mob” eh Mark. A bit Aussie there LOL.

  6. alwyn 6

    At least they have got what’s-his-name into a suit.
    I cringed at the way he wandered around in his beach gear when he was supposedly representing New Zealand.

  7. mary_a 7

    Wow! Our Jacinda looks absolutely radiant, while Clarke seems so proud. A charming and seemingly happy Kiwi couple indeed.

    Eat ya dark hearts out Natz!

    • patricia bremner 8.1

      Pat, Bankers have always ripped off the ordinary worker. This is more proof they want to stop worker’s rights. Sounds very J. Key.

    • Siobhan 8.2

      Great link Pat
      Though as usual, Poor old Guardian, always warning us of the environmental, economic and social catastrophes ahead, yet obliged to keep the status quo and stamp out any change of course at the first signs of disruption by the likes of Corbyn and Bernie, let alone the journalists, academics and ‘leakers’ that really get down to the nitty gritty of what’s going so wrong etc…
      oh well..

    • Draco T Bastard 8.3

      Sounds like regulatory capture to me.

      • Pat 8.3.1

        not really surprising given the economics faculties of the main universities were captured some time ago

        • Draco T Bastard


          Mainstream economics is obviously a failure and yet its still taught as gospel.

  8. Ankerrawshark 9

    This is brilliant. They look amazing.

    NZs image represented on the world stage by this incredible woman. Leading our country and pregnant not just a message to young NZ women about what’s possible, but all women. And wearing the Maori cloak. . Meanwhile all the coalition MPs working hard (asJacinda is) for a better NZ.

    • Wei 9.1

      “Leading our country and pregnant not just a message to young NZ women about what’s possible, but all women”

      So getting all chummy with and then chosen by New Zealand’s most racist politician to be PM – after running a campaign on vacuous slogans such as ‘relentless positivity’ and racial fear mongering, getting pregnant and hiding it from the NZ public until after the election, is a ‘message to young NZ women about what’s possible’??????

      It seems some here think that a woman getting knocked up and then a bun in the oven is equivalent to splitting the atom?

      The other nauseous aspect to this is her deliberate flaunting of her supposed sex appeal to achieve power —in total contradiction surely to the most fundamental tenets of modern feminism she would no doubt claim to uphold.

      All she’s good for is spouting platitudes like a wind up toy parrot – absolutely….absolutely…..absolutely…..I will not accept……absolutely…….I will not accept……

      A low IQ virtue signalling platitude spouting airhead.

      By the way she looks like a tranny in a pride parade

      • Pat 9.1.1

        what an odd individual….are you perchance a bot?

      • Muttonbird 9.1.2

        Not even Bill could countenance this last sentence for OTT, shirley?

        Edit: It’s been deleted but Wei had replied to this doubling down on the Ardern is a tranny stuff.

        • Wei

          awww….Come on….she does look like a tranny ….and what’s wrong with that anyway? – you prejudiced or something….. why consider it an insult?…..you have somethin against transvestites?????

          • Muttonbird

            That’s pretty childish really. Obviously you have used the word tranny negatively because your post history indicates you don’t like Jacinda Ardern or the NZ government.

          • Ankerrawshark

            You Ron shakes ground baba. National apparently had 73 working groups in their first six months of govt

      • Stuart Munro 9.1.3

        Whine like the spoiled baby you are Wei – she’s going to be there awhile.

      • Incognito 9.1.4

        … her deliberate flaunting of her supposed sex appeal …

        Is that a euphemism for her nice smile perchance?

        By the way she looks like a tranny in a pride parade

        At least you’re not pretending to uphold any fundamental tenets of modern feminism or human enlightenment. BTW, why the qualifier “modern”?

        I didn’t know that Jacinda Ardern is chummy with Don Brash but you learn something new every day.

        IQ is hopelessly overrated nowadays; EQ is where it is at!

        • Wei

          Is that a euphemism for her nice smile perchance?

          Mr Ed also has a nice smile.

          • Muttonbird

            The Mr Ed stuff is harmless really, it’s the rest of your work which is concerning.

            Do you own a Jordan Peterson book?

          • Incognito

            Yes, but Mr Ed wasn’t wearing any clothes and was flaunting all. Clearly, Mr Ed had no idea of the art of eroticism. And Mr Ed was male, of course, so there goes another comparison; not many left, are there?

            That said, our PM (assuming she is yours too) does flaunt one thing, which makes her more attractive to many. Do you know what it is?

            Please don’t reply with another video clip; it is a tad juvenile …

      • James 9.1.5

        I disagree with most things Jacinda does.

        I don’t think she is good looking at all

        But FFS – she (as a person) looks bloody fantastic in this photo.

        If you have someone representing you on the world stage – this is how you do it.

        I doubt there was a single leader there that stood out how she has.

        • CHCOff

          Nothing wrong with some flair and spirit for ceremonial things and roles, conducive to indepedent and better or more elevated ( objectivity if one wants to get all post modern about it) approaches to public governing roles which can easily get lost abit in the pure logistics of hustle and bustle.

        • Cinny

          James, you nailed it 🙂

      • patricia bremner 9.1.6

        Wei, It is you who has a problem, not the P.M.

      • Daveosaurus 9.1.7

        chosen by New Zealand’s most racist politician to be PM

        How the hell did “Hone” Carter manage that? He isn’t even in Parliament any more.

      • Ankerrawshark 9.1.8

        I understand you have this point of view wei. Think you are v much minority. A friend of mine out clothes shopping today and numerous retail assistants waxing lyrical about Jacinda.

        It must be hell being a nat at the moment………I could feel some sympathy but I rather direct it all those who suffered badly under National

  9. Tamati Tautuhi 10

    NZ Herald unless it is a National Party MP they are not interested ?

    If the pony tail puller was there they would be all over it like a rash ?

  10. CHCOff 11


    The way seats of power should be!

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  • Tuia 250 Voyage flotilla launches with tribute to tangata whenua
    New Zealanders in Tūranganui-a-Kiwa / Poverty Bay will witness Māori, Pākehā and Pacific voyaging traditions come together today as the Tuia 250 Voyage flotilla assembles for the first time, Māori Crown Relations: Te Arawhiti Minister Kelvin Davis says. “Tuia 250 is a national commemoration and an opportunity for honest conversations ...
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    1 week ago
  • Visit to advance trade agenda with Europe and the Commonwealth
    Minister for Trade and Export Growth David Parker leaves tomorrow for Dubai, London and Berlin for a series of meetings to advance New Zealand’s trade interests.  In Dubai he will visit New Zealand’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 where construction is underway.  There he will meet Minister of State for International Cooperation, Her ...
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    1 week ago
  • More cancer drugs confirmed – even more on horizon
    Confirmation that PHARMAC will fund two new cancer drugs is further evidence of the good progress the Government is making to improve the treatment of New Zealand’s leading cause of death, Health Minister David Clark says. From 1 December PHARMAC will fund alectinib (Alecensa) for ALK positive advanced non-small cell ...
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    1 week ago
  • Boost for women in high performance sport
    An additional $2.7 million has been announced for the Government Strategy for Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation on the first anniversary of the strategy’s launch. Sport and Recreation Minister Grant Robertson gave the opening address to the first Sport NZ Women + Girls Summit in Wellington today, ...
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    1 week ago
  • Parent support to help retain skilled migrants
    As part of its work to ensure businesses can get the skilled workers they need, the Coalition Government is re-opening and re-setting the Parent Category visa programme, Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says. The move will: support skilled migrants who help fill New Zealand’s skills gaps by providing a pathway for ...
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    1 week ago
  • Senior NZDF Officer to lead Peacekeeping Mission in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
    Minister of Defence Ron Mark has today announced Major General Evan Williams of the New Zealand Defence Force has been selected as the commander of a significant, longstanding peacekeeping mission in the Middle East. In December, Major General Williams takes over as Force Commander for the Multinational Force and Observers ...
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    1 week ago
  • Nurses star as Govt rebuilds health workforces
    A record number of nurses are now working to deliver health services to New Zealanders as the Government’s increased funding and new initiatives rebuild key workforces start to show results, Health Minister Dr David Clark says. •    1458 more DHB nurses since the Government took office •    106 more midwives ...
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    1 week ago
  • New agricultural trade envoy appointed
    Farmer and former Nuffield scholar Mel Poulton has been appointed New Zealand’s Special Agricultural Trade Envoy, Minister for Trade and Export Growth, David Parker, and Minister of Agriculture, Damien O’Connor, announced today. The position supports key Government objectives, including raising the value of New Zealand agricultural goods and services. Mel is ...
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    1 week ago
  • Pacific and Māori voyaging heritage celebrated for Tuia 250
    New Zealand’s Pacific and Māori voyaging heritage is acknowledged and celebrated today as waka of the Tuia 250 voyage flotilla arrive in Tūranga / Gisborne. “Today we celebrate Tangata Whenua, the first people of Aotearoa, and the triumphs of the voyaging tradition that brought our ancestors here from Polynesia 1000 ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Pacific languages are a root from which prosperity will grow
    “Fijian Language Week starts on Sunday and the theme reminds us how important it is that we each have something to anchor ourselves to, something that can help us pause and feel in control in a rapidly changing world,” says Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Sio. “Family, culture, faith, ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • NZ Government establishes innovative, industry-focused Airspace Integration Trials Programme
    The Government is establishing an Airspace Integration Trials Programme to support the safe testing and development of advanced unmanned aircraft and accelerate their integration into the aviation system, Research, Science and Innovation Minister Megan Woods announced today. The Government will work with leading, innovative aviation industry partners to test and ...
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    2 weeks ago