Daily Review 20/06/2018

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36 comments on “Daily Review 20/06/2018”

  1. Ed 1

    Rachel Stewart.

    You’ll get more important news from her Twitter feed in a week than the corporate media presents in a year.

    Here is some profundity from here today.

    “I’ve always believed that one day very soon all we will be talking about is climate change. I suspect that day is very, very close.”

  2. Kat 2

    There are a few politicians who occupy the opposition benches here in NZ that are of similar ilk to the POTUS and thanks to Winston Peters we dodged more than a bullet when he removed their hands from the levers of power.

  3. Tuppence Shrewsbury 3

    Good to see Jared off the sandwiches and on the burgers.

  4. Anne 4

    Very good read from “Pablo” on recent events:


    Short and sharp and to the point.

  5. One Anonymous Bloke 5

    By all means, compare these shitheads to Nazis. Again and again.

    Mike Godwin.

    • Haflcrown 5.1


    • corodale 5.2

      National Socialism, reviewed daily. So that might be a nation issuing sovereign currency to provide social benefits. Guess that would spell “shithead” to an elite few, or those muppets under their spell.

  6. millsy 6

    In some good news, the NZ Cricket team, or the Black Caps, are set to play in 2019’s Boxing Day test at Melbourne, and possibly in the New Year test at Sydney. Something for the sports douches on here to celebrate.

  7. Jum 7


    ‘Tomorrow morning a small EU Parliamentary Committee will vote to decide if the Internet should remain open and free. ‘

    Has this been discussed in NZ?

    • Pat 8.1

      do you continue to describe yourself as a Green Party supporter?

      • The Chairman 8.1.1

        They’re becoming quite the embarrassment aren’t they?

        But yes, despite their poor performance to date, I’m still holding out hope (at this stage) they will lift their game. However, if they don’t get it together I can’t promise I’ll vote for them come next election.

        Moreover, if they keep up their poor performance I don’t see them making the threshold anyway.

        Additionally, with Labour also disappointing supporters, it presents a prime opportunity for a new left wing party to form as there will be a good number of disappointed left leaning voters looking for a new home.

        Wonder if Mana will give it another crack?

        • Ad

          No poll shows Labour disappointing voters.

          • Puckish Rogue

            Well David Farrar finally updated his poll of polls, its interesting reading…its all about peaking at the right time



          • The Chairman

            Labour has sunk by five points from their polling high in the Colmar Brunton poll and dropped around 2 points in RNZ’s polll of polls.

            Things like their support of the TPP, further holes in their foreign buyer ban, regressive taxes, double bunking, PPPs, little money for wage negotiations while giving a billion dollars for foreign aid, lack of funding for state housing are all stacking up and disappointing many more. Thus, unless they pull some goodies out of their hat, I suspect their polling will further slide going forward.

        • soddenleaf

          Can’t manage expectations if your not being seen. And given explanations take time, and in politics are seen as losing. So Green are just doing what every party does. The question is had you voted National would their shenanigans be any better performed. It’s called an election, it’ll all be forgotten and the fact that they were gaining your attention in the downtime will help them since they were connecting. Sure they need to still achieve something, just being in govt is the victory are so many years, and given they got 5% they don’t have much sway. So all in all as a Green party voter I not seeing anything to worry about.

          • The Chairman

            Can’t manage expectations if your not willing to fight for them. The Greens have shown they are not good fighters.

            “And given they got 5% they don’t have much sway.”

            Which is all the more reason they need to be better fighters.

            Considering their announced (20) wins and ministerial positions, their downward trend in the polls should be of concern.

        • Robert Guyton


  8. marty mars 9

    sky watchers – mars is looking great at the moment and about to look even better.

    “Mars will look brighter in the night sky over the next six weeks than it has appeared in 15 years.

    That’s because the red planet will be at its closest point to Earth since 2003 throughout June and July, as our planet passes between Mars and the sun.

    On July 31, when Mars will be at its brightest, it will be 57.6 million kilometres away from Earth”




    Venus in the setting sky – Jupiter at the front of scorpio constellation, Mars and Saturn getting in too – awesome to look up and contemplate mortality within the infinity.

    • millsy 9.1

      Too bad we didn’t get our shit together and send a manned mission up there.

      • Poission 9.1.1

        Manned martian (and extended missions) are limited by the significant increase in radiation due to the solar cycle and deep minimum,eg

        In the 1990s, the astronaut could spend 1000 days in interplanetary space. In 2014 … only 700 days. “That’s a huge change,” says Schwadron.

        Back in 2014, Schwadron et al used a leading model of solar activity to predict how bad cosmic rays would become during the next Solar Minimum, now expected in 2019-2020. “Our previous work suggested a ∼ 20% increase of dose rates from one solar minimum to the next,” says Schwadron. “In fact, we now see that actual dose rates observed by CRaTER in the last 4 years exceed the predictions by ∼ 10%, showing that the radiation environment is worsening even more rapidly than we expected.”


    • corodale 9.2

      Yeah, Venus and Jupiter providing a pleasant balance. While three planets, Jupiter, Saturn n Pluto are in retrograd, three more planets joining them in next three months – 6 planets in retrograd might not mean much, but more than Christmas television.

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