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Daily Review 20/06/2016

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 pm, June 20th, 2016 - 53 comments
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53 comments on “Daily Review 20/06/2016 ”

  1. Repateet 1

    I came in as the news was on tv. They were talking about troops staying in Iraq. The snippet I heard was Gerry Brownlee and all I heard was him saying “Orlando.”

    • mauī 1.1

      That’s the real reason we’re fighting over in Iraq, fighting for the rights of LGBT New Zealanders.. [sarc]

    • ScottGN 1.2

      Amazing wasn’t it? They’re refusing to give up on writing the narrative of Orlando to suit themselves.

  2. weka 2

    This deserves a repost. Kathryn Ryan finally shutting Hooton down. Stephen Mills is good too.


    Hooton tries to make out that RNZ’s coverage of the Bennett leak somehow came from gossipy Wellington dinner parties. Getting desperate now.

    • Sabine 2.1

      I still would like to know what the police thinks about someone politicising an ongoing investigation.

      but seriously, oh dear. words fail. face palm.

    • Richardrawshark 2.2

      Painful listening to Hooten.

      What a complete …. we all know what a group of journalists getting togethers like..

      he got shut down.

      then he brushes it off like nothing happened and continues bullshitting and spinning lies. The guys a nut job and should be tested for his sanity.

      • tc 2.2.1

        Matty is a model worker for this regime with his RNZ rant slot.

        Pushing his well presented spin with a nasty edge that comes out in a variety of ways. Has Ryan finally done her job in defence of the beltway as it took long enough.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 2.3

      Hooton can spin his lies and character assassinations just so long as he doesn’t attack Kathryn Ryan’s colleagues or employer.

      That’ll sure teach him a lesson 🙄

    • emergency mike 2.4

      Gossipy journo dinner parties, good grief. The spin rolls out of Matthew like marbles from a jar.

      Note when he tries to interpret Dennis saying that he didn’t want to talk politics because he didn’t want to criticize the govt, as meaning that Dennis is pro-government.

      • Chris 2.4.1

        Hooton’s objective is always to make National look moderate. It’s the same when he describes Mana, the Greens and Labour as radical left or even socialist. He attacked Bennett for not saying that it’s a core role for the non-profit sector to provide for the poor and that ideologically this is what National should be saying. The truth, though, is that National do believe this but are sliding things in by stealth so we don’t notice it until it’s too late. Hooton’s remarks are aimed at facilitating this by trying to make National look middle-of-the-road when the reality is they’re as far to the right they can go without most of the population noticing. The delivery of housing and welfare benefits is already well entrenched in the community sector so much so it won’t take much at all to push all of it out there.

        • emergency mike

          Bang on Chris. Hooton is one of those dangerous people who think that their ideology is fact.

    • reason 2.5

      Thats Hootens a bit of a Farrar type with his dishonesty … “john key soft middle of the road …ah lets help people …. paternalistic type National party”

      Hooten has more than a few words written about him in Nicky s book “Dirty Politics”.

      Among all the slime, sleaze and “rat fuckers” which comprises Keys modern nats was the information that Hooten at one point was driving around the country in a literal ‘booze bus’, supplied by the piss industry .

      This made my blood boil ……. as the sneaky little prick had actually conned me into believing that he cared and got upset by violence against woman and children…..

      But just like Key his actions are harmful.

      In parliament Key is a 3 trick pony ….tell lies, insult and don’t answer. Carter lets the clown put on a real toxic Muppet show

      “Rt Hon JOHN KEY: I cannot talk for Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and the Red Cross, but what I can say is that every country has a different tax system.”


      “Andrew Little: Given his statement about housing, “I don’t think it’s a crisis,”, why does Statistics New Zealand data show falling homeownership rates every quarter under his Government? ……….Rt Hon JOHN KEY: I always have to check those facts when I see them from the Labour Party,”

      “Metiria Turei: Does the Prime Minister not think that in the midst of a housing crisis his Government should prioritise “Project Homes for New Zealanders” and not “Project Palace” for tourists? ….Rt Hon JOHN KEY: I reject the member’s assertion.”

      “Rt Hon Winston Peters : Does he stand by his statement of 13 October: “I would certainly describe my style as open and transparent.”?
      Rt Hon JOHN KEY : Yes.
      Rt Hon Winston Peters : If that is true, why did his Government withhold the two child poverty reports for 17 months in an abuse of the Official Information Act?”

      • Chris 2.5.1

        Some of those answers are to a silly waste of the opportunities to ask cornering questions. The opposition needs to stop asking questions like “does the PM agree that his government’s policies on this and that have been complete failures…blah blah blah?.” Then Key responds predictably with snide attacks, the question doesn’t get answered, the opposition complain and Carter agrees with Key because the question was an attack in the first place. Just plain dumb.

  3. Olwyn 3

    I just put this up on response to Takere on the Labour Green MoU thread, but I will put it up here as well. The latest Roy Morgan – Labour down a bit, Greens up a bit, National down to 43%, and an 0.5% difference between National and Labour-Greens.

    • Olwyn 3.1

      I forgot to add the link, but I see that CV has started a link on the subject:

      I have been going into automatic moderation since the weekend, and this time I could not get the edit function to work either.

      [There have been ongoing issues for a couple of days. Comments from half a dozen regulars are being stuck in moderation and have to be manually released. TRP]

      [lprent: It was a new security option. One that I have been interested in getting for a while

      Hold anonymous comments using member emails for moderation
      In WordPress it’s possible for someone who is not a member on your website to post a comment and to specify an email address of a real member on your site. This behavior is suspicious and may be incorporated into a more sophisticated attack. So we suggest that you leave this option enabled which will hold those comments for moderation before they’re published.

      I will want to turn this on eventually. But I will force a choice of either keeping and using the login or not having it if I do. ]

      • weka 3.2.1

        As an aside to that,

        Electors were asked: “If a New Zealand Election were held today which party would receive your party vote?” This latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll on voting intention was conducted by telephone – both landline and mobile telephone, with a NZ wide cross-section of 868 electors in June 2016. Of all electors surveyed 5.5% (unchanged) didn’t name a party.

        So isn’t that a good place to look for the missing voters? Because presumably a chunk of the people answering don’t in the end vote, so why not ask them did you vote at the last election? Why/why not?

        • leftie

          How does RM randomly call mobile phone numbers, when there is no directory and telcos don’t give out that kind of information?

          • Colonial Viper

            The information can be purchased

          • lprent

            All phone number distributions are not uniform. They are always concentrated in clumps based on companies, exchanges etc.
            This means that if you know those distributions, you can get a far better than a simple statistical chance of getting a human on the end of the line.

            They either buy lists or information about number distributions and machine random dial with a reasonable chance of success.

            • leftie

              What are the chances that pollsters like Roy Morgan already having lists of phone numbers of known National supporters?

          • Lanthanide

            Roy Morgan called me on my cell at the start of last year. I asked how they got my number, they said it was random dialing.

            • leftie

              Interesting, you were lucky, it’s not often you hear of someone being contacted. I remember reading sometime back of a woman’s husband being contacted and asked some politically leading questions, one of which was did he like Paul Henry or John Campbell? He liked John Campbell. She said he was never contacted again.

              • Lanthanide

                I haven’t been contacted again either. But neither would I expect to be – it’s a random sample.

                I often wonder how effectively a polling place would be if they used a consistent panel over a period of 6 months. Eg recruit 200 people and poll them for 6 months, on the 2nd month recruit another 200 people. Eventually you will have a panel of 1200 people, with 200 people dropping out and 200 new people being added each month.

                Seems like that would reduce the variability between polling and any changes in polling results would be much less likely to be random error.

                But I guess this isn’t done simply because it’s very difficult to get a random sample of the population to answer a single survey once, let alone get them on the hook for 6 months. So then you probably need to pay them like $20 per survey, which makes such a polling process unaffordable.

    • Richardrawshark 3.3

      Be too early for swing voters to declare their intentions yet I think. We need to see the polls closer to the election as things continue to decline, test the flows of the media and wade the hurricanes they unleash at us over the remaining election cycle. I got a feeling the rides going to be rough Olwyn.

    • McFlock 3.4

      Sort of a polling hokey pokey dance.
      Still, nats at 43% wouldn’t be causing smiles around the cabinet table.

  4. Greg 4

    How many seats does National have to be a Government?
    And Key was confident they that a 50 year true blue seat was in the bag.
    Until Winston threw his hat in the ring.
    Even the pig in the field was amused at he PMs hammering skills.

  5. leftie 5

    As usual John key wants to give the finger to Kiwis in favour of the Chinese government’s requests to employ it’s workers. It’s nothing new that John key has favoured giving NZ government contracts to China over Kiwis, (some NZ companies have closed down because of it), but never on this massive scale though, its like John key wants to screw New Zealand over for the final time before he gets kicked out next year. The yes man puppet has once again shown that he works for his foreign interests, and doesn’t work for New Zealand and its people. I suppose this is the payback for all the foreign money flowing into the country for property speculation that’s propping up key’s fake economy.

    “PM says Govt looking at creating urban development authorities to allow developers to build both horizontal infrastructure and buildings and then recover money through development contributions; Chinese developers interested, he says
    Posted in News June 20, 2016 – 10:35am, Bernard Hickey”

    <a href="https://www.interest.co.nz/news/82186/pm-says-govt-looking-creating-urban-development-authorities-allow-developers-build-both

  6. Richardrawshark 6


    Oh dear oh dear. Some well known politicians son has been arrested, court tomorrow.

    • Hmmm, a man in his forties. That limits the possibilities considerably. But to be fair, it has nothing to do with the parent.

    • lprent 6.2

      Not really relevant in a political blog. Kids (even 40yo ones) can’t really do much about who their parents are.

      Why newshub thought this was newsworthy is a question though.

      • Richardrawshark 6.2.1

        I wasn’t sure to link it and did mull it over, I figured it as a minor news item to be shared nothing more.

        PS to be truthful i had also wondered if it was so minor why had it come out on Newshub so late at night when all this happened yesterday and he went to court today this afternoon.

        Inquisitiveness, wondering if there was more to it.

        • lprent

          It is kind of weird that it turned up in the news at all. They usually follow the principle of ignoring family members of political and public figures unless it is relevant to something.

          It is the type of titillating trash that Slater or those dimwitted arseholes at LF would write (to the accompaniment of the sounds of prurient joint wanking).

          • Richardrawshark

            LMFAO, do you have the tape?, and is it safe? 🙂

          • Draco T Bastard

            It is kind of weird that it turned up in the news at all.

            Yeah, it’s not something that has any relevance outside of Orewa and the actions of someone in their forties does not involve their parents no matter who their parents are.

          • RedLogix

            unless it is relevant to something.


  7. Richardrawshark 7

    My PM, Isn’t he great, here my quote of the day straight from John key, and here he is talking about the guy who left his glock in the beehive Dunny.

    “He’s the most professional guy I’ve dealt with, he’s just made a catastrophic error and it’s pretty awful for him because he’s not that kind of guy, he doesn’t make mistakes easily and unfortunately that’s happened.”

    Catastrophic errors with guns John, usually are non recoverable. accidents happen sure, but not with guns, and not with people who are the best at handling them.

    • Sacha 7.1

      If the PM knows him, he’s with DPS. So who were they guarding on a day when the PM wasn’t at parliament?

      • Richardrawshark 7.1.1

        Was he not there?

        I haven’t liked the reasons for this gun being left in a toilet since they started Sacha.

        My Bulldar hit overload the minute I heard it.

        Maybe my suspicious mind has been affected by the constant lies coming from the mouths of my superiors that has made it so.

      • Colonial Viper 7.1.2

        If the PM knows him, he’s with DPS. So who were they guarding on a day when the PM wasn’t at parliament?

        I have no specific knowledge, but the DPS team will clearly be several times bigger than the officers who are on duty physically with Key.

    • Colonial Viper 7.2

      Catastrophic errors with guns John, usually are non recoverable. accidents happen sure, but not with guns, and not with people who are the best at handling them.

      Uh, the real record of neglect, misuse and abuse of real firearms by real law enforcement officers would suggest that your view is far more optimistic than realistic.

      • Richardrawshark 7.2.1

        Wouldn’t a proper PM come out and just say,” inexcusable, the person responsible is being retrained and has been stood down bla bla.

        It doesn’t mean squat, for all the public know and could know is not even down to his name. He’s DPS.

        problem solved. Dignified, professional.

        But what I get is matey chummy bloke bla bla you’d have a beer with speak from Key and unnecessary excuses that never needed making in the first place.. So bloody unprofessional.

  8. Richardrawshark 8

    More subterfuge from key. IMHO Britain leaving the EU may restore our trading good quantities of butter milk lamb etc to Britain a market we have been in the main(I know you can by NZ lamb and butter) tariffed out of by the EU.

    Now keys says this inline with the Tories Camerons stance. Basically that he thinks there will be no benefit so all those expats send their stay vote back AFAIAC


    I mean more subterfuge,

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