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25 comments on “Daily Review 20/06/2017”

  1. Ad 1

    Where activists are winning. It’ll cheer you up.
    Rebecca Solnit at her best is good:


    • Hehehe… well,… not according to some quarters…

      Proof The Left Is Responsible For Political Violence – YouTube
      Video for Proof The Left Is Responsible For Political Violence▶ 18:11

  2. weka 2

    Apparently* swearing when you stub your toe relieves pain. Makes sense to me. Works for politics too.


  3. weka 4

    New Zealand Labour‏Verified account @nzlabour 4h4 hours ago

    Andrew Little: After 9 years, isn’t it time to stop governing in the interests of the National Party & start governing for all NZers? #nzqt

  4. RedLogix 5

    Sheesh even Tracy Watkins is out knife sharpening:

    The prime minister’s earlier dissembling about not being able to remember now looks like he was colluding in a cover up.

    That’s bad as it gets, especially when the country is on the edge of an election campaign.

    English’s belated decision to front up and release the police statement is a huge redeeming factor. But he should have done it immediately.

    And that was only after a concerted effort from within his office to discredit Dickson.

    English will blame the amount of time between now and that statement being taken, just over a year ago, for the “memory lapse”.

    But the very obvious contradictions between what Barclay said publicly, and what English knew, should have seared the statement into his brain.

    Barclay’s refusal to co-operate with the police inquiry was another reason for alarm.

    English should have thrown Barclay under a bus on both counts; instead, he nearly tripped under its wheels himself.


    • ianmac 5.1

      Fancy Tracey Watkins being critical of National. You could hear her distress with every word. She will have to find a cleansing from some Labour fault.

    • Yeah – they are all out in force sniffing the winds of change today… !


    • tc 5.3

      Yes the shills call that ‘balance’. She’ll be back in Nat sycophant mode shortly.

      • simonm 5.3.1

        She already is. From the same article above:

        “English’s belated decision to front up and release the police statement is a HUGE REDEEMING FACTOR.” (emphasis mine)

        Saint Bill can do no wrong it seems, even when he’s been caught blatantly lying to the press about what he knew .

    • b waghorn 5.4

      barclay is toast . The nats got crucified on news hub tonight

  5. Keith 6

    There is this perpetual rotten smell to the National Party, like a decomposing body nearby, it’s not obvious, you can’t quite see it but its there somewhere. Something is always wrong, something dodgy, deceitful and dishonest over and over.

    And then there is always the covering up, the nothing to see here, the failing memories, the failing to front, the diversions as Nationals janitors come in and bury everything, over and over.

    But surely now, paying off a complainant to go away to save the National Party is just a step too far for voters, surely and I would hope the Police?

    And as always with con men, if they are lying about little things, what else are they lying about. Is the one thing they base their re-election on, our economy, doing as well as they say? Because it doesn’t feel real does it?

  6. Draco T Bastard 7

    Am re-reading Mean At Arms by Terry Pratchet and came across this bit:

    It works like this. Phrenology, as everyone knows, is a way of reading someone’s character, aptitude and abilities by examining the bumps and hollows on their head. Therefore—according to the kind of logical thinking that characterizes the Ankh-Morpork mind—it should be possible to mould someone’s character by giving them carefully graded bumps in all the right places. You can go into a shop and order an artistic temperament with a tendency to introspection and a side order of hysteria. What you actually get is hit on the head with a selection of different size mallets, but it creates employment and keeps the money in circulation, and that’s the main thing.

    Neo-liberalism in a nut-shell.

    • Anne 7.1

      There’s a lot of stupid people out there who believe such nonsense so don’t be surprised if you see a few misshapen heads floating around the place. :mrgreen:

      • What ?… you mean like these things ?

        ( Hehehe… the Sasquatch Genome Project also came to the same conclusion – human mitochondrial DNA , – with Nucleic DNA of an ‘ unknown humanoid ‘. )


        Non-Human DNA Found in Elongated Paracas Skulls – YouTube
        Video for Non-Human DNA Found in Elongated Paracas Skulls you tube▶ 4:25

    • weka 8.1

      half way through, looks sound to me.

      In China each adult citizen is getting a government mandated “social credit score”. This represents how well behaved they are, and is based on crime records, what they say on social media, what they buy, and even the scores of their friends.

      Am surprised Nact haven’t tried this on beneficiaries yet.

      • grumpystilskin 8.1.1

        I’m surprised you don’t think this is happening already.
        Obviously I don’t have any proof but given the PR company behind the Nat party, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility, after all it’s just data mining.

        • weka

          They’re not doing it overly yet. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s been an MSD paper written on it.

  7. joe90 9

    It’s becoming so ubiquitous – from our very own dirty politics to big money and their big data friends influencing elections, and perhaps referendums through to the most recent oops revealing the depth and sophistication of data mining – that I’m seriously beginning to doubt the notion that we plebs actually have any say at all.

    And I’m inclined to take the article below seriously too, state agencies and their spooks ain’t the worry, Google, Facebook, Thiel and surveillance capitalism are.


  8. adam 10


    20% wage increase, yeap you are reading that right 20%. That is what the players association/union just won out of the AFL in Australia. They get a share of the profits.

    When was the last time you got 20%. How does never sound. When did you last get a share of the profits? I’m guessing rarely, to never.


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