Daily Review 21/07/2017

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27 comments on “Daily Review 21/07/2017”

  1. NZers still leaving in droves:

    In the June 2017 year, net migration was mainly driven by non-New Zealand citizens, who provided New Zealand with a net gain of 73,600 migrants. Migration of New Zealand citizens saw a net loss of 1,300 migrants.

    So much for the myth put out by National that NZers were returning for the higher pay and better life caused by them.

  2. mickysavage 2

    We’re number 1! We’re number 1!

    NZ tops list of developed countries with most homeless


    • Keepcalmcarryon 2.1

      Take a bow National.
      Certainly a brighter future if you are sleeping under a streetlight.

  3. Anne 3

    Oh dear… there may have to be another investigation into the Dotcom/GCSB saga. It looks like the naughty GCSB told the investigator a few porkies:


    • ianmac 3.1

      If it is a deliberate lie, then maybe the reason was to obscure the extent and purpose of their surveillance would be shifted even more outside their legal rights. No wonder the Dotcom lawyers are looking carefully at the implications.

  4. Who’s going to blink first ,… National , Labour or NZ First ?

    The great New Zealand stand off…

    The good the bad and the ugly – The best theme tune ever – YouTube
    music▶ 2:56

    • ianmac 5.1

      Interesting since the National voters in Epson, fearful of Gareth winning, would vote National to protect the seat – so bye bye ACT. How sad.

    • He’d probably be better of running for New Lynn – he’d probably win. Epsom is too much of a Nat stronghold.

      • weka 5.2.1

        They’ll be after the high profile nature of Epsom as a way of increasing their party vote.

      • Jilly Bee 5.2.2

        Awww, Draco – I am admittedly commenting late on a Friday evening, but hey I really want Deborah Russell to win New Lynn – she is desperately needed in Parliament.

        • Draco T Bastard

          It would be nice but New Lynn is a place that party voted National while electorate voting David Cunliffe. This tells me that they’re more conservative/business minded and that they may be more comfortable with Morgan than with Russell.

  5. Greg Sargent: Trump’s deeply worrisome interview reveals a lawless president

    President Donald Trump’s extended, rambling new interview with the New York Times provides perhaps the clearest picture yet of his conviction that he is above the law – a conviction, crucially, that appears to be deeply felt on an instinctual level – and of his total lack of any clear conception of the basic obligations to the public he assumed upon taking office.

    Which is about what you can expect from such people – the ignorance and arrogance of someone who thinks the world owes them everything. We’ve seen it in Blinglish, Barclay, Gilmore and other National Party MPs.

  6. Pat 7


    an update as we shelter from the extreme weather events.

  7. Andrea 8

    Bring back affordable night school – anyone?

    And spread the opportunities for an affordable second chance education a bit wider than just teenage mums.

    • weka 8.1

      sounds good to me.

    • Incognito 8.2

      This comment will come across flippant or worse but there are virtually no barriers to going to a library or online. There’s so much stuff right under people’s noses and there just for the taking. This is not meant to replace more formal forms of education but to complement rather. However, it can stand on its own too. I come across so many bright people who think they are stupid because of a lack of formal education and general conditioning; low self-esteem and confidence hold back too many for too long; education is a generally-accepted human right.

      Not wanting to derail but another tragedy is so many young people who have learning difficulties and/or special needs.

      The education system in this country is too orthodox, highly institutionalised, and too much under the influence and control of politics, both local and national.

      [End of rant]

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