Daily Review 21/08/2017

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56 comments on “Daily Review 21/08/2017”

  1. adam 1

    In a special edition of On Contact, Chris Hedges travels to the former auto manufacturing town of Anderson, Indiana to explore how a community and its workforce are recovering after the loss of thousands of union jobs.

    It’s a half an hour video. 30 minutes. If you have the time, this is a great documentary. Good interviews and nice insight from working people.

  2. Robert Guyton 2

    That awful day when Peter was arrested for impersonating a generous person.

  3. Muttonbird 3

    Puts Metiria Turei’s actions into some perspective.


    • adam 3.1

      That won’t be on the front page.

    • The conviction is highly embarrassing for the MSD, which says Singh’s offending was a “highly unusual fraud perpetrated by someone who was in a unique position of trust”.

      Considering all the fraud cases that have been popping out of the woodwork recently is it really that unusual?

    • AsleepWhileWalking 3.3

      Who’s to say there aren’t more of the same. I wonder if they double checked.

  4. The decrypter 4

    Greg’s new bill board,-Lets do it.

  5. Muttonbird 5

    Well done Kelvin. Bit your tongue after the recent and sudden introduction of the Kiingitanga to partisan politics by the King and his subsequent attack on Labour. The King doesn’t look good though. Not long to go.


  6. Union city greens 6

    However Dunne spins it the record will show.
    Not contesting an election because you know you’ll lose = Coward.
    Not even fighting on behalf of the people who voted and elected you eleven times because you know you’ll lose = As always, it’s all about me.

    Pompous prick.

    • Muttonbird 6.1

      He is a coward and seemingly unrepentant about it, even waiting until parliament had finished before making the announcement.

      The media are struggling to come up with anything he has achieved and are studiously avoiding his failings as associate health minister.

      Centrist piece of crap is all I can say.

    • Ad 6.2

      Also somewhat crap for all those United candidates who fronted onto their list, prepared a campaign, and put their lives on hold to achieve parliament.

      Five weeks out you fold your entire party – no honour.

    • Brigid 7.2

      Why do you need it as text Weka? Do you need to edit the text?

      • weka 7.2.1

        I want to write a post, so need to be able to cut out blocks of text and put into the WordPress post editor. So technically I need a version that I can cut and paste from. Maybe someone could convert to an ordinary PDF for me? Searchable by keyword would be good too.

        • Macro

          Weka – (not sure what OS you are using but I tried this in Mac OS) if you download it and choose “all file” format rather than pdf when you download then open the file in “Preview” you can select and copy sections as per normal.

          • weka

            yes, Sierra MacOS. I can’t see an option to download as anything other than a PDF though. How are you doing that? What browser?

            • weka

              ok, works to download ‘all files’ in firefox, but firefox (or the OS) appends a PDF suffix. I can cut and paste out of it better than the original, but it’s still a dog’s breakfast in terms of then trying to work with it. It’s all grey text and won’t let me change it. If I try and make it plain text it all disappears. So I assume it’s not actually text but something else I am seeing. When I click on text I get a Markup option, which I don’t know what to do with. This is all in TextEdit.

              • Macro

                Yes I’ve been having a fiddle with it in Word and see what you mean.
                Actually I can change it in Word including the font and formatting but it won’t paste to match the formatting of my document

            • Macro

              Chrome and I’m using OS 10.9.5 coz I like iPhoto and don’t want to upgrade to that horrible photos thing. 🙂
              when you open up the document chrome gives you the option of downloading in the toolbar – clicking on that – the pop up window has the option of how you save the document. and I chose the option of “all files”, rather than the default option of PDF.

              • weka

                Photos isn’t that great but then I didn’t find iPhoto that great either 😉

                I’ve found a couple of ways I can cut from the doc but it still leaves me with this grey text that I can’t work with. As Brigid says, it’s not blocks of text, it’s something else (images maybe).

                Really frustrating, I could have had the post written by now.

                • Macro

                  Hmmmm – I must say I can work with it when pasted into Word. Had a fiddle in TextEdit and yes it is quite unmanagable!
                  Do you have a any other word processor rather than TextEdit?

                  • weka

                    Tried LibreOffice in multiple ways. Will have another go at Pages but I suspect that will be worse.

                • Macro

                  I’m familiar with both – my wife has Photos and I stick with iPhoto because I can work with it – and having been fortunate to have had some amazing journeys over the recent past and around 8000 photos to work with, its best to keep with an old friend rather than move onto someone new.

    • Union city greens 7.3

      Any help? An online pdf to txt converter.


      • weka 7.3.1

        did you try that? 😉

        • Union city greens

          I did, but from the link you provided above I only get one line back converted saying authorised by James Shaw lol
          Could be user error.

          Google pdf to txt and there are a few to try online.

          • weka

            nah, pretty sure whoever made the PDF is doing some weird shit with it. It’s been an ongoing issue. The Greens’ older PDFs are fine.

            Last time I tried various online and downloaded converters, but most of them seemed to be saying that it’s not an OCR issue. People that have been able to convert it for me either have a paid version of Adobe reader and did a weird export, or some Microsoft SW I can’t use.

            • Union city greens

              I’ve never before had an issue converting stuff online, so you could well be correct about weird shit going down.

      • Nah, tried that one earlier.

        It seems that it’s even images in the PDF document rather than text which leaves me to wonder which program they used to convert it to PDF.

        • Brigid

          Yep I discovered that too. Or that it was created in Publisher or similar nasty microsoft app, and then saved as a pdf.

    • Ok, after all that effing around I now have a working copy: Auckland transport policy – Greens

  7. So, the Spinoff has a policy voting thing that shows you which policies you support.

    This is mine.

    Now, a lot of those policies are actually very similar (unless they’re from National or ACT) like these:

    Stop the sale of state houses
    Stop the sale of state houses
    Stop the sale of state houses

    From NZFirst, Labour and the Greens.

    Now, if we did this as part of the general election we could set up actual democratic choice of policy direction as well elect the people to carry them through.

    The only way it could be done is online though.

  8. Gabby 9

    Lisa Scott killed my brain cells.

  9. AsleepWhileWalking 10

    Regardless of metaphor the overall tone of those tweets is vindictive. Not the hallmark of a great leader.

  10. Skyler 11

    Nothing on The Standard in regard to the Barcelona attack? The Left are now simply accepting this is the new norm in the West as a result of the multicultural model being forced onto us by the PC left wing regardless of whether the native inhabitants want this?

    • Muttonbird 11.1

      No. It’s 12,000 miles away though.

      More Kiwis die each month because of the punitive policies of the current government.

      And that is right here at home.

    • lprent 11.2

      The “Left” don’t exist as a single entity. In the same way that authors here are individuals and write what they happen to feel like. This is rather explicitly stated in the About. That also states in its last section

      No – you must….
      Have you read this page? We must do nothing. The posters post on the topics they want to (with a few limitations from the sysop). If you really absolutely want your ideas to be heard, then start a blog and start learning to write. You can probably find a more compatible blog on our blogroll. Or you can comment on the posts that our posters write and follow our rather lenient rules.

      So stop being a lazy critic, pull your finger out of your arse and start using it to create comment rather than being a sanctimonious fuckwit.

      But as a comment of the flaming obvious. We have an election campaign on. Since more than 90% of our readers are inside NZ and most of the ones outside tend to be kiwis outside, there is an obvious higher interest in what is happening to us in less than 5 weeks.

      • Skyler 11.2.1

        Wow. Thought it was Kiwiblog or Whale oil that you would go to for derogatory abuse! Obviously not.

        • Ad

          LPrent is inviting you to step up.
          It’s not tiddlywinks.

        • lprent

          That wasn’t ‘abuse’. That was (metaphorically) a gentle clip over the ear for someone being actively stupid on a site that specialises in “robust debate”.

          You would have known if it was ‘abuse’. From me, that has a whole different level of an investigation of your personal defects. And it definitely isn’t that restrained.

    • If you have something to say on the subject that hasn’t been covered exhaustively on threads about other, similar attacks, have at it. There’ll be a fresh Open Mike post up tomorrow morning.

  11. Sounds familiar…

    Thank goodness it looks like Aderns Labour will soon be in power…

    Well they sure are killin this country , I know that ,..
    My home town is gone , I mean its just , just gone.. there aint been a new bridge , or a road or school , ‘an the only thing they’re doin is jail houses…

    Levon Helm “Poor Old Dirt Farmer” Official Music Video – YouTube

    • mac1 12.1

      So it’s straight to the woodshed with this government, Wild Katipo? They certainly have not shown enough respect to the poor of this country and to those old values of fairness and decency, compassion and humanity.

      Indeed, as Levon Helm says at the end of the video, respect has faded. Now we call people who don’t deserve it “Sir” and people who got called “Sir” didn’t want the title used.

      And others worthy of respect refuse the title.

      I suppose, if re-elected, they’d offer Peter Dunne a knighthood. Would the old republican refuse it?

      Some people step down and deserve respect for that action. Others step down for fear of failure, and loss of respect. They risk even more loss.

      How will history, and song, judge these, our benighted leaders?

      • mac1 12.1.1

        Here’s one song which makes a judgement, written by that man who had “This machine kills fascists” as a message on his guitar. Woody Guthrie’s song about his landlord, “Old Man Trump”.

  12. Ad 13

    I’m a little perplexed by Trump’s Afghanistan strategy just announced.


    – No timeline to get out
    – No clear idea of how many new troops
    – Very clear that there is no more “nation building” efforts.
    – Just going to “kill terrorists”
    – No relation to campaign promises of following Obama to full withdrawal there.
    – Very oddly Washington beltway language and nothing off the cuff.

    They’ve been there for 17 years – way longest US war – with not a lot of acknowledgement of the story so far, lessons learned, etc.

    For such a massive political disruptor, he seems pretty tamed.
    Seems he can roar at every institution other than the military.

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