Daily Review 22/08/16

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11 comments on “Daily Review 22/08/16”

  1. Colonial Viper 1

    Clinton flies 20 miles by private jet to attend Rothschild Nantucket fundraiser.

    You too could have attended (tickets were just US$100,000).


  2. Paul 2

    BBC, CNN, Guardian et al need to face the agenda they are being used to serve.

    After the recent revelation that almost every major news site has been promoting unverified video and eye-witness testimony originating in some of the most extreme, violent and debauched terrorist elements currently operating in Syria, we have to ask – is there any longer even a minimum of verification or investigative process required before news agencies and publications endorse a breaking story?


    • Wayne 2.1

      I have read the item. Frankly it looks more like an item of Russian disinformation than a dispassionate analysis of what happened in Aleppo.
      Putin’s Russia is expert at this. For instance RT is explicitly part of the Russian govt. Unlike the Guardian or CNN. Most people accept the BBC has full editorial independence.
      By hey Paul, if you rate Putin’s honesty above the Guardian, thats your right. But others may be inclined to view your other posts with that knowledge in mind.

      • One Two 2.1.1

        CNN is at best a corporate controlled mouthpiece ar worst an agency controlled mouthpiece

        The BBC lost any credibility it may have had over the David Kelly incident. That was a full frontal expose of the BBC and the uglyness which pulls the strings

        Jimmy Saville thrived at the BBC

      • Stuart Munro 2.1.2

        The BBC and the Guardian come and go, but Roldugin is consistent. Patient listeners like Bellingcat can nevertheless extract a great deal of information from Russia’s new openess. It is American intelligence that has dropped the ball – burning their credibility on bullshit stories of WMD and Niger yellowcake – and allowing an inferior uncritical media like Faux (fox) to monopolise US news. Now they wonder why RT is eating their lunch.

    • SmallFurryAnimal 2.2

      NYPost is admitting journalism as we knew it is over


      • ropata 2.2.1

        Did you read the article? It’s a RWNJ hack complaining that the “liberal” news media are being hard on Trump. Boo hoo.

        Perhaps the US media has woken up to the dangers of a maniac like Trump in the White House.

  3. Stuart Munro 4

    Juice media on the Ozzy authoritarian problem

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