Daily Review 23/01/2019

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16 comments on “Daily Review 23/01/2019”

  1. Kat 1

    Look out peoples here comes the first ripples of the giant wave of wedging, misinformation and general anti coalition propaganda from National’s wee poodles in the media.

    We know who they are……..the 2020 general election has begun.

  2. joe90 2

    Support for Twyford from an unlikely corner.

    • ScottGN 2.1

      If Ardern is planning a reshuffle, and so far the only talk of one has come from those right leaning commentators who would like to set the narrative around it, then I think she should shuffle Twyford out of Transport and make him focus on HUDA, building and housing. Kiwibuild is rapidly becoming a debacle. And also JAG will make an excellent Minister of Transport.

      • Sacha 2.1.1

        It would be great to see someone as competent as Genter in cabinet, regardless of the coalition niceties and hurt feelings of others.

      • mpledger 2.1.2

        Why is it becoming a debacle? All I’ve heard is that builders are ramping up to do the work. Is that not fast enough for a party that did nothing for nine years but look at empty fields that were not actually available for building?

        • soddenleaf

          yeah, Nats did less than nothing now smurf up a blue rage like it was new, like they were never blue ever honest, and have no non blue alternative cos blue never work don’t you know.

    • Draco T Bastard 2.2

      That unlikely corner is a run of the mill economist – the type that didn’t foresee the GFC and is now in denial that it happened because of the policies that they support.

    • KiwiBuild is a waste of effort; the rest needs doing.

      Something the journos reporting on Kiwibuild as though it were the entirety of the government’s housing policy should keep in mind.

      • Anne 2.3.1

        Kiwibuild was/is just a sop to the middle classes. I think ScottGN has a point. Phil would be better to concentrate on the housing portfolio which is huge given the state of the housing stock left by National.

        From what I can see he has set in place the building blocks for Transport, and JA Genter can carry on building on those blocks. She is one of the better ministers and should be around the cabinet table.

      • soddenleaf 2.3.2

        he’s built more than national would of, now national are smurfing up a rage that its not enough, oh jollies.

  3. CHCOff 3

    ‘Some of the leaders attending include Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, German chancellor Angela Merkel, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro, among others.’


    • Shadrach 3.1

      They’ll be joined by David Attenborough, Prince William and an assortment of UN troughers. They’ll pontificate over grand meals and drinks, and all return to their homes having achieved precisely stuff all. Switzerland’s a great place for a knees up though.

      • soddenleaf 3.1.1

        agreed. zero waste. polluter pays. full life time products, grow a market in recycling products that companies can tender out their pollution responsibilities and insurance companies can insure. Its called capitalism. neolib national communists have pulled up the ladder keeping socialism for the solely rich, ecology destined for failure and markets rigged against capitalism.

      • CHCOff 3.1.2

        i noticed the begrudging condescension in some of the coverage.

        Oh dear! even the Davos billionaires club below National party sources now, all roads truely do lead to China these days then i suppose..

        Open and transparent dialogue is not a characteristic of oligarchical supply & demand, cough cough cough, so having billionaires of the planet involved in communication forums is a step to the understanding that they are as powerless to the lack of economic dynamism in oligarchical demand and supply, to oversee anything other than general disaster as anyone else.

  4. KJT 4

    “Governments are not going to get sued, under free trade agreements” they said.

    This is exactly what we are concerned about.

  5. soddenleaf 5

    Mouth piece for Trump appeals, he was too weak when Republicians held all of Congress those evil Democrats could never have started a bill to restart the govt, only after they won only the lower house could they do that and Trump had a chance to blame them Damnit.

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