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15 comments on “Daily Review 23/03/2018”

  1. clare 1

    so here’s MBIE scaremongering about the rise in minimum wages


    happens every time. the living wage people have shown that it does not cost jobs to pay a reasonable wage. the article itself is more moderate but doesn’t matter, the headline is there and that’s the purpose of the article, that’s what people read.

    even in the article it says –

    It also noted that the effect on employment “is heavily debated in economic literature … there is no clear consensus”.

    doesn’t matter, they’ve got their headline.

    • tracey 1.1

      I mean they could wait and then measure and investigate it and then tell us all about the outcome.

      • Draco T Bastard 1.1.1

        That’d require economists to do actual science rather than talk out their arses.

    • OncewasTim 1.2

      Sorry @Clare….but the answer to your problem is something you’ve answerd yourself.
      It is called MBIE.
      IT’S SOMETHING designed and implemented by a Joyce and a Coleman.
      It has a few decent people within busy pushing shit uphill, but also an entity that (SO FAR) has managed to capture its responsible Munsters, to the extent they’ve been convinced it doesn’t need dismantling – despite its record from the curvy screen get go. I suspect the coalition has a lot on its plate, and even TheStandard had a contributor ready to sing its praises like an Anglican Hymme on St Paul’s Cathedral Hymme board.
      Unfortunately it’s actually a buggers muddle with an oeganisational culture that is societally toxic ( even IF you’re one of its decent muddle/snr muddle management employees who can recocile the oversight of cheap chinese non-compliant steel, with the oversight of matters concerning human beings – immigrants, IELTS BRIDES, CONSULTANTS…. MEDIATION SRRVICES,,,,etc etc etc)
      I still can’t see how this L/NZ1/G coalition thinks this ABSOLUTE buggers muddle (that is working as Coleman/Joyce designed) is OK and goodtago.

  2. Tracey 2

    Yesterday Coleman proclaimed he was going out on top. Not a single reporter asked him about Middlemore they just gobbled up and spat out his self aggrandisement.

    Today as it is revealled Middlemore is even worse than thought yesterday, he hung up on RNZ and refused comment to TVNZ.

    To ensure Mr English and Mr Keys magical surplus Coleman squeezed the DHBs of every penny to reduce their “debt”. Overlooking that they went into debt to make up for shortfalls in funding to provide proper services.

    Nurses about to strike. Over crowded wards. Nurses attacked in A and E and crumbling buildings.

    Yeah Johhny you went out on top alright.

    Add in massive teacher shortage
    Mental Health crisis
    Housing crisis
    Increased poverty
    Stagnant wages

    How is anyone still voting for them?

    Or are their voters all sending their kids to private schools and attending private hospitals, have a home and another for retirement… and dont see this other NZ degrading before our eyes?

    • Keepcalmcarryon 2.1

      The voters have been tucked up cozily in their appreciating auckland houses living off the rental portfolio while the country was run in to the ground and sold off.
      We are a selfish society.

    • Fireblade 2.2

      “Yesterday Coleman proclaimed he was going out on top”

      “he hung up on RNZ and refused comment to TVNZ”

      This exemplifies what an arrogant self-obsessed man he can be. NZ is better off without him in Parliament.

  3. AsleepWhileWalking 3


    [Clue: National…]

    From the article

    A legally blind, Wairarapa man in a wheelchair and his family have until the 1st of April to find a home, but so far nothing has met their needs.

    Del and Sam Bennett along with their 24 year old son, were given 90 days from their landlord and have been on the social housing register since the end of January.

    Ms Bennett said so far they’ve had no luck in the search for a new home.

    “Its very frustrating, the few [viewings] that are there, some of them are 10 minutes, I call them cattle calls, you can have 20 families all fighting to get in to view one home, ” she said.

    • tracey 3.1

      Snap. See my vent above

    • AsleepWhileWalking 3.2

      I remember someone in govt asking for submissions for possible housing solutions. (Treasury?)

      If anyone knows who to contact please let us know.


    • Draco T Bastard 3.3

      [Clue: National…]

      Not just National but the entire economic system that was brought in by the 4th Labour government.

      An economic system that almost all political parties refuse to get rid of.

  4. Jenny 5

    To achieve justice….

    To defeat ruthless corporations acting to destroy our world….

    We are living in an age when politicians must become activists and activists must become politicians.


    Two members of the Canadian parliament and even an ex-pipeline worker has been arrested.

    Live right now, facebook live feed.

  5. Jenny 6

    Relying on mass action to prevent work on the pipeline, the anti-pipeline protesters, are blockading the gates, and for locals who can’t travel, local Kinder Morgan premises across Canada.

    Currently over 70 protesters have cable tied themselves to the pipeline worksite gates, preventing all work.

    Every person who blockades the pipeline is arrested and then handed a copy of Kinder Morgan’s private injunction banning them from returning to the site, and then released after being given notice of a court date.

    Every person who has been arrested so far, has been released on site, on the condition that they don’t return.

    However, for every person arrested, one more has replaced them. More and more replacement protesters are turning up to be arrested everyday.

    A popular chant reflects this effective tactic.

    The people are going to rise like the water,

    We are going to stop this pipeline now,

    I hear the voice of my Great Granddaughter,

    Saying stop Kinder Morgan Now.

  6. Jenny 7

    “We are living in an age when politicians must become activists, and activists must become politicians.”


    Elizabeth May the leader of the Canadian Green Party and member of the Canadian Parliament has been arrested, for participating in “bold action” to blockade the pipeline.

    New Zealand last saw this powerful type of inspiring political leadership when opposition Labour Party MPs blockaded nuclear warships in Wellington Harbour.

    “These are the politicians we need”

    Fellow protester shouts out on the arrest of Canadian politician, Kennedy Stewart

    “Politics is all about pressure”


    Currently all the political pressure on the government and the Prime Minister is coming from the conservative establishment and the fossil fuel lobby.

    To defeat new oil and gas prospecting in New Zealand, and put steel into the Prime Minister’s stated resolve to “ban” new oil and gas exploration, we again need New Zealand MPs to give the same sort of courageous leadership as in the past here, and in Canada now.


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