Daily review 23/09/2020

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12 comments on “Daily review 23/09/2020 ”

  1. Sacha 1

    No holes here, honest guv.


    Goldsmith said he had left the NZ Upgrade funds separate in his budget for “consistency”, despite the fact funding no longer exists and despite the fact that it makes other parts of his budget incorrect.

    On Tuesday, National changed its tune, saying it would find the missing money by raiding another fund – the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF).

    This is the NZTA’s fund that uses fuel taxes and road user charges to pay for roads and other transport programmes. This fund is worth roughly $4b a year and Governments can, should they choose, reallocate portions of that money to areas they think are worthwhile.

    But National has already raided that fund too.

  2. ScottGN 2

    Plus the NLTF is not just sitting there. Amongst other things it helps to pay for the country’s public transport networks. Goldsmith needs to explain how he will pay for this.

    • Sacha 2.1

      He knows he won't ever have to back up any of his nonsense. Talk is cheap.

      • Westykev 2.1.1

        Yeah, like the current Governments promises back in 2017 on Kiwibuild, Auckland light rail progress, reducing the number of children in material hardship, 1 billion trees over 10 years and the Dunedin Hospital build underway. Promises made before the ascension of Jacinda to Labour leader when they had between no show and shit show of gaining power.

        All politicians are full of shit, the worst ones are those that believe what they say.

        • Jester

          Yes that's true. Labour was not expecting to have to deliver on any of those.

          • Incognito

            National is clearly not expecting having to deliver on their shambolic economic plan either, holes and all. This pork-barrelling contest of over-promising and inevitable under-delivering seems to be a (or the?) reoccurring theme of our elections 🙁

        • SPC

          Yeah National promised a hospital in Dunedin 3 elections in a row and Labour so Labour not getting the build started till the second term is like magic in comparison.

          On light rail – the coalition partner wanted heavy rail tot the airport and NZ

          • SPC

            On light rail – the coalition partner wanted heavy rail to the airport and NZ Super Fund wanted to PPP build it with a Canadian partner (to share the profit return of making it a higher cost over time to government project).

            Not sure how anyone expected 1B trees in 10 years within 3 years.

            It’s over 250M so far.


            Reducing the number of children in material hardship – did you look at the 2019 report – it's survey method said it did not include the full year impact of the government's package. A little detail your guru DPF left for people to find in the footnotes of his KB campaign release.

            • SPC

              The claim of not reducing material hardship is based on this report

              Impact of Government policy changes on Child Poverty The Government introduced its Families Package in July 2018 (changes to the Accommodation Supplement came into force earlier).

              The 2018/19 HES was conducted over 12 months from July 2018 to June 2019 and collected annual income for the 12 months prior to the interview.
              This means that the incomes of households interviewed in 2018 include some income from 2017, and only the very last households interviewed include income from the entire 2018/19 year. As such, it will take at least one more survey before these income-related policy changes will have close to their full effect on the reported annual income of all households interviewed.


  3. barry 3

    Anybody see this? Anybody else thinks it sucks?


    "dual use technology" can include some very ordinary things.


    Whereas before it was only a few countries with explicit UN arms embargoes.

    Now it is everyone except "allies". "More than 10 countries considered allies of New Zealand have been exempted from the controls, including Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, European Union nations, and the United States of America."

    "More controls were required as “deadlock” at the UN Security Council meant countries of concern, such as Syria, had not been placed on the arms embargo list, MFAT said."

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