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31 comments on “Daily Review 23/06/2016”

  1. weka 1

    Anyone figured out when the Brexit results are in our time? 8pm tomorrow?

    • Anne 1.1

      I understand they expect to be able to call it by mid to late afternoon. Bear in mind the Brits are on daylight saving so are only 11 hours behind us at present.

      • weka 1.1.1

        ok, final results should be 6pm then I think.

        • Peter Swift

          “Polling stations opened at 07:00 BST and will close at 22:00 BST
          Depending on how close the poll is, the result may become clear before the final national result is officially declared by the Chief Counting Officer, who will be based at Manchester Town Hall.

          The Electoral Commission estimates a final result “around breakfast time” on Friday.”

    • swordfish 1.2

      Call me old-fashioned but I’m going …
      Remain 53%
      Leave 47%

      In contrast to British General Elections, there’ll be no official Exit Polls conducted by British broadcasters. Given that there’s very little precedent for an event like this – the margin of error in any exit poll is considered so high as to render it largely meaningless.

      And yet, UK pollster YouGov will be publishing a kind of de facto Exit Poll – due to be announced on Sky News after polling stations close around 8am NZ time. But rather than a proper Exit poll, it’ll be based on responses from a pre-selected group of voters – an on-line survey panel who have been polled by YouGov in the past – asking them how they actually voted in the Referendum. And they’ll weight the figures for a number of factors before releasing them.

      On top of that, a group of academic poll experts – commissioned by the BBC – have used extensive YouGov poll data (from Referendum polls carried out over the last year) to identify which UK local authority areas are likely to be strongly Pro-Remain, which strongly Pro-Brexit and which ones are likely to be knife-edge 50/50 Bellwether local authorities. (the Referendum results will be declared not by Parliamentary constituency – as in a General Election – but by Local Authority). So that will allow them to make some predictions based on the earliest returns to come in.

      Two of the earliest results, for instance, are expected from the Geordie city of Sunderland and the south London borough of Wandsworth. Based on the YouGov poll data, they expect a substantial Leave lead in the former and a substantial Remain lead in the latter. If Leave does worse than expected in Sunderland, then that’ll suggest Remain is more likely to win in the UK as a whole. If, on the other hand, Remain doesn’t win by a wide margin in Wandsworth then the indication is that Leave might well be victorious in the Country as a whole.

      • Kiwiri 1.2.1

        It’s not a binding referendum and the parliamentary representatives will mostly vote to remain. Much ado about nothing. Markets make money thanks to manufactured volatility and speculation. Activists’ and media time, energy and resources used up as well as crowded out by the Brexit/Bremain campaigns.

      • weka 1.2.2

        Will they be reporting before voting has closed?

        • swordfish

          Nyet. Everything after the polling stations close.

          Incidentally, there are still one or two (conventional) final polls due to be published today – including the final Ipsos Mori – even though voting has already begun. But the fieldwork for these was actually carried out a day or two ago. So, they’re not in any shape or form Exit Polls.

  2. arkie 2


    The memo, released under the Official Information Act, relates to the sale last month of one of the agency’s 10 homes in the resort town.

    It said the town was a “high profile resort/lifestyle environment” with “reasonable work opportunities”, which could be seen as “incompatible” with a social housing presence.

    Mr Commons said only two people were currently on the waiting list for social housing in Queenstown.

    The agency was in the game of providing social housing, not affordable housing, he said.

    “We are housing some of the most vulnerable, and with the highest need. They’re likely not to be in the workforce, they’re likely to have significant financial pressures, they’re likely to have some health issues.

    “Queenstown has some housing pressures, in the general sense – but we’re not housing typical working Kiwis who are trying to find a place in Queenstown.”

    According to recent housing data, Queenstown is the least affordable town in New Zealand, with the ratio of median house price to median income reaching 11.3 to 1 – compared to 9.1 to 1 in Auckland.

    My Bold

    • weka 2.1

      The bit missing from the story? How much the 10 properties will sell for and where that money will go.

      • Draco T Bastard 2.1.1

        Chances are that the money will go as dividends to the government and not be used to actually build more housing.

    • Graeme 2.2

      It gets really tricky getting that distinction between social housing and affordable housing in Queenstown. Everyone wants to come and live here for lifestyle reasons, there’s very few that come here because they have to for their career, they come because they want to be here. This puts huge upward pressure on housing costs and downward pressure on wages.

      I really can’t understand why people come here and put up with it long term. There’s always someone coming over the hill to take your place. And it’s been like that since 1860. Some people figure it out and get a place of their own, and maybe some way of getting out of the employment bind but it’s a tough place.

      • weka 2.2.1

        The family in the article has been there since 1992. Three kids which most likely means significant connections, including school, and into the community and secure jobs. I don’t think this is about housing affordability so much as access to housing (there aren’t enough houses, right?). I can’t see any reason why HNZ can’t house that family other than that the property is probably worth over half a million dollars. So we’re saying that family and community can’t be valued but a property can. That’s fucked up and is the epitome of NZ in 2016.

        • arkie

          This is about access to housing as I see it too. You’re also so right that the unasked questions about the market ‘value’ of these houses is a troubling sign of the times.

        • Graeme

          Except it was like that here in the 70’s as well, and for a long time before that, and hasn’t changed a bit. It’s always been like that in Queenstown. With a family that’s been here since 1992 and hasn’t figured out how rentals work here, and done something to get themselves out of that situation, I’d have to say there’s something missing from the picture.

          The HNZ properties were a throw back to the days of the public service, when public servants got transferred here, or the departments needed to hold staff. I’m glad HNZ got quite good, actually very good prices so they can do something in places where there are real issues, and real poverty. Queenstown isn’t South Auckland.

          I very much get what you’re saying about kids, and their parents having significant connections around town. But the town they live in is probably quite small. The town turns over a huge proportion of it’s population annually, I’ve heard as much as half every two years, and my observations would agree with that. So it’s easy to make connections when you first arrive, but gets harder as you go along because people leave. In a few years, mightn’t even be that long the cycle will turn and people will be leaving in droves because the development stops and there’s no work. It’s pretty close.

          For the solution, I really hope the cycle goes on long enough for a lot of apartment complexes to get started for worker accomodation. I’m hoping for a massive market over-shoot in the Gorge Road SHA, so we end up with a huge oversupply of worker’s accomodation for a while. That will take a lot of the pressure off, again only for a while. Long term there’s got to be some decent planning around what sort and how much development occurs in the basin. Building more and more stand-alone houses just pours petrol on the fire and hasn’t made it any better at all. When you stand back and look at the place the biggest economic driver isn’t tourism or development, it’s cash burn. But really that’s the nub of the whole country’s (and maybe whole world’s) problem. We’re not actually creating anything of value any more, just debt.

  3. Richardrawshark 3

    Ian Rennie came out looking like tomorrow’s resignation, The leak he orders a 500,000 dollar inquiry into comes from his own office, and he has to pay damages of god knows how much of our tax payers money, for his complete bungling from Hiring Rebstock for 200k(WTF) to scapegoating a public servant to deflect the leak.

    In fact, shouldn’t he just be arrested. And her as well!

    and after all that the fuckwit starts shooting dismisals at the Ombudsman.

    • ScottGN 3.1

      Don’t forget that behind all that was Murray McCully.
      Ian Rennie’s attempted take-down of the Ombudsman’s findings was appalling.

    • Anne 3.2

      Andrew Little on “Dame” Paula Rebstock on the 13th October 2015

      Little said Rebstock had “done very well out of the New Zealand taxpayer” through a range of appointments to government boards and panels in a “pretty patchy career”, including a troubled enquiry into a leak of documents.

      “If she was the great person she was, and public-spirited as she ought to be, she’d be offering to do the CYF review at a much discounted rate, and show New Zealanders that she…cares about some of the most vulnerable.

      “She’s in it for herself.”.

      Well said Andrew, but I would go further…

      Remove her of the title “Dame” which she has never earned and send her back to America from whence she came.

  4. Gangnam Style 4

    Stuff doing there bit to help the Keep Mike petition, linking to the actual link, yet reporting on the earlier Dump Mike petition they didn’t link to the Change.org site, not biased oooooohhhh nooooooooooo. Keep Mike up to 149 now!!!! They nearly at 14,000! (If you squint one eyed).

    Keep Mike http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/81398157/mike-hoskings-supporters-start-keep-mike-petition

    Dump Mike http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/81293594/Petition-to-get-rid-of-Mike-Hosking-has-more-than-14-000-supporters

  5. b waghorn 5

    I try not believe that stuff is being controlled from above , but after only seven comments, all of which are scathing of the government they have closed the comments section.?

    • Gangnam Style 5.1

      NZ Post getting rid of post boxes & giving/selling the service to petrol stations & supermarkets, http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/386977/removal-postboxes-ignoring-needs-elderly-resident-says

      “”I can understand reducing the frequency of collection due to declining volumes but to remove a community’s postbox entirely seems counterintuitive to encouraging people to use the service,” Mr Cantem wrote. ” Yes because NZ Post wants to get out of the letter business, stamps are going up to $1 for a 3 day ‘service’.

    • BM 5.2

      Probably only a handful of people read that article.

      Politics is dull stuff for 99% of the population.

      • Gangnam Style 5.2.1

        “Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, you are no longer interested in politics, John Key is an All Black & Bill English is a farmer.” No thanks Jason Ede but your Dirty Politics voodoo don’t work around here.

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