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Daily Review 23/08/2017

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, August 23rd, 2017 - 46 comments
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46 comments on “Daily Review 23/08/2017 ”

  1. AsleepWhileWalking 1

    “The Deloitte BusinessNZ Election Survey reveals the potential business landscape after this year’s General Election. It provides a unique comparison between the views of the business community and those of political parties contesting the election.”


  2. Please Jacinda, don’t take the Blackadder approach to tax reform

    At a recent meeting Prof St John told a story of a working family in Auckland she knew who were on the edge of homelessness due to the way tax and welfare policies played out. I would encourage you to read their story in full, including how they ended up facing eviction because Maria, the mother, moved from part time to full time work. The intergenerational impacts of these polices are huge, as children like Maria and Sam’s are put at risk from policy gone pear-shaped.

    Our tax system doesn’t just need reform but an entire redesign from the ground up and from first principles.

    What is it for?
    What is it supposed to achieve?

    Scrap the present system – it’s not working and no amount of fiddling can get it to work.

  3. greywarshark 3

    No increase in taxes. No Right turn says that is appalling and that it locks Labour into Gnashional’s austerity but with a smiley face. 🙄

    • adam 3.1

      You mean a continuation of the same bloody awful economics, that is called liberalism.

      Mind you it’s all in black and white, right there in their policy.

      Can’t say you weren’t warned.

  4. patricia bremner 4

    The removal of secondary tax will help many with two or more jobs.

    Tax is a not a cause of poverty.

    No income is.

    • The removal of secondary tax will help many with two or more jobs.

      Actually, it shouldn’t help anybody except the tax department with the decrease in paperwork.

  5. weka 5

    Wow, TOP’s communications bod, Sean Plunkett, is hassling a feminist writer on twitter after she criticised TOP’s lipstick on a pig strategy.

    I watched Morgan last night in the Leaders’ debate and could see why people like him/TOP. Lots of passion, stick it to the man (kind of), wants to make NZ a better place in terms of equality. But it’s just so at odds with how they are going about their campaign. This isn’t a good kiwi bloke telling it like it is. This is older white men of substantial privilege being willing to put younger women in their place to further their political agenda. Men behaving badly is normal in politics, but men behaving badly via sexism and misogyny is way beyond acceptable.

    Some of it is almost exactly the same kind of thing that Morgan said about Ardern so this is a pattern of behaviour. And given it now looks like the lipstick on a pig tweet was part of deliberate strategy, I’m going to assume that hassling Lizzie Marvelly is too.

    It’s not heavy duty, but Marvelly has asked Plunkett to stop and he won’t. He’s basically trolling her and doing so in the context of a debate about sexism and to a woman who gets harassed online a lot. This needs to be understood in the context of what it is like for feminists writing online (lots of harassment), *and feminists in politics (some of the young Green women candidates have been getting trolled by sexists too). It’s way too close to MRA culture to be ok.

    I think TOP are now firmly in not just sexist but misogynist territory.

    • desperate men I suppose but bloody hell just when I think as a society we have grown it seems like this sort of thing happens and shows that nah we haven’t grown very much at all.

    • Carolyn_nth 5.2

      Basically attention getting from the TOP guys. They are harassing her to debate with them because she was critical of the pig’s lippie billboards for TOP. She is not standing for parliament.

      Ben Thomas compares this harassment with TOP’s tendency to block a lot of critics on twitter.

      I believe in an evidence based approach so can we see the gender breakdown for “immediately blocked by TOP” v “hounded to ‘debate’ & engage”

      And this is in a context when female MPs and candidates for such, are at a pretty low ebb, while some guys with a bit of money want in on the masculine-dominated Beehive space. Dominated not only by numbers of men, but also by conventional masculine styles of combative attention-getting.

      Dr Liz Gordon, on The Daily Blog, on how there will be little hope of increasing the proportion of women in the House after this coming election.

      • marty mars 5.2.1

        That twitter stuff is disgusting harassment – thanks for putting the link up in all its horrible glory. Seriously bully behavior by those so called men from the Opps Party.

      • weka 5.2.2

        Thanks Carolyn. It’s blatant now.

      • weka 5.2.3

        Plunkett is being taken to task on twitter tonight. I expect that to make not one iota of difference to him or Morgan, but other people are watching.

        • weka

          Simon‏ @huntersimon1979

          Simon Retweeted Robert James Stewart

          Exclusive: First TOP TV ad to feature Gareth and Sean driving around screaming abuse at people and exhorting them to be “FUCKING RATIONAL!!”


          • Mrs Brillo

            These two blokes seem to bring out the worst in each other. Old fashioned bullies, out where we can all see them.
            Not doing their cause any favours at all.

            • weka

              Morgan is being aggressive and offensive about the Māori seats too.

              Thing that worries me is that while we object, their behaviour will be sanctioned and encouraging others.

              • Carolyn_nth

                Yes. And it is likely part of the TOP approach to get attention by outraging people. They only need to get a smalliish proportion of voters, so can afford to outrage a substantial amount of others.

                I’m inclined to ignore them – they are using outrage as a strategy to get attention.

    • eco Maori/kiwi 5.3

      Yes Morgan he,s from the old days were this behavior was acceptable.
      And I do agree with you that females young and old should be treated with respect and paid the same rate as men if the can produce the same productivity in there chosen industry. We have to set the standard for our young men to respect our females as without women we would not be here. Treat woman as equals.
      In Nagti Porou women are aloud to speak on the Paepae this has been the case for ever. They even had Maori women warriors.

      • weka 5.3.1

        Nice one. I think Māori culture is one of the reasons why NZ is relatively advanced in terms of women’s rights. Still some bastions of sexism and very disappointing to see it being actively used in politics.

  6. Herodotus 6

    What are the greens upto
    Someone within the party is spending a lot of voter capital imo, starting to look 🤡

    • riffer 7.1

      and if they split the vote and Hudson squeaks in we hope it isn’t the reason National gets back in.

      Looks like the MOU is history if this continues.

      • weka 7.1.1

        National winning or losing Ōhāriu will have no effect at all on their ability to form govt. It all comes down to the party vote and if they can get coalition partners. Dunne not being in the picture is what makes the difference, because that’s one less MP to support NACT.

        The MoU specifically allowed for both parties to campaign separately on the party vote. This is not a negative for the MoU.

      • Carolyn_nth 7.1.2

        Do you understand MMP?

        If the Nats candidate gets in in Ohariu, it’ll make no difference to the total number of Nat MPs in parliament. It only would make a difference if a candidate from another party, a potential coalition partner, got in.

      • McFlock 7.1.3


        If Hudson squeaks in, the nats lose a list MP. No change in outcome.

        The only reason the Greens were holding back was because the Hair had his own party. Now he’s gone, they might as well run for the lolz. No harm, no foul.

        • Matiri

          Hopefully reduce the likelihood of Maureen waste of space Pugh getting back into parliament to mis represent West Coast Tasman.

      • Rightly or Wrongly 7.1.4

        Perhaps there is some angst in the Green party about how large a chunk of their vote deserted to Labour.

        Took them a while to figure out the full circumstances behind why Turei ended up resigning against her own judgement.

        Wasn’t there a quid pro quo in Nelson as to why the Greens did not stand in Ohariu – I wonder if that deal is still on.

        Interesting times.

      • AB 7.1.5

        Perfectly legitimate behaviour by the Greens – probably thinking that having a candidate presence in Ohariu might drag in a bit more party vote. It also gives lefty voters not keen on O’Connor a palatable option for the electorate vote.
        And as the others have said – without Dunne it now doesn’t really matter who wins the electorate contest now.
        To repeat – Dunne was to all intents and purposes a National Party MP. He voted with National on legislation probably 90% of the time and he was in parliament only because National made no attempt to win Ohariu themselves. However he was not counted as a National Party MP when National were given their allocation of seats based on their proportion of the party vote. He was a ‘free’ extra MP for National who simply had to reward him with a ministerial salary and generally feed his sense of self-importance.

        • lurgee

          To repeat – Dunne was to all intents and purposes a National Party MP.

          Especially those times when he supported the Labour government …

          • AB

            OK – I can do pedantry too. So let me re-phrase it:
            “To repeat – in terms of the 2017 election , Dunne was to all intents and purposes a National Party MP”

  7. Ed 8

    The Spinoff’s guest writer badmouthing Labour’s water policy just happens to be employed by an irrigation company.
    Pity they didn’t mention that conflict of interest.


    • Mrs Brillo 8.1

      Thanks for that.
      I’m surprised that the Spinoff would publish such a lobbying article by a consultant or contractor with vested interests.
      Not a million miles from the Whaleoil treatment, it seems.

    • eco Maori/kiwi 8.2

      Well Ed these people only have the IQ of a piece moss and thats a insult to the moss.
      They have a very short term memory and can not see what the future will look like if we do not look after our environment.

  8. Union city greens 9

    Lull before the storm in this campaign at the moment. When are the next round of polls out?

    • weka 9.1

      Funny, I thought it was particular aggressive and relatively high level of stupid today. Plunkett and Morgan going hard on the hate PC stuff, Morgan telling Māori what to do, Mike Hoskings telling his viewers that ppl not on the Māori roll can’t vote for the Mp, Seymour calling Prosser a fucking idiot.

      NZ really needs to get past its macho shithead political culture and grow the fuck up.

      • Union city greens 9.1.1

        Stupidity in NZ politics, that’s the norm, isn’t it?

        At the moment it’s more talking heads talking more shit.
        I want doubled down pressure on the nats. Give me some bloody polls before I die. lol
        I need to know whether to stock up on hangover cures or depression medicine.

        • weka

          I find trying not to think past the current week helps 😉 Should be good for another few weeks at least.

      • Drowsy M. Kram 9.1.2

        Morgan, Plunket, and TOP – “A pig in a poke”?

      • Stuart Munro 9.1.3

        Everybody’s trying to be the new Trump – as if the original wasn’t crass enough.

  9. Union city greens 10

    Way I look at it, this week is like a knife fight, except instead of thrust and parry, it’s been like a 3am tv ad for a sharpener where you can cut a tomato after slicing a tin can.

    If it’s not all out dirty in your face, I might as well sleep through it.

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