Daily Review 24/06/2016

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20 comments on “Daily Review 24/06/2016”

  1. Pat 1

    I am conflicted…..Brexit is one in the eye for the neoliberals( and a serious misjudgment by the elites, take note) and is certainly change which i believe was the main motivation(any change will do and bugger the consequences) however this may be the action that triggers the resumption of the GFC and the death of the european project.

    all we need now is some politician to emerge from a plane waving a piece of paper…..may we live in interesting times.

  2. Greg 2

    Commonwealth trade pact next, who are much more efficient farmers than the EU with there agriculture protection racket

    Will they avoid the carbon footprint tax touted by the EU Greens?

    The markets will recover.
    John Key wont sell his London penthouse any time soon, opps,
    I mean his secret trust wont.

  3. Resigned – changing times indeed. Seems like it should be good news but i feel foreboding…

    • Draco T Bastard 4.1

      Seems like it should be good news but i feel foreboding…

      So do I but I also feel hope.

  4. mauī 5

    Shouldn’t you also resign if you’ve lead failed flag referendums?

  5. The Fairy Godmother 6

    Some interesting reading on private prisons in the US. I wish we had someone able to go undercover in Serco to find out what is going on.


    • Greg 6.1

      I tried reading it but it sounded pretty awful, and dehumanising, both for the prison guards and inmates.
      And strongest impression was that the guard went from floor worker to CEO making millions year. It totally sounded like some big amway sell.

      And little money would be saved for the tax payer, when the ongoing social costs, and recidivist offending are factored in.

      Prison are a core state responsibility and social contract of government. and privatizing them removes that.

    • gsays 6.2

      Hi TFG, thanks for the link. Grim, compelling reading.

      As Greg says below, incarceration is a core state responsibility.

      The idea of seeking to profit off people in detention is obscene and offensive.

      There are too many disincentives to rehabilitate and truly care (health,education, vocation) for the inmates, for a profit driven company to operate.

      C’mon labour, make this a not negotiable for the election

  6. Muttonbird 7

    Sick stuff from Franno here.


    Headline says it all. That she has to use Max Key speak in order to get through to the father is an interesting development in journalism.

    • Lanthanide 7.1

      Hahaha. As if the UK trade negotiators would have time to bother talking with New Zealand.

      US, maybe.

      • whispering kate 7.1.1

        I am no Key supporter but what is wrong with what Fran said – one way of supporting the UK with its decision to leave the EU and respect the people’s will would be to begin immediately direct talks with the UK to get a trade agreement underway. It would be a great way of showing support for the democracy process that has just taken place. It couldn’t ever get as murky and underhand as the TPPA and It would show this country is not petty and has some maturity because Lord knows at the moment this Government shows none of that.

  7. Lanthanide 8

    Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has finally dropped his traitorous ways and is going to endorse Clinton:

  8. Jack Ramaka 9

    Sanders did not say he was going to endorse Clinton what he said was he would vote for her if she was elected as the Presidential candidate for the Democrats.

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