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17 comments on “Daily Review 25/08/2016”

  1. joe90 1

    Cocks not Glocks.

    More than 4,500 dildos were given out Tuesday evening ahead of a #TXcampuscarry protest: https://t.co/sub5ORskmI pic.twitter.com/IOOH3PRZRd— Texas Tribune (@TexasTribune) August 24, 2016

  2. Leftie 2

    Buy your way out, the NZ way under John key’s corruption…

    Fraud suspect wanted by China pays $31 mn to end NZ probe

    Wellington (AFP) – A Chinese-born businessman has agreed to pay New Zealand authorities US$31 million to settle their money laundering investigation into him, although he remains wanted by Beijing over the alleged multi-million-dollar fraud.

    William Yan, 45, holds New Zealand citizenship and denies any wrongdoing. Although he was never charged in New Zealand with money-laundering, China still considers him one of the country’s most-wanted suspects.

    New Zealand police said Tuesday they have frozen assets worth NZ$42.85 million (US$31.22 million) including luxury cars, property and millions of dollars in bank funds, which will not be released until the money is paid.

    The settlement with Yan, his wife Wei You and two associates follows a complex three-year investigation into alleged laundering of money derived from a series of frauds in China between 1999-2001.

    “The outcome in this case reflects the effective working relationship between Chinese and New Zealand law enforcement agencies,” said Paul Hampton, manager of the police financial crime unit.

    The High Court had approved the settlement, police said in a statement.

    “They were alleged to have assisted in money laundering and various property associated with them was restrained, including three Auckland properties, a Porsche and Maserati, and over NZ$4.5 million in bank funds.

    Chinese authorities claim Yan stole NZ$129 million and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key revealed, following a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier this year, that Yan was fifth on China’s most-wanted list.

    It is not known if China will seek the extradition of Yan, who arrived in New Zealand in 2001 and was granted citizenship despite having multiple identities and an Interpol alert against his name.

    In 2012, he was acquitted on charges relating to false declarations on immigration and citizenship papers.

    According to the New Zealand Herald, Yan has said he made his fortune legitimately as a businessman and the two identities he came to New Zealand with, Yong Ming Yan and Yang Liu, are valid because he was a foster child.

    Both his birth parents and foster family registered him with different names and dates of birth, said Yan, who claimed the Chinese government considered him an enemy because he is associated with the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement and is pro-democracy.

    <a href="https://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/32417546/fraud-suspect-wanted-by-china-pays-31-mn-to-end-nz-probe/#page1

    • Stunned mullet 2.1

      Yes disgraceful much as they corruption in giving him citizenship in the first place.

    • Draco T Bastard 2.2

      Chinese authorities claim Yan stole NZ$129 million

      Yep, if he’s willing to part with $31m then he’s got a hell of a lot more stashed away somewhere and he knows that he’ll lose it if the probe continues.

      It is not known if China will seek the extradition of Yan, who arrived in New Zealand in 2001 and was granted citizenship despite having multiple identities and an Interpol alert against his name.

      WTF did he bribe to get that?

      Definitely doesn’t meet the ‘good character’ test.

      • Gangnam Style 2.2.1

        Read somewhere that he gambled away over $200,000,000 at Sky City Casino, dirty laundry needs washing.

        • Wayne

          If this was done by the police (no doubt also with Crown Law) and approved by The High Court, I would be surprised if there was any political involvement.
          For very good reasons these sorts of things are kept apart from politicians. I would assume such a settlement comes under the operational independence of the police.

  3. Sabine 3

    16 people moved in to a two/three bedder near me. People from the middle aged to the very little. The flat (one of two on the same property) went from 450$ – 560$ and the previous tenants of several years could not continue to afford the flat and moved.
    The same fate befell the tenant of the second flat so they too moved.
    Now this property is was your standard West Auckland family house, home to maybe 5 – 7 people max. Now there are some 20 people living.

    Brighter Future, brigther futures indeed.

    At least we are now coming into summers. I dread the next winter.

    • Paul 3.1

      Blighted future.

      A country where people are serfs in their own land with US and /or Chinese overlords, managed by a contemptuous, traitorous and parasitical upper middle class, who sold their principles and conscience for a little security.

  4. Leftie 4

    Under pressure to toe the line…

    Dunne withdraws support for Labour’s bill

    A Labour Party bill that would have ensured contractors are paid the minimum wage is facing defeat because United Future leader Peter Dunne has withdrawn his support for it.

    Mr Dunne voted for the bill on its first and second readings, which it passed by 61 votes to 60.

    The government and employer organisations oppose it.

    Mr Dunne now says while the bill’s intention is sound, he doesn’t think it’s “the appropriate mechanism” to protect vulnerable contractors.

    He says he’s been talking to Worekplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse, and has been given an undertaking that other “meaningful steps” will be taken to address problems contractors are facing.

    Labour MP David Parker drafted the bill.

    He says people engaged as contractors have few of the protections given to employees under the Minimum Wage Act.

    He uses pamphlet deliverers as an example, saying that when their work is broken down on an hourly basis they often earn less than the statutory $14.75 an hour.

    Government MPs say the bill is too prescriptive.

    The Employers and Manufacturers Association, and BusinessNZ, say it would make many contracts unworkable.

    <a href="https://nz.news.yahoo.com/top-stories/a/32431420/dunne-withdraws-support-for-labours-bill/#page1

    • Sabine 4.1

      well of course he would.

    • Draco T Bastard 4.2

      The Employers and Manufacturers Association, and BusinessNZ, say it would make many contracts unworkable.

      That’s an admission by those entities that the whole purpose of those contracts is to pay less than the minimum wage.

    • Wensleydale 4.3

      Okay, so a brief chat with Woodlouse, and all of a sudden it’s not the “appropriate mechanism” to ensure people are paid a reasonable wage. Honestly, Dunne needs to be glued to a deckchair and kicked down a flight of stairs.

  5. joe90 5


    On Monday night, Trump tried to explain his possibly evolving immigration stance to Bill O’Reilly. He ended up making news by basically admitting that he’s been lying about the issue for a year. But he also revealed how out of his depth he is only 80 some days before a presidential election.
    NBC’s Benjy Sarlin explains:

    Trump also seemed confused about how the deportation process works. He told O’Reilly that he would not house suspected illegal immigrants in “detention centers” while their cases were adjudicated. “I’ve never heard the term,” Trump said. “I’m not going to put them in a detention center.”
    In fact, there already are immigration detention facilities all over the country that Congress requires the administration fill up with 34,000 people at all times. Trump’s own immigration plan — which is still on his website — states that illegal border crossers “must be detained until they are sent home, no more catch-and-release.”

    Not knowing anything about actual policy, nor caring about any consistency, was an advantage to Trump in the GOP primary where it gave him room to attack Ted Cruz for supporting “Amnesty,” though Cruz and he had nearly identical immigration policies.


  6. One who gave up the fight 6

    Phil Taueki has to be one on the country’s most dedicated and long suffering environmentalist and Iwi rights campaigners. For the best part of four decades, he has fought to save Lake Horowhenua from the ravages of bureaucratic ineptitude, neglect and incompetence, as well as lake users who have marshaled the support of some who are demonstrably racist. He has also withstood arrests and prosecutions that at times have been more vexatious and punitive than legitimate. Throughout the decades, he has been witness to the platitudinous promises of successive Councils and statutory bodies that have never come to fruition and are not likely to, as long as it is cheaper to discharge waste into one of the countries worst polluted lakes than to protect it. (Ref: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/83543459/in-legal-storm-over-lake-a-pledge-to-stop-pollution-by-hook-or-by-crook)

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