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28 comments on “Daily review 26/02/2019”

  1. Craig H 1

    I feel like there’s an interesting story behind that sign…

  2. joe90 2

    The Republican mask really has slipped.

  3. Great Mainzeal Result thought she would get off with our Corrupt Judiciary here in NZ.

  4. Anne 4

    Oh dear,

    Cameron Slater the perpetrator has evolved into Cameron Slater the victim.

    Poor old Cameron. My heart so bleeds for him. (sarc)


    • Jilly Bee 4.1

      Oh, dear Anne, my heart bleeds for him NOT. Karma has come back to bit him on the bum big time.

    • millsy 4.2

      The guy took almost sexual pleasure in seeing that woman die after her power got cut off in 2007. Having his supply disconnected would be poetic Justice.

    • miravox 4.3

      I wouldn’t wish a stroke on anyone, but I’m just wondering where his very rich friends, who got him to create some very nasty stories, are in his time of need. He shouldn’t need to scam the public for money.

    • Muttonbird 4.4

      You reap what you sow. Peddle poison and you will be poisoned. So it comes to pass for Slater.

      I’d be surprised if he’s as ill as he claims though, and the OA should be taking a good look at these donations he constantly begs for on his website. Unless the OA is a friend of his, of course.

  5. Paaparakauta 5

    Will Hutton: “The Japanese aren’t daft – that’s why they’re getting out of Brexit Britain”,


  6. joe90 6

    Nationalising private rental stock, limiting the impact of gentrification and rent freezes.

    What’s not to like.

    The overwhelming majority of units that Deutsche Wohnen owns today in Berlin used to be public housing, and were sold off by the state over the past few decades. As galloping rents make daily life increasingly difficult, many Berliners are starting to regret such a shift. Sure enough, Berlin Mayor Michael Müller promised last month to buy back 50,000 of Deutsche Wohnen’s units for the city, along lines not yet fully clarified. Renters’ associations want to extend this proposal to all landlords with more than 3,000 apartments in the city, a wish that led to their referendum plan.


    The system used—called Vorverkaufsrecht or “pre-buying right”—works as follows. To prevent displacement of lower-income residents, German cities are allowed to place protection orders on neighborhoods where rents are rising at an unusually fast rate. These orders give local authorities the right to step in to buy any building within the order’s limits and convert them to public ownership, if the borough thinks a new landlord will greatly increase rents.


    For many in Berlin, measures currently in play simply aren’t enough to stop displacement and living costs from galloping out of control. Accordingly, the Center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), which governs Berlin in coalition, has proposed the most radical idea yet: In areas where rents are rising especially fast, the SPD wants to introduce what they call a “rental lid” that would ban any rent rises whatsoever, both for new and existing rental contracts, in the five years following its implementation.


  7. joe90 7

    It keeps on coming.

    Clouds currently cover about two-thirds of the planet at any moment. But computer simulations of clouds have begun to suggest that as the Earth warms, clouds become scarcer. With fewer white surfaces reflecting sunlight back to space, the Earth gets even warmer, leading to more cloud loss. This feedback loop causes warming to spiral out of control.


    Once clouds go away, the simulated climate “goes over a cliff,” said Kerry Emanuel, a climate scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A leading authority on atmospheric physics, Emanuel called the new findings “very plausible,” though, as he noted, scientists must now make an effort to independently replicate the work.

    To imagine 12 degrees of warming, think of crocodiles swimming in the Arctic and of the scorched, mostly lifeless equatorial regions during the PETM. If carbon emissions aren’t curbed quickly enough and the tipping point is breached, “that would be truly devastating climate change,” said Caltech’s Tapio Schneider, who performed the new simulation with Colleen Kaul and Kyle Pressel.



    Stratocumulus clouds cover 20% of the low-latitude oceans and are especially prevalent in the subtropics. They cool the Earth by shading large portions of its surface from sunlight. However, as their dynamical scales are too small to be resolvable in global climate models, predictions of their response to greenhouse warming have remained uncertain. Here we report how stratocumulus decks respond to greenhouse warming in large-eddy simulations that explicitly resolve cloud dynamics in a representative subtropical region. In the simulations, stratocumulus decks become unstable and break up into scattered clouds when CO2 levels rise above 1,200 ppm. In addition to the warming from rising CO2 levels, this instability triggers a surface warming of about 8 K globally and 10 K in the subtropics. Once the stratocumulus decks have broken up, they only re-form once CO2 concentrations drop substantially below the level at which the instability first occurred. Climate transitions that arise from this instability may have contributed importantly to hothouse climates and abrupt climate changes in the geological past. Such transitions to a much warmer climate may also occur in the future if CO2 levels continue to rise.


    • greywarshark 7.1

      I shouldn’t have looked at that till after breakfast. I’m late this morning!
      I am sorry for scientists that are dedicated to looking into this stuff. They need help as they will get PTSD. Living in a determinedly, wilfully ignorant society doesn’t help in coping with it either. Go on smiling and putting it to one side in your mind; determinedly dual in one’s ways, in and out of social – retreating to schizoid, as a means of maintaining a balance for living?

  8. Sabine 8

    @Joe90, @6

    i used to live in Kreuzberg back in 87. Was good times then, very much arty and very cheap. A lot of rundown buildings, close to the wall, a big turkish community, best doner kebab in the world. Good times.

    yes, similar measures were taken after re-unification to keep people housed. Luckily Germany has some good laws and this thing called ‘ soziale marktwirtschaft’ , social market society literally, which in essence demands that while everyone is fit to pull a profit if they want, they must always consider the greater good of the country. Especially with housing. Berlin has a small footprint, is the seat of government, one of the ‘must visit’ towns of the planet and is to some extend surrounded by a very rural or semi rural areas. This is essentially the gentrification of Berlin, who has been re-unified just some 30 years ago – still quite young as a reunified city. Not sure if they can stop it to be honest, they may be able to save some of the old quartiers, but this is now a very international city , rather then the quaint old town of my youth.

  9. patricia bremner 9

    The guy with MS is now allowed to join his wife. Yay!!

    • Rosemary McDonald 9.1

      Already celebrated Patricia….with a tune!!!

      Over on Open Mike….but link won’t work.

      Here’s hoping that this is not a one-off and the Coalition of Lovingkindness removes the requirement for all prospective Kiwis to be Perfect Beings.

  10. Hongi Ika 10

    Wonder whether having a new Chief Justice influenced the Mainzeal result or maybe a less corrupt Government Labour + NZF, just wondering out loud ?

  11. Hongi Ika 11

    Police shoot 2 x Gangsters this week in armed confrontations, obviously high on New Zealanders favourite drug of choice P supplied by our new immigrants ?

    • greywarshark 11.1

      Could be – it seems that much is being imported from Chinese sources, but it seems they are not racist, they will sell to anyone. We aren’t so pure Mr Asia in Oz was a NZr. I remember a Tongan getting a kick out of another Tongan having become a successful drug criminal for a while ‘He had really made it’ , appearing in world news. Some computers have ‘back doors’ where hackers can get in and mess with the system – drugs are our back doors and all humans are vulnerable, and also vulnerable to the lure of the money to be made from them.

  12. Hongi Ika 12

    P is like a Trojan Horse or a Virus it upsets the wiring in the Human Brain.

    Unfortunately Doctors have not figured out our to rewire brains damaged by Methamphetamine that I am aware of perhaps Gosman knows ?

  13. greywarshark 13

    Hongi Ika
    With Gosman – perhaps it takes one to know one?

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