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25 comments on “Daily Review 27/02/2017”

  1. Please could someone do sums to tell me how many immigrants nz needs per year to replace the druggie unemployable kiwis and keep them unemployable but take their jobs.I have a compound problem in that as immigrants become kiwis they too will learn to become druggies, and unemployable so what happens then?

    • Carolyn_nth 1.1

      Some Kiwi druggies continue to be employable – at rugby anyways, until they get caught. Then I guess they’ll become media commentators /not a real job?

    • weka 1.2

      Private prison fodder.

    • grumpystilskin 1.3

      I’ve talked to a few in the labour hire industry that have had the same concerns and have had to point out when you pay peanuts you get monkeys..
      You can bet that these employers that can’t find suitable staff are paying very low rates, more then likely the minimum wage.
      Nobody seems to mention that..

      • gsays 1.3.1

        hi grumpy,
        couldn’t help but observe the prime minister conflate not passing a pre employment drug test with impairment in the workplace.

        are we replacing muslim brides with druggies as the bogeyman?

        • Draco T Bastard

          couldn’t help but observe the prime minister conflate not passing a pre employment drug test with impairment in the workplace.

          And that’s the bit that’s bugging me.

          And make no mistake, these strict rules won’t be applied to alcohol.

          • gsays

            true re: alcohol.
            i understand the pre employment tests are useless for alcohol, meth amphetamine, cocaine, synthetic cannabis, opiates…

            to be fair, most of the jobs talked about, you couldn’t afford any ganga.

        • The Chairman

          Bill unwittingly highlighted a problem with our drug testing regime.

          As cannabis is the most common used drug in NZ, it’s fair to assume a number of drug test fails will be due to THC in the system. However, THC can remain in one’s system for several weeks, meaning a number of failures won’t be due to people actually being under the influence of drugs.

          Therefore, as they are not impaired, they pose no risk.

          Yet, the current testing regime is creating this inaccurate hurdle preventing people (albeit a small number) from working.

          Like P testing houses, we’ve got to ensure tests are accurate and fit for purpose. If tests can’t accurately define whether or not someone is under the influence, they shouldn’t be used.

          • Draco T Bastard

            As cannabis is the most common used drug in NZ

            I’m pretty sure that alcohol is the most common used drug in NZ but, yes, I get your point.

  2. Anne 2

    OMG I love it.

    Sums up the USA of today so nicely don’t you think. 😀


    Second video down timed 18:33

  3. Carolyn_nth 3

    Nobody likes the National government – anecdotally, that’s what people tell me as I get out and about Auckland.

    Basically, the only reason the Nats keep getting voted back into government is because of the environment – neoliberal financial backers and biznetworks. That’s my reckons anyway. Now can I be PM, please? I know how to do the PR.

  4. Richard@Downsouth 4

    So I saw this on Facebook…

    “Prime Minister Bill English has blamed unemployment on reports that many young New Zealanders can’t pass drug tests.

    Mr English said drug tests were a “hurdle” for young job-seekers.”


    yet according to the MSD…

    31,791 Drug tests were done via WINZ job seekers in 2015, 55 sanctions occured or 0.174% failure rate (1 person could in theory have 20 sanctions, so its not 55 people that failed…)


    “Liars, damned liars, and politicians”

  5. Tautoko Mangō Mata 5

    At the Drive Thru @drivethrupod

    “Just double the lower detectable limit of the test, Bill”

  6. Cinder 6

    As someone on a Jobseeker benefit I can tell you that Bill English is full of sh!t, and here is why.
    If you refuse an offer of work because you refuse to be drug tested or fail a drug test, you will be sanctioned as Richard Downsouth has pointed out. My own experience shows that it is even worse than that…

    I was asked to attend a “seminar” hosted by MSD / WINZ for a dead end 3 month contract doing call centre work.
    The entire “seminar” seemed rushed and ad hoc and the labour hire company involved offered me a contract that was so unlawful you wouldn’t believe it. No hours of work or remuneration given, no description of the role, no mention of the location – quite the opposite in fact. And a privacy collection statement which stated they would look into my political and philosophical beliefs, union membership, and even better, my sexual preferences and activities!!!!!

    When myself and all the other beneficiaries attending were asked to come through one at a time to sign the contract (30 minutes after seeing it) I asked for the opportunity to seek an independent opinion on the employment contract and was told “just sign it, it’s a pretty standard contract” by the labour hire company representative while the WINZ employee just sat there and glowered at me..

    So, signed the contract but then went and got 2 legal opinions of the contract who proceeded to point out other blatant breaches of employment law.

    A week or so later I get an email from WINZ stating “congratulations on your new job” – The labour hire company or WINZ had taken it upon themselves to confirm my employment with each other without checking with me.

    Following this I informed WINZ I would not be accepting the job as it was unlawful.

    To continue receiving my benefit and not end up living on the streets I needed to present a written legal opinion regarding the contract – duly did so, but never heard from WINZ regarding my status as a beneficiary. Just had to suit and wait to see if my payment would arrive or not.

    Bear in mind that all this was facilitated by WINZ / MSD.

    However, according to Bill English I must still be unemployed because I am a “druggie”. Not because the employer was an exploitative P.O.S offering an unlawful contract for a minimum wage job that went nowhere and would have ended up with me back on a benefit.

    I believe that these “anecdotal” tales English is referencing are probably by employers from a similar mold. Sh!t contracts for sh!t work where you are expected to be beholden to a boss / manager who want’s to act like a demi-god because they think they are a “wealth creator” even though they are probably receiving an employers subsidy from MSD.

    Sorry if that rant was offputting, but English’s comments regarding jobseekers along with his statement on RNZ this morning that people in emergency housing needing to be “straightened out” have almost given me a coronary today.

    • mickysavage 6.1

      Thanks Cinder. Mind if I use your comment for a post?

      • weka 6.1.1


        This is getting so bad. Where are the investigative journalists on this?

      • Sabine 6.1.2

        this is very similar to the Sue Bradford demo / occupation of the Manpower offices.
        It literally seems the same contract that was offered. This should actually be looked at as it clearly seems to be bordering on harassment and bullying by Winz and the companies involved.


        “Group spokesman Jonathan King said the contracts beneficiaries signed had no pay rates, and did not specify where the work would be or what hours they would be expected to work.

        Mr King said the contracts also asked for personal information such as religion and sexual preference.

        “These contracts are illegal. The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is making people accept these contracts with Manpower and threaten people that if they don’t sign the contracts their benefits will be sanctioned.”

        this is from last year, and it seems to be systematic and not just a rotten apple, rather a big pile of rotten apples. Would this fall under harassment, bullying and coercion?

        • reason

          Good observation on manPower Sabine ……

          ManPower are one of the dirty faces representing damaging corporate behavior ……

          All of which is politically enabled….. and which can be easily fixed with political will/regulations

          ” – Manpower, a job training and hiring firm, operates 43 subsidiaries in tax havens and currently books $738 million in profits offshore. ” http://www.wispirg.org/news/wip/study-70-fortune-500-companies-used-tax-havens-2013

          It should be illegal …… and a sackable offense, for Govt departments to have any contact with business touting illegal contracts …..

          Such business should be illegal in NZ until they get themselves on the right side of our laws.

          And we need to remove Keys Tax Haven laws …. while co-operating with genuine worldwide anti tax haven/ anti secrecy initiatives…… Instead of fighting them and entrenching dirty moneys corruption …….as we did under our done a runner former PM.

          When Key/cammeron/Turnball/Harper ( all right wingers ) were in power …. the amount of money flowing through tax havens almost doubled .

          There is a bit of right wing rot and pollution to be cut out …….

      • Cinder 6.1.3

        That’s fine mickysavage.

        Just bear in mind the following…

        I am currently in the middle of an ERA process with this Labour hire company.
        I have laid a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner over their Privacy Collection Statement.
        I intend to take any judgements and findings to the Ombudsman regarding WINZ / MSD processes.

        I was the person who alerted AAAP to the practices I was caught up in and owe them a great deal, more supportive than anyone I have dealt with at WINZ / MSD.

        And before any rightwing trolls show up to accuse me of being a layabout or yaddayadda. I have worked in a very specialty field for nearly 2 decades, there are probably only a half dozen employers in NZ where my skillset is directly applicable. I have always paid all my taxes, never collected WFF or an accommodation allowance or any other government assistance until I was made redundant. I have no children, no partner and currently no future in this country under a national led Government.

        If you would like further information regarding my situation, contact me via PM and I can give you more background / info…

    • Morrissey 6.2

      Sorry if that rant was offputting…

      Cinder, please be assured that your well written and extremely affecting piece is NOT a rant. Don’t be ashamed or apologetic about stating the truth so firmly and clearly.

    • AB 6.3

      When people as obviously articulate and smart as Cinder are trapped in the clutches of the WINZ sadists you have to wonder what the f*** is going on.

      • weka 6.3.1

        Proto-fascism. NZ needs to wake the fuck up. I know, I used the F word, but we ignore how bad things are at our peril.

  7. Whispering Kate 7

    I wonder how many MP’s drink at lunchtime and are then present at question time in the house. Or drink at evening dinner and sit for late sessions. How many are on prescription pills which are either tranquilisers or muscle relaxants. Who does the checking up on them? How hypocritical it all is. Cocaine is the drug of choice for many white collar workers as has been ascertained in the news today and yesterday – how many of these Managers/CEO’s etc are drug tested for sniffing the white stuff. How many people drive around who take anti-depressants or tranquilisers – why is booze not singled out as a drug of dependency and outlawed. Who ever gets beaten up or thugged about by a person who smokes a little dak or even grows the odd plant in the garden – but you can guarantee that family violence is always the result of drunken spouses who get angry when intoxicated – its like Alice going down the rabbit hole – our laws are a complete ass. Poor Ali gets done for a little recreational coke snorting and his entire career is wrecked. How many sportsmen drink and drive, or have fights outside clubs and all the boys do is slap ’em on the back and say hard luck mate.

    Alcohol is the worst offender because it is so easily obtained legally, ask any first responder in an A & E Department – they will tell you its not all the other stuff – with the exception of P. The police have enough to contend with without having to chase up all the other people who want to have a little down time in their downtime.

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