Daily Review 28/11/2017

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14 comments on “Daily Review 28/11/2017”

  1. Anne 1

    Good one Winston Peters 😀 :


    Note: the Nats aren’t laughing. That’s the problem for the Right. No sense of humour.

    • greywarshark 1.1

      This is Winston using his nous. And so happily too, he is enjoying his cleverness, everyone else is too, some levity in the House is great, he can hardly ever be wrong-footed. It is going to be a useful trait for this and future terms.

  2. SPC 3

    It seems that National is setting the scene for their 2020 programme.

    Someone on Kiwiblog confidently opined that National had been planning to bring in term limit welfare if they had won (sneaking it in as an ACT coalition agreement deal, as they did with charter schools).

    This seems predicated on attacking and marginalising the Greens (reprise of the pre-election public backlash on the former co-leader).

    Bill English is a closet (boil the frog, whanau ora, then social housing, then …) subsidiarity campaigner. And the right wing of the party would support an Americanised system – term limits and faith based providers.

    There is a tinge of cultural war about this development, and there is a conservative Christian white race man that feels threatened by the Green secular human rights driven liberalism. So they feel a need to target those who mess with their symbols of continuing authority and privilege, such as expressed in the religion of prayer in parliament and the blasphemy law (one that the UK has already removed) that National left in place.

    It is a form of the, kiwi not iwi Orewa speech approach of Don Brash – it will be interesting to note which particular people will front their media provocations – take up the Quin role. To minimise their own role in the contention.

    • Barfly 3.1

      Which front of office of WINZ do I set myself on fire of in the Natzi scenario?

    • weka 3.2

      Thanks. I was already thinking about what National are doing, but today just consolidates it. It’s not a tinge of culture war, imo it’s moving into deliberate divisive politics that we haven’t seen before.

    • Antoine 3.3

      > Someone on Kiwiblog confidently opined that National had been planning to bring in term limit welfare if they had won

      I suggest someone on Kiwiblog was talking out their arse as is very common there and elsewhere on the internet.

      Modern National is a centrist party, would not support such an unreasonable reform and would not expose itself to the howl of protest that would result.


  3. adam 4

    If you have the time – well worth it.

  4. JC 5

    The MSM, and opposition Bang, today has been “partly” about “Human Rights” , (and/or lack thereof), in the usual a misogynistic, D.P weigh ..

    But FFS! what about:

    “One dead on Korean slave toothfishing boat. Drops off body & 3 crew jump ship – compliant & blind NZ authorities let slave boat return to sea with its 35 men”


    • OncewasTim 5.1

      Unfortunately @JC, just another day at the office for many who make up those ‘NZ authorities’.
      Thankfully, i think/hope many are about to get a bloody big rocket up their arses

  5. JC 6

    P.S I say “Partly”. As little of that has appeared on MSM. ( I also don’t like to combine these issues with Golriz. Thank-you. And Wekas’ excellent Post today)

    Just somewhere in all of this, just somwhere.. where the Fck are the human rights?

    And it’s only through the likes of mediums such as this, The Standard,( and a few others), that we can get a glimpse of the real world … in which to form, and inform an opinion.

    As such BM’s comment on Daily Review last night is full of Shit!

    “The Standard seems a bit directionless at the moment, almost as if it no longer has any purpose.
    Can’t see it surviving this parliamentary term, oh well nothing lasts forever, you had a good run, The Standard.”

    Another thread perhaps…

    But meanwhile the Southern Ocean was last observed 60 Nautical miles south of Bluff. Heading Soutrh, and straight out of the NZ EEZ.


  6. joe90 7

    I love the smell of melting wingnut in the evening.

    (apologies to Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore)

    News that the Church of Sweden will begin using gender-neutral language when referring to God — abandoning “he” and “Lord” — was greeted with anger and angst among Christian conservatives, with one website claiming the church leaders were “castrating God.”


  7. Booker 8

    Well it was obvious Key was lying, now at least that’s official: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11948852

    Of course, the problem with justice delayed is that it loses it’s impact.

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