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18 comments on “Daily Review 28/04/2017”

  1. Glenn 1

    “Inequality goes back at least 30,000 years.

    Hunter-gatherers were more equal than subsequent societies.

    They had very little property, and property is a pre-requisite for long-term inequality.

    But even they had hierarchies.

    In the 19th and 20th Centuries, however, something changed.

    Equality became a dominant value in human culture, almost all over the world. Why?

    It was partly down to the rise of new ideologies such as humanism, liberalism and socialism.

    But it was also about technological and economic change – which was connected to those new ideologies, of course.

    Suddenly the elite needed large numbers of healthy, educated people to serve as soldiers in the army and as workers in the factories.

    Governments didn’t educate and vaccinate to be nice.

    They needed the masses to be useful.

    But now that’s changing again.

    The best armies today require a small number of highly professional soldiers using very high-tech kit.

    Factories, too, are increasingly automated.

    This is one reason why we might – in the not-too-distant future – see the creation of the most unequal societies that have ever existed in human history”


    After this the article talks about the possibility of a future even far more sinister still.

    • weka 1.1

      “Once AI is smarter than us, all humanity could be made redundant.”

      Or useful #thematrix 😉

      btw, hunter gatherer cultures did/do have hierarchies but they are ‘flatter’ so the inequalities aren’t as big or entrenched. The issue isn’t hierarchy so much as whether the society operates from a core position of domination or egalitarianism.

  2. keepcalmcarryon 2

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Our first sale of a landcorp farm overseas!
    Congratulations all round on this one.


    Brought to you by National, the outgoing government

    • ianmac 2.1

      Yeah! Whoopty-doo! How clever they are. Next could be selling the South Island to Donald Trump because he would give the biggest price!
      Stupid? Anything is possible for this Government.

    • David Mac 2.2

      The classes of land that can be used in treaty settlements with Iwi are limited. National Parks and private holdings aren’t used. By and large the returned land is scraggy bits of unproductive Crown held land. Too non-descript to be a National Park and not enough potential to have been developed.

      One of the few notable exceptions are our Landcorp holdings. Developed working productive operations, just the sort of catalyst we need to start creating worthwhile career paths for young Maori. We don’t necessarily need to be handing ownership over to Iwi, a 100 year lease could do the trick.

      Flogging them to Chinese interests? We’ve got rocks in our heads. Our Landcorp holdings could be part of a plan to raise the quality of all of our lives. The teen learning to shear and change the oil in a quad is not sniffing glue or stealing laptops.

      • Antoine 2.2.1

        If the iwi wanted it they could have bought it. I bet they had the right of first refusal

        • David Mac

          Iwi already own it. We all do. My family have had their share for a 100 years, Iwi for 700. Soon a population of 1.4 billion that could afford to buy our entire country 3 times over is going to hold the keys. Are you sure that’s wise?

        • mac1

          Antoine, sit down and actually read what you just wrote. First sentence is a statement, outright stated as a fact. The second sentence then contradicts the first by saying with the phrase “I bet” that you don’t know.

          I call your post absolutely self-inculpating bullshit.

  3. UncookedSelachimorpha 3

    I am amazed that yet again the media parrots complaints from employers about struggles to get enough staff, while completely ignoring any discussion or mention of the pay and conditions on offer!!

    The fact that these “very skilled” jobs are caught by the $50k minimum salary threshold suggests the pay is terrible, despite the supposed skill and scarcity.

    It is the obvious other half of the equation.


    (I have emailed essentially this comment to the RNZ reporter in question)

    • Antoine 3.1

      Wonder how much a chef gets paid

    • gsays 3.2

      Well said uncooked.
      Reading of the Auckland Indian restaurant, owner claims only 4 locals work for him.
      Also claims the high degree of skill needed in the cooking.
      For every talented cook, there are going to be another one or two junior cooks, wait staff and kitchen hands/dishwashers.

      None of these people need ‘special’ skills.

      Scratch deeper you will find greed is the issue, i.e. poor wages.

      • UncookedSelachimorpha 3.2.1

        Astonishing that “paying more” is never thought of as a possible solution by these people struggling to get staff

    • John up North 3.3

      Without doubt the freeze on funding for RNZ has effected the broadcaster hugely over time. BUT! I gotta say, more and more of the “reporting” I hear and read on their webpage is of a very poor “lite” standard with many “stories” being only a paragraph or such, with very little research and never much in the way of linking the current statement with previously unearthed information that is pertinent to the line being driven by the latest media release.

      • Philj 3.3.1

        RNZ, sadly is in decline. I have spoken to insiders that say all is not happy @ RNZ. The plebs grafting are getting crumbs and the managers caviar. Nothing new ha!

  4. Muttonbird 4

    New Zealand is importing corruption under the current government’s settings.


    The other hotspot for people wanted by the Chinese is Canada, coincidentally also having a bad housing un-affordability crisis.

    The two must be linked in that open borders to cashed up Chinese investor types gets you some people who are not ethically sound.

    That doesn’t bother the National government or their supporters though…

  5. reason 5

    The BBC …………. when it comes to war …. might as well be RT

    There’s about 2% difference …. ” Take the invasion of Iraq. There are two studies of the BBC’s reporting. One shows that the BBC gave just 2 percent of its coverage of Iraq to antiwar dissent—2 percent. That is less than the antiwar coverage of ABC, NBC, and CBS. A second study by the University of Wales shows that in the buildup to the invasion, 90 percent of the BBC’s references to weapons of mass destruction suggested that Saddam Hussein actually possessed them, and that by clear implication Bush and Blair were right. ” http://www.inminds.com/article.php?id=10196

    Western propaganda platform versus Russian platform … neither platform ‘trustworthy

    Instead I pick journalists like I pick friends …. straight up and no bullshitters.

    That way you can place reasonable faith in the information presented ……

    Good New Zealand examples would be Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson ….

    Journalists or media which attack truth tellers like Nicky and Jon …. are ’embedded’ with the propaganda platform …. they misinform.

    Garry Webb would be a journalist I’d follow …… but he literally died for telling the truth ….

    With the ‘free press’ leading the attack ….. against his truth http://www.counterpunch.org/2004/12/17/how-the-press-and-the-cia-killed-gary-webb-s-career/

    Gary Webb was hounded out and given no platform …. to upset ‘the official’ narrative. …….

    Which was …” the government running drugs??’ …. that’s absurd …. you conspiracy theorist”

    If Nicky Hager was interviewed on BBc , or RT …. I’d watch him …. dissing him on the basis of which platform he was on …. seems a non argument.

    Anyway my message is distrust platforms or corporate media …. follow reporters or writers who have earned your trust for honesty and accuracy.

    The rest is spin ………….. or worse.

    • Philj 5.1

      Thanks for the (mis) information! Lol The MSM are finished as a reliable source. I’m with you brother.

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