Daily Review 29/05/2018

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23 comments on “Daily Review 29/05/2018”

  1. Cinny 1

    Am freaking fuming about the meth contamination v’s mold scandal.
    All of those people kicked out of houses, all of those state houses sitting empty.
    All of those companies who have been making money through exploiting fear.

    Where is the accountability now? From this scandal to bovis, wtf was the last government doing/thinking? Many of us at TS thought the meth testing was bogus at the time, on the bright side thank heavens we have a new government.

    • Fireblade 1.1

      The previous Minister of Social Housing, Paula Bennett, used meth contamination as one explanation for empty state houses. National knew the testing methodology was flawed, but the narrative suited thier state housing reduction and sell-off agenda.

      Housing people who needed help was never a priority for the last government. Paula Bennett only started Emergency Housing once the media ran stories about people living in cars and garages.

      At the same time National encouraged high immigration with little thought about housing and infrastructure pressures. They also allowed property speculation and excessively high house price inflation to go unchecked

      National helped create a housing crisis and then wouldn’t acknowledge it existed. Now we have a goverment focused on solving housing issues and all the National Party and it’s sycophants do is moan.

      If you take away all spin, what the National Party are really about is the attitude of “I’m doing well, my mates are doing well, so fuck everyone else”.

    • Draco T Bastard 1.2

      From this scandal to bovis, wtf was the last government doing/thinking?

      Oh, that’s easy:
      1. If they cut government spending they can cut taxes for the rich and
      2. If they don’t enforce regulations then their mates in business won’t have to spend as much and thus make a higher profit.
      3. If they kick people out of state housing it becomes proof that they don’t need state houses and can sell them off.

      The list goes on and on and on.

      It’s what the rich have always done and it’s always led to the collapse of society. That’s capitalism.

      • Cinny 1.2.1

        Wondering how much revenue was lost via state houses not being rented out combined with the cost of people being placed in motels as a result.

        Wondering how many lives it has ruined or families it has torn apart, people being labelled over nothing, because of this bogus practice.

        Wondering if Media will continue reporting on, investigating and pushing this as well as asking previous ministers some hard questions and not putting up with bullshit answers. Because they obviously ignored any factual info.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 1.3

      wtf was the last government doing/thinking?

      It was following its core values: to deliver public money into the pockets of its owners using lies and prejudice as a smokescreen.

    • Hooch 1.4

      Wtf were they thinking? They were thinking yeehaa, we can –

      Kick people off the benefit for P use
      Kick people out of state houses
      Force said people into private rentals owned by national voters
      Sell/demolish said houses
      Pay private companies public funds to test/clean for P and demolish houses

      These scandals are coming thick and fast now but will the previous government be held to account!? More likely the previous minister responsible will get air time to lambast the current minister about it.

  2. Cinny 2

    LMFAO !!! Just had closer look at the above photo, bahahahahahahaha kudos to the image manipulator, that image is gold, ROFL am still laughing, great work.

    • DB 3.1

      On the whole I have found HNZ staff to be hard working caring types. The folks who subcontract to them on the other hand, are often corrupt shiftless assholes.

      Check who is behind the decontamination companies. There’ll be close ties to nats all over the show. I randomly googled two of them and found bases in Epsom, and ex rugby players brought in as ‘experts’. LOL.

      Piggies at the trough. Root the fuckers out.

  3. Anne 4

    I know it has already been linked to today, but is worth another link:


    Good bloody on you Phil. Put those moaning, entitled Epsom pricks in their place.

    In the 30s and 40s, the 1st. Labour govt. did exactly what Twyford intends doing… built new state houses and affordable homes throughout the country. No town or city suburb was exempted. I grew up in Auckland and our schools were an even mixture of both state and privately owned homes . No-one could tell the difference between us. We studied and played together and many of us made life long friends.

    They were happy days when everyone had a home and a good start in life. If Phil Twyford is able to repeat the experience in a modern day setting then he deserves all the accolades that will be heaped upon him.

    • Cinny 5.1

      Honestly…. whether he puts the knife in or praises the government, personally I couldn’t give a flying fu@k about his opinion

    • MikeS 5.2

      Yeah this is the first time I’ve ever agreed with him.

  4. greywarshark 6

    How come a shooting range can be set up at will. Bloody fireworks let off during the year is bad enough but this is becoming too much.

    • Cinny 6.1

      Lived in the valley over from there for a little while. Cold up there in the winter.

      Ok, so that’s the thing about the country which people don’t realise, they think it will be quiet, and sure there are less cars, but there are other un-natural loud noises like farm machinery and crop dusting planes etc. Lolz and horny cows communicating… the moooing don’t stop, some days it’s like a mooo zone 🙂

      Living next door to forestry blocks is mega noisy too especially during harvest, those massive machines are not quiet, neither are the sounds of trees falling to the ground, or the trucks charging up and down the road, and those trucks move so fast on the narrow dirt roads.

      And then in the weekend, that’s where you go dirt biking, in the forestry blocks, and up a quiet valley that noise amplifies big time.

      Landlords and real estate agents should disclose the shooting range prior to people moving to that area. I’d be a bit pissed off too if I had no prior knowledge

      However, the war zone bit does sound rather dramatic.

  5. greywarshark 7

    A man who has murdered and advised that he would do so again, and has committed other crimes of violence is to be released on careful parole. What the heck, it would be cheaper to keep people like this in prison and possibly create an environment where they could have a satisfactory with limited freedom life in containment. While expensive, it would ultimately be cheaper than long involved Court cases, and worrying about this behaviour for the rest of his life. Apparently the killer’s freedom is more important than the safety of peaceable, self-disciplined citizens.

    This practice of letting out vicious people and seeing whether they can control themselves and are okay to be free or knowing they are not when they kill or maim anyone else is not encouraging the public to respect the justice system or make us feel safe and secure.

    “After consideration of all the material presented we are satisfied that Mr Poulter has sufficiently reduced his risk, that he can be released on parole subject to conditions which are extensive and will support his release into the community,” the decision read. …
    He would be released in June with a number of conditions which included not drinking alcohol for the rest of his life.
    He would also be banned from contacting his victims, the media, or prostitutes, and subject to GPS monitoring, the Board said.

    When you aren’t allowed to do something there is often a desire to go against the rules and this is for the rest of his life. Can’t see him complying, the Parole Board are dreamers and irresponsible.

    • Antoine 7.1

      Tell Andrew Little, he’s the one who wants to let more crims out of prison


      • One Anonymous Bloke 7.1.1

        How about we prosecute people who propose or support policies that increase the crime rate. Who white-ant any measures to improve it.

        People like you.

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