Daily Review 29/11/2017

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41 comments on “Daily Review 29/11/2017”

  1. UncookedSelachimorpha 1

    Won’t the reduced LVR requirements just encourage debt to push up house prices even more?

    • Antoine 1.1

      Yes, on the other hand it will make it easier for buyers to get a deposit together, so pros and cons…

  2. alwyn 2

    An excellent post from NRT today.
    I am sure that regular readers here will applaud his sentiments regarding the behaviour of Ms Curran and her conscientious attention to her duties.
    Or not, as the case may be.

    • Stunned mullet 2.1

      Good grief if anyone expected more of Clare Curran they really must be delusional.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 2.1.1

        Since her admirable advocacy for squatters’ rights I’ve adopted a
        “wait and see” approach.

    • OMG, Clare Curran is as crap as National. Did anyone see that coming?

      • One Anonymous Bloke 2.2.1


        • Psycho Milt

          Exactly. Labour still has a significant dead weight to it, consisting of dead wood they should have got rid of way back when it first started dragging the party down. Curran’s demonstrated her dead-wood quality over and over again – how many times before someone in the Labour heirarchy notices?

          • One Anonymous Bloke

            Depends what she does next I suppose. Especially if she’s part of the hierarchy.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 2.3

      I hope that Idiot Savant is wrong, and that Ministerial diaries will soon be published automatically again, after the previous National government cancelled the practice.

      I also hope that Alwyn will remove the nose-ring that the National Party has inserted in his face, but I’m not optimistic that either scenario will occur.

      • alwyn 2.3.1

        When were these diaries published, and where.
        I have been looking for any occurrence of the Office Diaries for Helen Clark and can find nothing.
        Neither can I find any reference to them having been published.
        Can you please provide some evidence for the statement
        “Ministerial diaries will soon be published automatically again, after the previous National government cancelled the practice.”

    • McFlock 2.4

      What was the question I/S was pissed wasn’t answered?

      • Muttonbird 2.4.1

        It was a spam question:

        ‘What was she doing between the hours of 1— and 1— on the date of 17 — 2017’.

        • marty mars

          ‘Who should replace 2 time loser the billshitter as leader of a weak and failing gnat party?

        • James

          After a reasonable question was replied to with the same “more specific” request

          • McFlock

            And you think that’s specific?

            They’re lucky the response wasn’t “took a shit, might have used a nat manifesto to wipe off”.

            So basically you guys have forgotten how to ask a question.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 2.5

      @Alwyn: “His”. Check your assumptions, dupe.

      • alwyn 2.5.1

        I’m sorry but I don’t understand this comment.
        I thought Idiot/Savant was male and I therefore used “his”.
        On the other hand I really did think that Clare Curran was a female and I therefore used “her” when referring to her.
        Am I wrong? Is “she” a “he”? Or is “he” a “she”?

        • One Anonymous Bloke


          • alwyn

            You are not a Minister of the Crown.
            Or if you are you are not currently in the House and under the rules of their Question Time.
            You can’t therefore choose to only answer one part of a multipart question.
            Would you really like me to get more specific and ask multiple questions?

            1. Is I/S male?
            2. Is I/S female?
            3. Is Clare Curran female?
            4. Is Clare Curran male?

            There. Four one part questions. In this exam answer all four questions.

            • One Anonymous Bloke


              • McFlock


              • Alwyns gonna flip out now 3,2,1… The banshee has been released now feel his/her angryness.

              • alwyn

                I think that you misread what I had written and thought I had made an error.
                Now you are embarrassed by your foolishness and don’t have the guts to admit you made a mistake.

                Well to err is human (you)
                To forgive divine (me).

                Given that I am, of course, Almighty God, I am willing to forgive you little man.
                Don’t let it happen again though dupe.

                • McFlock

                  Which looks like a pretty good example of Dunning-Kruger, unless you know who Idiot/Savant actually is and know their gender.

  3. adam 4

    Is anyone else freaking out about this new alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabia? The drums of war are beating, so they will be wanting the blood of our young. It would appear that the Yanks will take the brunt of this rubbish, Saudi Arabia cares not – how many Americans die.



    And if you canny be bothered reading 6 minute video.

  4. Ad 6

    Ed Sheeran wants to get New Zealand citizenship, and Prime Minister Ardern replies directly:

    – Do you like Pineapple lumps, and do you know what they are
    – Do you wear jandals mildly inappropriately, and do you know what they are, and
    – Will you make New Zealand your home?


    (sigh 🙂 )

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