Daily Review 30/07/2018

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24 comments on “Daily Review 30/07/2018”

  1. adam 1

    Paul Keating comes out with all guns blazing at the liberals plan to let Nine take over control of Fairfax.

    9 minutes and very cutting in places. Get the feeling labour are going to win the next election in Aussie.

  2. greywarshark 3

    How come that USA with its large population and huge budgets for everything including war and WMD is calling on our firefighters to go and help them with their fire fighting in California. They are leaving on Friday, yes sir!
    (Radionz 7pm news at about 5m)

    We are a country of 4 million people who can hardly afford to deal with our own disasters. The news item says that these are regular problems but this one is particularly bad because of a long drought, and the high winds that fanned the flames. So are they going to throw responsibility for their own climate change induced result on their own land, on their ‘friends’ who unfortunately are tied to them because we all speak English.

    This is disgraceful and unreasonable of the giant econom that should be providing for itself from its own states. We are reliant on volunteer firefighters in this country who are public spirited and help their people and locality and who are being asked to do much that paid people should be doing in firefighting, but on top of that are becoming ambulance people, first responders to awful sights that they never signed up for when joining the fire teams.

    And now the paid workers are being depleted to go and fight fires in California.
    The USA want to use the world for their benefit and when things don’t go their way they throw nasty things at you. While still holding themselves out as being leaders in good human standards and politics. I think they have asked Australia too and no doubt that government will be happy to serve.

    • Monty 3.1

      What a silly rant.

      Nation help each other’s in times like this

      How about thinking of the lost lives and if one kiwi firefighter saves one person then I am proud they went.

      Did you read the part about helping each other and US fire fighters helped during those terrible fires in Aus. How about parking your outrage, one day we might need their help.

      Have you forgotten the CHCH earthquakes and all the help we got from overseas in the aftermath of that disaster. We need the help and those countries answered.


      Just one link but plenty more.

    • AsleepWhileWalking 3.2

      They have prioritised war expanding the budget in this area considerably even under Trump.

      Even so their troops have been forced to work without proper gear, in many cases buying their own basics like bulletproof vests etc. Heard there has been some improvement in this area under the new Admin but most $ going elsewhere.

      • Exkiwiforces 3.2.1

        That was Gulf 2 brought you by Old mate Rummy and co who thought they could conquer Iraq on the cheap while conquering the Afghanistan when old Benny what’s his name was on the run from Bush W.

    • McFlock 3.3

      Even ignoring the “fuck maybe we should help people” argument, and the “they help us in other disasters because every country keeping enough fully trained and highly specialised staff to deal with diverse and massive scale disasters is inefficient”, our people can do with the training. We help Aus during their fires, as well. So we deal with our own wildfires better.

    • Exkiwiforces 3.4

      Depends on what the Yanks want are they after urban fire fighters or the high country fire fighters?

      Their high country fire fighters are totally different to ours in more ways than one and its one of the reasons that eastern and southern states of Australia request the high country fire teams because they have skills set that the Aussie bush fire teams don’t have and some cases a different way of fire management or managing air assets. As the NZ high country fire teams are more airmobile than the Yank or Aussie bush fire fighters as they tend to be more vehicle mounted about between 80- 90% for the Yanks and 100% for Aussie.

      Yes it might seem a bit weird that they spends billions on war and death, but do spend awful lot of coin on fighting wild fires. What happened is the wild fires are worst ever yr over there and this due to CC base effects from here on now folks so get use to it.

  3. I think of the teams who came for our earthquake, and the Thai boys and those efforts made by teams from all over.
    I think of the grandmother wetting the blanket and hoping to save her grandchildren.
    It doesn’t matter that it is California, Trump doesn’t matter… people do.
    I understand your anger, but if there was a car crash, you’d help. You wouldn’t ask “Are you American?” I know from other posts you have made. xx

    • Johnr 4.2

      Both my daughter in law and son are rural fire fighter volunteers. They are on standby for California, they’ve been there and Aus before. They love it, the danger and the physical challenge. Great experience, war stories and pay

  4. greywarshark 5

    What simple minded responses. Did you read the points I made?
    Do you see the assymetrical aspect.
    Population 1/7/2017 Wikipedia
    United States of America 324,459,463
    NZ 4,705,818

    There were 7.6 billion people in the world at the above time.

    You mention earthquake. Christchuch doesn’t have them each year to that
    level. Thailand, that was a one-off.

    Just to apply some reasoning here, some reality. Vanuatu is having a really bad volcanic eruption and needs to evacuate a lot of people. Vanuatu is a small poor island. That is where we should be directing our attention, not to the richest country in the world where they should have trained people from all their 50 odd states to call on. Very odd situation.

    • nom 5.1

      What about kindness, compassion, generosity and solidarity? They seem like good reasons to me.

      This is also a good learning/training opportunity for our firefighters to keep their specialised skills sharp.

    • monty 5.2

      I would suggest your letting your rabid ideology and hated of anything american cloud you.

      Specialist don’t grow on trees. Plus its also good learning and experience that can help NZ when a forest fire happens here.

      They have called up the military and national guard this is not just California, its New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, Florida and Washington state to name a few.

      Roughly 120m people in those states, so yes the US firefighters are pretty stretched and need help. But we could just let them burn.


      So I guess trained professional fire fighters are hard to come by at the moment and maybe its ok to help out.

      Unless you want to arm thousands of untrained people with buckets and form a chain. No risk in that is there.

      Oh and your very simple minded comparison with no research or thought about the volcano in Vanuatu this island has had to be evacuated twice within the space of a year. It is a active volcanic island hasn’t stopped kinda like White Island


      • the other pat 5.2.1

        im with you on this one….look after our neighbours first with the limited resources we have…..if the USA is so thick they cannot mobilise enuff firefighters or indeed use some members of the public well too bad…..maybe then they will go oh shit and fund more of them.

    • AsleepWhileWalking 5.4

      Popn California 39.7 million.

      They have lived well beyond their means for quite some time and Congress removed the debt limit so they can all and truely run themselves down.

      Not saying we shouldn’t assist, as I’m certain their crisis us so big they need to rotate exhausted crews. The reality us they are heading for depression like conditions and we need to be prudent.

  5. Andre 6

    Is anyone in a position to help grey with a spare Snickers?

  6. greywarshark 7

    The ability of some here to make pragmatic and principled decisions about anything iseem very limited. I hope that most of you do not get into positions of responsibility for planning. distribution, financing, standards and delivery of services for and to the public.

    • Monty 7.1

      I suggest you are neither pragmatic, principled or reasoned. Perhaps in your youth you smoked to many chemicals and now your just a bitter and twisted idiot.

      You need to loosen the strap on your tin foil hat. You compete simple minded clown.

  7. Pragmatic and Principled eh? Like we had for 9 years? No and No!! Keep the humanity.

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