Daily Review 31/10/2018

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33 comments on “Daily Review 31/10/2018”

  1. Kat 1

    After observing Simon Bridges performance in the House today he confirmed his total incompetence as a leader of the opposition, almost bordering on plain idiocy. The facial expressions of Paula Bennett are getting more bizarre by the day and general flaky demeanor cannot be ignored. The rest of the blue team are not worth mentioning.

    National party caucus meetings must be similar to scenes from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

    • RedLogix 1.1

      Yeah you go on under-estimating them right up to the moment they kick our arse again. OK so I understand it’s a sweet little dopamine hit to rant off like that, but doing it in public is an unsavory habit.

      Right now National are in exactly the same kind of turmoil that Labour went through in the aftermath of Helen Clark’s departure. How much do you want to crow about that? Note carefully how very quickly they’ve re-grouped and imposed party discipline again after the JLR fiasco. Yes they have their internal tensions that have yet to resolve; do not assume they’re dysfunctional or incapable of asserting themselves if they need to.

      It’s perfectly ok to take a quiet satisfaction in watching National in this state; do not assume it’s going to last long. Sooner or later someone competent will rise to the top and it will be business as usual for them.

      • Kat 1.1.1

        Quiet satisfaction!…. oh alright…. 🙂

      • RedLogix, I agree with you.
        I agree. “”Yes they have their internal tensions’ and “It will be business as usual for them”

        They are most dangerous when things go against them… So…

        Who could Hooten be doing research on in Britain?
        How come the “ministry” has allowed their Minister, Lees-Galloway to be so embarrassed if the rumoured “Contradictory information ” is true?? Who was involved in that?
        Why when ‘phoning Whaleoil, did Bridges look so full of shining relief? “Successful deal?”
        Why is Bennett looking so down appearing to have lost her nodding enthusiasm she used to produce for “Her Leader”.
        Who empowered Collins to begin her attacks?? Remember..

        Rust never sleeps!!

        • Tiger Mountain

          the Lees-Galloway/Czech crim affair, has the hall marks of a political “hit”, there are weasels throughout the state sector, and a number of ex public servants turned consultants quite capable

          out of so many immigration cases, why did that one in particular surface right now? other seemingly deserving cases, involving medical and family situations, tend to surface via supportive lawyers and approaches to media, it will be interesting to work out who, when, why re this one

          • Bearded Git

            +100 Tiger…..a mountain out of a molehill (ha ha)

          • Gabby

            Paranoid lil ol me wondering if some ministry shiny arse gave the Minister an edited summary and some rotten advice, then dobbed him in to Slick Bodges.

      • ianmac 1.1.3

        Red logix: “OK so I understand it’s a sweet little dopamine hit to rant off like that, but doing it in public is an unsavory habit.”
        Yes. That certainly describes Bridges letting strip on the General Debate on Wednesday, but why he does it again in public is a bit thoughtless. Weird?

    • + 1 kat – bennett looked so uncomfortable – so funny. Bridges needs to go now because the gnats seem so despondent, so lost and disheveled. The paranoia must be at extreme levels in that caucus.

  2. adam 2

    For those who need a giggle. 15 minutes of Josh Johnson.

  3. Ed 5

    Tick tick tick….

    “count down until 13th December begins – will Simon Bridges still be leader on the 14th of December?”

    This is the worst outcome for National, all that will consume the media between now and the 13th of December is what JLR will say in Parliament under Parliamentary Privilege.”


    • millsy 5.1

      Don’t hold your breath. The guy will turn out to be full of shit. Just like his new boyfriend, Dotcom.

  4. Ed 6

    “For sale: one parliament.

    If Jami Lee Ross has achieved anything, it is casting the full glare of public scrutiny over Party donations. His methods may have been unorthodox – but he’s got our attention. We can no longer feign lack of awareness of this dark shadow over our democracy.

    The rest is up to us, as a nation, what we do now….”


    • adam 6.1

      I was going to say great work again by Frank Macskasy – best piece on the whole darn JLR affair.

      I like the fact he gets to the heart of the matter – the corruption that money in politics brings.

      If people are not looking at the US political situation and going yuck – then somthing is wrong with ya. They got there by corporate money in politics, so people can, and do buy elections.

  5. marty mars 7

    It is time that threats to the planet were defended as such.

    Brazil’s far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro will merge the ministries of agriculture and the environment, an aide says, in a move which critics say could endanger the Amazon rainforest.

    Mr Bolsonaro’s future chief of staff, Onyx Lorenzoni, announced the new “super ministry” as details of the new administration began to emerge.

    The controversial new Brazilian leader is supported by the agribusiness lobby.

    A former environment minister tweeted that the move was “tragic”.

    “This disastrous decision will bring serious damage to Brazil and will pass on to consumers abroad the idea that all Brazilian agribusiness survives thanks to the destruction of forests,” Marina Silva said.


    • adam 7.1

      Is it just me or does that feel a lot like the last government we had, doing bat shit crazy stuff like that?

      Merging government departments into super ministries which become a power unto themselves, so stuff the people and consequences.

    • millsy 7.2

      Bolosinaro should just buy a nuke, and drop it on the Amazon. Get it over with. It’s clear he hates it so much.

      • Antoine 7.2.1

        It’s silly to demonise your opponents. It’s not about hating the Amazon. It’s just the tension between development and conservation that will always be a theme in Brazilian politics. This time the pendulum seems to be swinging to the development side but how far, we cannot yet tell.


        • Drowsy M. Kram

          The ‘tension’ will end either when there is no Amazon left to ‘develop’, or when there is no profit to be had from ‘development’ – for a senient species, with so much information at our fingertips, we have a surprisingly poor grasp of natural limits.

    • Antoine 7.3

      Marty, what are you suggesting we do about threats to the planet? I don’t quite get your point


  6. patricia bremner 8

    ANZ (KEY)… 2 billion PROFIT!! Bloody Aussie Banks.

    Come on Kiwis, change from that bank!! Keep the money in NZ.

    There are NZ banks.

  7. JC 9

    “Yikun Zhang with National Party president Peter Goodfellow.”

    National Party’s political prospect Colin Zheng and business partner Yikun Zhang in Companies Office probe


  8. RedLogix 10

    A late night lesson:

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