Dalziel for Christchurch mayor

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As widely anticipated, Lianne Dalziel has confirmed that she will stand for Mayor of Christchurch:

Dalziel says she’d be an inclusive mayor

Lianne Dalziel is promising to work with any Government on the Christchurch rebuild – if she becomes mayor. The Labour MP has confirmed rumours that she’ll stand against Bob Parker in October’s local body elections. …

The Christchurch East MP will resign from the electorate in October forcing a by-election. She says it’s been an incredibly hard decision to make. “My electorate has been through a very very difficult time. I’ve worked with the Labour Party so that we can push that out as far into the year as possible. But I want to make it very clear I’m committed to the mayoral campaign.”

28 comments on “Dalziel for Christchurch mayor”

  1. Hopefully Parliament’s loss will be Christchurch City’s gain. Lianne would make a great Mayor.

    There is a suggestion that Clayton Cosgrove would go for the nomination for Christchurch East in the by election. IMHO the party needs rejuvenation and selecting Cosgrove would leave the party looking rather tired in an important area.

    • Veutoviper 1.1

      I agree, MS. And that is interesting re CC.

      Dalziel was interviewed for almost 24 minutes by Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon and came across well (although I missed some of it).

      Here is the link – and an attempt to grab the MP3.


      [audio src="http://podcast.radionz.co.nz/ntn/ntn-20130619-0912-lianne_dalziel_to_challenge_christchurch_mayoralty-048.mp3" /]

      By the way, I just read the thread on OM 17 June re this subject. At the time of the Ellis case, there was massive discussion on the case on the Newsgroups including the involvement of certain politicians. IIRC, the identity of these and other people and a lot of other ‘evidence’ was subject to court-imposed suppression (although all of it was hidden on the net if you knew where to find it).

      I am not sure if the suppression still applies and don’t know how to find out but suggest caution to all commenting here in case it does. Suffice it to say that the other senior politician mentioned in one of the old press articles someone provided in the OM thread is also still a senior politician in the current govt. So I doubt/hope that no one on that side will try to raise this history to undermine Dalziel’s running for Mayor

      • weka 1.1.1

        Thanks VV. btw any URL ending in .asx is simply a little file that downloads and allows live streaming. They’re annoying because they often start automatically and suck up data before people might realise they’re playing (if sound is turned off).

        As far as I can tell, all RNZ replayable programmes now have a share link beside them (above the mp3 and OGG file). The URL of this link is the one to copy and paste if you want to give people the various listening options. The page it goes to also has a wee intro of the item.



        • Veutoviper

          Thanks Weka – I am only just getting to grips with the new website – but that was my first successful attempt at a MP3!

    • gobsmacked 1.2

      If Labour can’t find new blood for Parliament in Christchurch, then they might as well pack up and leave.

      The by-election is yet another headache for Shearer. Do the ABC (hello Hipkins!) still want one in New Lynn? They really didn’t think their moves through – winning a headline, losing the party.

      • Pete 1.2.1

        I think a by-election in a general seat is just the kick up the bum Labour need right now. If they do it well, they’ll be able to front-foot policy there and iron out the campaign kinks in preparation for next year.

    • The Fan Club 1.3

      Yeah, I’d be pretty fucking pissed if Cosgrove ran in East.

  2. kenny 2

    We need her in parliament.

  3. Rich the other 3

    Great news , she’s getting out at the wright time .
    The winners are ,Dalziel , Brownlee and Christchurch.
    She has made a wise choice , labour is doomed in the next election and the rebuild is proving to much for the incumbent.

    The Nat’s will be loving this.

  4. geoff 4

    If Clayton Cosgrove can’t even hold on to his own electorate then why should he stand for ChCh East?

    • Socialist Paddy 4.1

      He was up against that formidable candidate Kate Wilkinson. Oh wait …

    • Te Reo Putake 4.2

      Waimak has always been a conservative seat; the amazing thing isn’t that he lost it, it’s that he held it so long.

      • mac1 4.2.1

        TRP, you’re right. In the 2008 election National had 6000 party votes more than Labour when Cosgrove won; in 2011, 12000 votes more, when Cosgrove lost and the National party vote was more than 50%.

  5. vto 5

    This is good and she should fly in I think. She is dead against selling the city’s assets to pay for premises for businesses (e.g. professional sport, convention users, etc) to conduct their business in, which is also good because the suffering people of Christchurch need these assets as a stable and strong platform for their community more than business need welfare and handouts.

    Business can look after itself – can’t it? I mean, that is the modus operandi of this government isn’t it? Free market? Hands-off? Not picking winners? Isn’t it? Is it?

    Or does business need the meagre incomes of elderly ratepayers to support them?

    Imo this is the fundamental question which needs answering when it comes to Christchurch’s assets. Bar none.

    People should prepare for this very question as I understand a deal is nearly done and to be announced shortly regarding how much this government wants elderley, flooded, broken, east Chch ratepayers to pay for grown-up businesses to conduct their affairs.

  6. tracey 6

    Isnt CC Mike Moore’s mini me?

  7. grumpy 7

    Her involvement in the Peter Ellis case is still a bit of an obstacle for her in Christchurch, if she wants to appeal to outside the shrinking Eastern Suburbs. A Press poll had her trailing Parker a bit earlier.

  8. gobsmacked 8

    On a by-election candidate, Emma Hart from Public Address speaks from the, er, heart …


    Hopefully they’ll pick a straight-talker who says s/he wants to “hold Labour to account”, and slaps down Shearer, like feisty Meka Whaitiri.

  9. Mark 9

    Lianne will win here in Ch-Ch for a whole raft of reasons. Parker’s in big trouble on so many fronts but the clincher for most people here is the CEO Tony Maryatt. They are joined at the hip so a vote for Bob is a vote for Tony, who is hugely unpopular in Ch-Ch. As for a Nat winning a seat out east , you have more chance of winning lotto. As a recent Press headline noted after the last poll here, the city is going red again. Labour unbelieveably were on 40%. So roll on October. Finally we will have someone to hold Billy Bunter to account.

    • Grumpy 9.1

      Not so fast. The East has been pretty much depopulated which is probably why Dalziel is chucking it in. if she wins, she will inherit Marriott and he will then be her problem…….

  10. millsy 10

    Good luck to Lianne…..

    Though Parker will not be giving up so easily….

    Will want to know what she wants to do though, especially for those who have ended up worse off only to be labeled as ungrateful moaners when they speak up…

  11. Wayne (a different one) 11

    Deserting the sinking ship – M.V. Labour

  12. Winston Smith 12

    I think a good idea would be to parachute Gosgrove into Dalziels old seat. It would signal to the electorate just how important they are 🙂

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