Debate tonight: Climate Voter

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If you haven’t already, please check out Climate Voter:

Being a Climate Voter means you care about climate change and you want all political parties to do something about it. It means you want real action on climate change and you’re prepared to use your vote to get it. It says you support strategies to rapidly phase out fossil fuels and grow New Zealand’s clean energy and low-carbon potential.

Climate Voter is a non-partisan initiative powered by an alliance of New Zealand organisations. It aims to empower climate concerned citizens to use their vote in the September 2014 election to make a difference for the good of present and future generations.

Climate Voter is streaming a debate between the major parties tonight at 7pm.

The debate will be hosted by TV3’s Samantha Hayes and the confirmed politicians are National’s Tim Groser, Minister for Climate Issues, Labour deputy leader David Parker, Green co-leader Russel Norman, New Zealand First deputy leader Tracey Martin and Internet-mana Candidate John Minto.

Tune in and watch – it’s the most important topic of this (and every) election.

41 comments on “Debate tonight: Climate Voter”

  1. weka 1

    Looks like it’s actually 7pm

    • r0b 1.1

      Huh – their countdown timer is odd! Will update the post.

      • weka 1.1.1

        I think their counter earlier was set to end at 6pm, but at 6pm it had changed to something like 44 minutes?!

    • karol 1.2

      So it’s the same time as Dinner with the Deciders on TV3. Bad timing.

      So much happening with the elections – I’m exhausted already trying to juggle different aspects of my life and keep up with the election campaigns.

      • weka 1.2.1

        I’m feeling overloaded too. Not sure if I will watch the CC one, which is a pity because it’s probably way more important than the one last night.

        It would help if they said how long they are going to run.

      • disturbed 1.2.2

        Take a breath Karol,

        I watched the whole Climate debate it was simply awe inspiring , and this was what should have happened and stuff the leaders debate, as this was real political nouse, and outshone the last leaders debate as a train wreck.

        Al parties candidates were brilliant with their policies and clarity even the idiot Grosser who got pummelled the whole time by all candidates.

        I want see these debates done like this in future as they all get to advance real policy as the electorate desperately needs.

        The moderator was Samantha Hayes and did a superb job, very much worth screening again we hope.

    • JKV 1.3

      [lprent: A particularly stupid troll. ]

  2. weka 2

    Campbell’s minor parties leaders debate, all very civilised sitting round the dinner table.

    • weka 2.1

      I love the dial thingy. It goes straight to red/disagree even before Colin Craig starts to talk.

      Ditto Dunne. Hah!

      • JKV 2.1.1

        [lprent: A particularly stupid troll. ]

        • weka

          If you are going to trole at least get your comment in the right place.

        • tricledrown

          John Keys Vigilante
          So your relying on Koch bro propaganda!
          No Artic Ice Melt No Antarctic Ice Melt No Glacier Retreat no Warming or Acidification of the Oceans No Ozone holes No Record amounts of CO2
          No 98% of scientific proof humans are causing global warming!
          since 1998 most of the hottest years on record,Our own govts $32 million investigation into the Antarctic Ice taking cores along with other countries proving not only human activity has caused this problem but the last time it happened it was catastrophic!
          Instead you are repeating Koch bros propaganda bought and paid for by Oil at Christian fundamentalist Church based Cultist Universities!
          Josh Keys Vampire!

  3. weka 3

    Can we just make Laila Harre the PM?

  4. ianmac 4

    WAs great up to 7:30. Lost the link online after about 15minutes. Pity. Colin was explaining (not) his weird fiscal policy. eg Cut number of MPs. Cut the Ministry of Ed and give half to schools and keep half because there would be a huge drop in revenue by dropping tax rate down low. etc etc.

    • karol 4.1

      That happened to me, so I switched to IE. It (and the Climate Voter debate streaming work for me on IE – I think it’s the only browser I have that doesn’t have an adblocker on it.

      • weka 4.1.1

        I usually have to use Safari, but for some reason tonight I could watch Campbell on Firefox.

      • disturbed 4.1.2

        Shit Karol, mate get them to put a link up to review the Climate debate you will never think the same afterwards believe me, when Tracy Martin NZ First is pleading for all opposition parties to get together on climate change now as this is much bigger than one party can handle, and we agree if we are going to turn disaster around here.

        Of course the Natz failed miserably and will not join with all other opposition parties and tonight you saw an attempt for all opposition parties to meet and discuss their policies that all are workable together if all give a little, then you will se a untied opposition policy that just may save the voters to turn away from the Natz wrecking ball.

      • JKV 4.1.3


        [lprent: Stupid troll. Banned 3 weeks months for wasting our time with your self pleasuring nonsense. Lets just upgrade it so I don’t have to see your cum-stains splattered over the site. ]

        • tricledrown

          JaundicedKnaveVacillitater you are unsuccessfully trying to pollute the thread of this discussion and change the climate of openness and good evidence !
          your vacuous statements are nothing more than pathetic childish comments ,your handlers must be getting vainly desperate if that’s the best you can come up with!

  5. parker just spoke at some length..

    ..he has a total inability to coherently present a message..

    ..and all the charisma of an old slipper..

  6. karol 6

    Tracy Martin speaks quite well – both tonight and at the public broadcasting debate last weekend.

    Why is she in NZF?

    • Macro 6.1

      She is my hope for what looks like the outcome of NZ First as the “King Maker” on 21st Sep. My humble opinion is that Winston will take to sitting on the cross benches, and with Tracy Martin as the deputy there is hope that some useful Policy will succeed. She is equally sound on Education, and NZ First’s environment Policies (as reviewed by Forest and Bird) are generally positive as well. Winston has also stated that they will raise the minimum wage and wants to upgrade rail. None of these Policies coincide with those of National. Winston is not just a one man band anymore – although he wants to give that impression. He has to respect the opinions of his fellow MPs.

  7. hoom 7

    Missed it watching yesterdays Cunliffe v Key one, are they going to put up a replay?

  8. hoom 8

    I mean this Climate Voter one

  9. NZJon 10

    Is the Climate Voter debate being re-shown anywhere on the net? Is it up on YouTube or Vimeo? I’m keen to watch it, couldn’t watch it earlier…

  10. disturbed 11

    Hi we have many wanting people to see this vitally important climate subject, as it wall be the chinch as an election plank.

    It is Nationals weakest policy plank and will turn voters off the Natz entirely here, so we need to bullhorn this human issue as the most significant issue this election, and if anyone who gets to watch the debate they will change their voting for the better, and this could save the opposition from defeat.

    Please ask to put a video link on for this election issue.

  11. Minarch 12

    Went along, it was great !

    Very interesting to hear the Maori party representative state she wanted to “move over that side” to the side of the stage IMP,The Greens and labour were sitting on , she didn’t want to sit next to Tim Grosser..

    Freudian slip ?

  12. hoom 13

    Climate Voter replay is up on the original link.

    Tough crowd for Groser, he was pretty brave to go there in absence of Act/Cons, basically made him a single target for a hostile audience.
    Did a pretty good job in first 1/2 of staying calm & explainey, playing up the stuff Nats have actually done.
    Playing to the audience he even got a couple of zingers in at expense of Act.
    Lost his cool for a bit in the second 1/2 though.

    Fascinating to see Winston First lady being very agreeing with Lab/Greens, not any sign of sympathy for Nat side from her.

    Nice to see Norman & Parker pretty chummy, working well as a team.

    Sam Hayes for PM?! (kinda gratuitous having her standing behind a transparent plinth but)

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