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“Died at some point in the recycling process”

Written By: - Date published: 6:39 pm, July 4th, 2016 - 39 comments
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The society that we have created here in NZ has tragically let down Daniel Bindner (found dead a few days ago in a recycling bale of compressed cardboard), his three children and the rest of his family, and the workers at OJI Fibre Solutions, in a very horrific and fucked up way.

I wonder if Mr Bindner may previously had accommodation via the dairy farm he was working on, before he was ‘let go’ due to cost cutting.

In my view this country desperately needs dozens of additional and easily accessible mens’ shelter beds as an interim step to preventing additional tragedies and hardship.

From the NZ Herald today:

“We know that he had recently been sleeping rough and indications are that he most likely climbed into a waste bin in Te Awamutu to seek shelter,” Mr Jones said.

“We believe a recycling truck has collected the bin the following morning and Mr Bindner died at some point in the recycling process.”

Absolutely horrific. And previously from Stuff:

Daniel Bindner had worked on a Te Awamutu dairy farm as an assistant for two years before he was made redundant as the farm owner looked to cut costs as a result of the low payout. The 40-year-old was last seen a week before workers at a Hamilton recycling plant discovered the father of three’s body in a compressed bale of cardboard.

Waikato Rural Support Trust chairman Neil Bateup said while the trust had received lots of calls from farmers seeking help due to circumstances related to the fall in milk price, to his knowledge there had been none specifically about farmers losing their job or being made homeless.


39 comments on ““Died at some point in the recycling process” ”

  1. GregJ 1

    Tragic (an overused word but in this case accurate) and so bloody unnecessary.

    Waikato Rural Support Trust chairman Neil Bateup said while the trust had received lots of calls from farmers seeking help due to circumstances related to the fall in milk price, to his knowledge there had been none specifically about farmers losing their job or being made homeless.

    Without wanting to be cynical (and probably failing) but “farmers” and “farm assistants” or “farm labourers” are not regarded the same thing and I suspect few farm workers would even be talking to Rural Support.

  2. TeWhareWhero 2

    This story breaks my heart.

  3. Greg 3

    Spot on GregJ he didnt mention workers
    except during a previous downturn,

    Downplaying the circumstances, workers are disposable, its an opportunity to employ immigrant workers if dairy prices increase.

    he would have had a farmhouse.
    No word where his ex is?

    Another failed ‘getting help’ WorkandIncome client?

    shelters are temporary accommodation for a few nights.
    Moving into other accommodation requires 3 weeks in advance and a letting fee.

    will more men have to die before there is some policy change to affect easier access to accommodation…?

  4. Muttonbird 4

    In my view this country desperately needs dozens of additional and easily accessible mens’ shelter beds as an interim step to preventing additional tragedies and hardship.

    Quite. Who though ‘in your view’ is responsible for doing this?

    • UncookedSelachimorpha 4.1

      In my view, our government, with our taxes. The taxes can be increased if necessary to do this.

      It should not be left to charity (which allows people – including the wealthy – to choose not to contribute).

    • Colonial Viper 4.2

      Successive governments which have destroyed or devalued secure employment, living wages, security of housing, family stability and quality family time.

      • Muttonbird 4.2.1

        I knew you’d try to pin this on Labour.

        A very weak post from you by the way. All you did was copy two articles and call for some emergency beds for men. No wider discussion at all. Newsflash – we’ve read about this case and commented on it days ago!

        Worse than Farrar, imo.

        • Colonial Viper

          Hey mate, you’re now banned from this post. Kindly fuck off and blindly advocate for your neoliberal free trade focussed market oriented growth obsessed oil drilling coal mining right wing occupied internationally failing formerly democratic socialist party somewhere else.

  5. BM 5

    There are Mens Shelters, just not in small towns.

    If I remember correctly this chap left his family even though they begged him to stay.

    • Muttonbird 5.1

      Victim blaming, eh? The fall back position of conservatives the world over.

      • BM 5.1.1

        Who’s victim blaming, dude left his home to live on the street, ended up getting sliced and diced from sleeping in a not particularly safe spot.

        Take out from this is, don’t sleep in dumpsters.

        • Muttonbird

          Not a nice human being are you? I’m sure your wife has told you this before.

        • UncookedSelachimorpha

          “Who’s victim blaming”

          You are, BM

        • appleboy

          Oh my god – there it is laid bare – the self centred righty psychopath world view – no sympathy, no empathy, just ME ME ME.

          Makes me want to vomit – but I see the same mental outlook through every BM post so no surprises really. I used to think it was weird piss take wind up view BM peddles here but now I know he’s for real.

          I see these people around in social settings and always steer well clear of, as the conversation is tedious, self centred and revolting.

        • Rosie

          You suck BM. Daniel Bindner, the victim, not the “dude” did not “leave his home”, he was made redundant through no fault of his own and had to leave his place of work which was also his address.

          You fucker.

        • In Vino

          I’m glad you feel so safe, secure and superior, BM. It must be a great comfort to your social conscience. Oh, sorry, you had that amputated, didn’t you?

    • Sabine 5.2

      just go away BM.

      find another thread to be yourself.
      this one is not the place for you.

    • UncookedSelachimorpha 5.3

      BM has zero idea.

  6. ropata 6

    Waikato Rural Support Trust chairman Neil Bateup said while the trust had received lots of calls from farmers seeking help due to circumstances related to the fall in milk price, to his knowledge there had been none specifically about farmers losing their job or being made homeless.

    Great that farmers have a support network. What about farm workers? What about men suffering mental illness? What about people who call Lifeline for help? What about people who go to Winz and are kicked back out on the street?

    All avoidable problems caused by Bill English and FJK’s mindless slashing of the public service and greedy tax cuts for the rich.

    • GregJ 6.1

      I’m sure they think that it includes farm workers but I have to say I doubt that.

      Rural Support was always orientated towards farmers who own the property or sharemilkers (who own or part own the herd). Farm workers have been an almost invisible part of the farming community – very much beholden to how they are treated by the individual farmer and how things like housing are provided (and of course having a house as part of the salary/wage “package” makes them even more vulnerable when it comes to work, conditions & redundancy/sacked).

      Of course any hints of union activity tends to be regarded very warily by bosses/farmers and most labourers are working in isolated circumstances. I think Amalgamated Workers Union New Zealand represents farm workers but AWUNZ is not a National body but 3 separate regional organisations loosely allied (formed after New Zealand Workers Union collapsed in the early 1990s).

      • miravox 6.1.1

        Well said GregJ It’s rare that rural troubles are framed in terms of their impact on farm workers.

        The fate of this man, Daniel Bindner, from layoff to homelessness to his death, is about as horrific as it gets.

  7. Paul 7

    Another day in John Key’s neo-liberal nightmare.
    We have become a cruel, greedy, uncaring and selfish nation under his wretched leadership.

    The story and what it shows about our society.

    The comments of bm and what they show about the ugly underbelly of NZ thinking.

  8. Rosie 8

    “I wonder if Mr Bindner may previously had accommodation via the dairy farm he was working on, before he was ‘let go’ due to cost cutting.”

    From what I read last week, I gather he was living on the farm:

    “Bindner and his partner lived together on the farm with their two children, and another from a previous relationship.

    Police said the children were aged 16, five and seven. A son of Bindner’s lives in the South Island.

    Over the last few months, Bindner’s relationship with his partner became rocky and the pair split a few months ago.

    Graeme said Bindner’s partner had since moved from the farm.”


    I had wondered if there was some problem with WINZ, eg, a stand down period before his “job seeker” benefit kicked in, or whatever it’s called these days. The euphemistic term they give people slowly dying of terminal illness as well the unemployed. I had wondered if Daniel Bindner didn’t have access to funds in the few weeks he was laid off work until his death.

  9. b waghorn 9

    The problem I have with using this sad tail , is the amount of unknowns .
    I’ve slept in a few odd places while pissed ,I also would of passed for homeless but at the time didn’t see it like that and certainly wouldn’t have gone to a shelter.. Some times shit happens.

    • Colonial Viper 9.1

      I understand what you mean if it had been a one off big night out. However the authorities said that it was known that Mr Bindner had been sleeping rough in the area for a number of weeks.

    • Rosie 9.2

      That’s part of it b wags, it’s an incredibly unfortunate death. From the article I posted above at 8:

      “Late last year a Hamilton bar worker was almost crushed in a compactor truck after falling asleep in a recycling cage outside a Hamilton bar.

      After spending a late night out drinking in town and at a friend’s house, the Good George part-time kitchen hand decided to head to the bar on Somerset St for his 8.30am shift.

      He had to be rescued from the back of the rubbish truck at 5am by firefighters after he was tipped inside. ”

      – Stuff

      I remember that incident too. I guess what I’m worried about is the point I raise above, was Daniel Bindner out of funds due to a WINZ stand down and felt he had no other choice? I’m reluctant to be black and white about his circumstances when we don’t really know. All we know is that it is a terrible loss.

      We also know we can well and truly point the blame at the government for preventable child death:


  10. d 10

    He’s probably at one with Gaia now, regenerating a forest somewhere, before his atoms get scattered about the universes .

  11. slumbergod 11

    There’s almost nothing for single men. It’s one of those groups that is forgotten. The solution is simple as always. Huge pay reductions for govt ministers and civil servant managers to pay for the clean up of the mess left below them 🙂

  12. save nz 12

    Shocking. Poor family and sad that instead of being able to go to WINZ and get sorted out, he was killed in this way. Horrible.

    • indiana 12.1

      How was he unable to go to WINZ? did they lock the doors when the saw him coming?

      • Colonial Viper 12.1.1

        Let’s wait to see what his WINZ file says.

        • McFlock

          It’ll only be made public if he fucked up the paperwork.
          If they fucked him over, they’ll be more concerned about his privacy than they were about giving him safe shelter.

          • Colonial Viper

            I think your comment will be both sadly and highly predictive in this case.

      • DoublePlusGood 12.1.2

        Have you ever tried to get WINZ to help you with something?

  13. veutoviper 13

    ATTENTION CV – Edit needed/suggested.

    First line refers to ‘David’ instead of ‘Daniel’.

    • Colonial Viper 13.1

      Done. This was me being careless. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, veutoviper.

      • veutoviper 13.1.1

        It happens to us all, CV. It was not meant as a criticism and thank you for the post in memory of this man. Such a dreadful way to end a life.

  14. reason 14

    This very sad story like so many personal tragedys taking place all over our country makes me feel that men like Daniel Binder, and their families are physically and spiritually being attacked.

    It all cuts very close to home for me …. as good hard working men I know and know of, family men as well …….. men who were doing incredibly dangerous hard work for inadequate wages but never shied away …….. they were laid off for percentages in accountants profit margins ……. already poor and marginalized community s lost income …….. and proud men who were doing work that would break the parasite class like the keys, shewans and BMs ….. these hard men who were willing to do work most would run from were then treated like shit and given contempt and blame from Winz.

    I’m referring to forestry workers and it lead to suicide leaving a hole of sadness, pain and a confused anger where a imperfect but loved family member had been….and New Zealand lost an artist most never knew we had.

    I get wild in my head when I think about how these guys were cast aside and treated like unwanted expenses ………. especially when we desperately need to be designing and building thousands upon thousands of houses.

    Daniels Binders crime was trying to do honest work and raise a family by doing so……….. it was the irresponsibility of non-sustainable boom-bust economics that put him and his family into their fatally vulnerable position.

    Rule by speculation and greed is always going to crash and end badly ….. when the farmland was valued on what it could earn at $9 per unit of milk it prices out any one wanting to attempt sustainable or less intensive farming.

    Anyway Im just sick of greedy selfish motherfuckers waging war on our families because it IS killing people and taking away that which is good about us.

    R.i.p Daniel and others …………….. I hope We as a society get better soon.

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