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Do we now kowtow?

Written By: - Date published: 2:09 pm, June 19th, 2010 - 49 comments
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The police won’t lay charges against the security guard who assaulted Russel Norman. Fair enough I guess. They’re out of here today. Probably too minor to justify a prosecution.

That doesn’t make what happened OK.

A thug for a foreign power violated the rights of one of our MPs on the grounds of our Parliament. A display of contempt for our sovereignty. And our democracy.

Will the government make a formal compliant? Not on your life. John Key is too busy “pulling out all the stops” for the authoritarian rulers of a billion people.

Sadly this kind of event is a physical manifestation of the international politics we can expect as Chinese power rises. So long as it remains a dictatorship.

Why are we cuddling up to these bullies again? Oh yeah – profits first, people second.

49 comments on “Do we now kowtow? ”

  1. kriswgtn 1

    I am not surprised @ this at all.

    Key should be hunted over this as it is so obvious that the pigs decision not to lay charges came from above……………………

    • comedy 1.1

      “Key should be hunted over this as it is so obvious that the pigs decision not to lay charges came from above ”

      Oh dear and I thought Chris Carter and Russell Norman would jointly win the retarded sook award for the week … but no the prize goes to Kris from the windy city.

      • kriswgtn 1.1.1

        < sockpuppet but whose ???

        • felix

          Dunno. Used to pretend to be a doctor called “higher standard”

          • comedy

            Fail dildo features, I am not nor have ever been “higher standard”

            What do you enjoy better, being the tame turdlike troll at the standard or being the batty boy from b-side beats ?

            • felix

              Excuse me Lynn and other mods,

              Why is hs still allowed to post here? He’s been banned for life under all his names for this kind of homophobic bullshit, hasn’t he?

              • lprent

                Different IP range(s) than the usual one(s) that hs used. Could have shifted providers. But not readily identifiable (as much as I respect your nose for this).

                Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Irish would have a better feel about it than I do simply from the text. Of course if he keeps up on the idiotic comments like the ones above he is liable to get a rectal examination from the stake that I shove down his throat

                • felix

                  He has a few “tells” in his typing that always give him away. And when his identity is mentioned his response is always exactly the same.

    • joe bloggs 1.2

      @Kriswgtn – your reference to “pigs” shows your true colours, you piece of shit.

      Norman looked like and idiot and behaved like a spoilt child. Rod Donald must be turning in his grave.

      • kriswgtn 1.2.1

        Blow it out your ass- oh ya did

        verbal diarrhea

        If we were in China and pulled thios shit- would we have got away with it == NO

        • comedy

          Bad luck luser your “pigs” reference means you’ve outed yourself as a dildo …… and your support of Norman has outed you as a fool.

  2. Bill 2

    What utter fucking bollox!

    Poor little precious fucking Norman turning into a cry baby whose favourite cup was taken from him…”Give me my cup back! Give me my cup back!”….and that shit he was spouting about freedom and democracy? Does he have the faintest fucking idea?

    As I commented on the other thread concerned with this pap, when was the last time everyone got on their fucking high horse when a foreign power arranged for the shit to be kicked out of a worker on a picket line?

    Anyway. In the league table of those pathetic and embarrassing Green moments, I reckon he just topped the frog suits on the steps on Parliament stunt.

  3. barry 3

    Lets not get carried away. What happened to Norman was unacceptable, but Parliamentary security should have stopped it. It is not serious enough to get the police involved nor to stop the guards from leaving the country.

    It is pathetic when the right complain about Mallard’s behaviour, and take him to court, and it is equally pathetic to get all up in arms about this incident.

    Norman got his publicity, his injuries are trifling. Forget it. Find something more important to worry about.

  4. Name 4

    Yay Bill, I’m with you. In formal session in the Chamber of the House of Representatives Norman is an elected MP – well, he actually got in on the party list so no-one actually voted for him and his personal views but whatever… Anyway in the House he’s an MP and can make his personal views about Tibet and anything else known without fear of defamation suits or anything else.

    Outside the House he has no more rights than you or me, but his status as an MP imposes obligations on him not to abuse that position – which is what he did.

    If I invited Norman to a dinner party at my house at which a Jew friend of mine was also a guest would it be OK for him to start waving a Palestinian flag over the pavlova? If you went to a recital by Itzhac Perlman would you think it great if some prat like Norman stood up in the middle of an adagio passage and started shouting and waving a Palestinian flag – or maybe a Swastika?

    The Chinese delegation were guests in our Country, and like guests in our homes we don’t always see eye-to-eye with them but certain standards of civilised behaviour require that we treat them with hospitality and don’t ambush them with the deliberately offensive.

    In the 1990’s I was a strong supporter of the Greens and worked hard to get them into Parliament, b ut regrettably it has been a complete waste of time and I abandoned them many years ago now, for reasons like this.

    The Chinese are acutely sensitive to embarrassment and Key, Geoff and the Police are doing no more than most people would do if some idiot made a fool of himself at a wedding, ignoring him in the hope he’d get the message and go away.

    • Draco T Bastard 4.1

      well, he actually got in on the party list so no-one actually voted for him and his personal views but whatever

      Actually, about 7% of the voting populace voted for him. Everyone who voted Green knew that they would get Russell Norman into parliament under the right circumstances.

    • Rich 4.2

      So it’s a basic human right to occupy other peoples countries?

  5. swimmer 5

    Norman wasn’t doing anything wrong, it’s perfectly legal for someone to hold a peaceful protest at parliament. And being an MP I think he’s entitled to a certain level of protection. Since he posed no danger to the Chinese guests then I think the attack by their security was unjustified. I hear Phil Goff had something to say about the attack to the vice President. 🙂

    • TightyRighty 5.1

      he was muscling in on the vice whatever it is. This was the reaction he was looking for. He saw how the “peaceful” activists did it in gaza, and said, “right, I’ll have a bit of that.” now he looks unoriginal and prissy. I miss rod donald

  6. ianmac 6

    Yes. It was a peaceful protest. Surely you should be allowed wave a flag the steps of our democracy. Norman wasn’t hurt but I am sure that his gesture will at least draw attention to the Tibet question. And a NZ security guard did assist him and helped get his flag back. Norman thanked him afterwards.

    • grumpy 6.1

      Nah, from what I saw Norman (the Marxist) seemed to be assaulting the security guys (especially the Kiwi one) while lisping “”….give me my fwag back, give me my fwag back…..”

      As a past flag waver for Communist China it now seems hilarious to see him at the other end.

    • joe bloggs 6.2

      @ianmac – No it wasn’t a peaceful protest – Rod Donald’s protest in 2005 was a peaceful protest.

      What we saw yesterday was precipitated by Norman barging the Chinese guy out of the way and draping a flag over him.

      What else would a security officer would do if he saw some chanting idiot lurching towards the senior minister he’s there to protect, but tackle the chanting idiot and take him out.

      This isn’t anything to do with freedom of speech or peaceful protests. It’s a matter of protecting the people you’re employed to protect from fuckwits who lose the plot.

      Norman got off way too lightly.

      • felix 6.2.1

        Actually joe, this has nothing to do with Norman – he’s quite incidental to the issue at stake.

        Which is, in case you’ve missed it, that the Chinese govt have no authority to lay a finger on anyone in this country for any reason.

  7. illuminatedtiger 7

    Really boils the blood when it was our tax dollar that afforded these human rights abusers a warm reception. Doubly so when they had the sheer arrogance to bring their revolting views on freedom of speech into our own country.

    • Bill 7.1

      You say the same when British, Australian or US delegations visit?

      And even closer to home, what about Johnny Boy’s and his Troupe of Shit Sacs on the ‘sheer arrogance’ front? What do you think they care for freedom of speech or human rights? They unequivocally denounced the blockade of Gaza, the equivalence of other nations on the matter and the denial extended to Palestinians on the issue of being allowed to live peaceably with the political leadership they elected to office any time lately? They got troops shooting Afghan civilians to help them speak freely or to ensure they exercise rights without fear? Like the right to get married without some bastard sending a drone down on your head?

      The Chinese are decidedly second division in the human rights violators league and your tax money is funding Johnny Boy and his Troupe every day as they hang on the coat tails of the premier league players.

      • Wayne 7.1.1

        The Chinese are decidedly second division in the human rights violators league and your tax money is funding Johnny Boy and his Troupe every day as they hang on the coat tails of the premier league players.

        Good point.

        The US, for their own foreign policy objectives (which never have anything to do with legitimately defending US territory) happily let half a million Iraqi children starve to death druing the 1990’s. And this was ‘worth it’ according to the US Secretary of State at the time:

        The reporter Lesley Stahl asked her “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” and Albright replied “we think the price is worth it“.

        US abuse of human rights worldwide (supported by NZ) makes the Tiananmen incident seem like a teddy bear’s picnic.

  8. Rex Widerstrom 8

    Why are we cuddling up to these bullies again? Oh yeah profits first, people second.

    Heh, Norman gets bumped and nothing is done and you call that kowtowing?! China arrested Stern Hu (an Australian citizen) and other Rio Tinto executives, then held a “show” trial (the “show” is in quotes because that was the part a carefully selected audience, including the Australian ambassador, got to see. The were chucked out for the second, secret, part).

    End result: he’s rotting in a Chinese prison for (I think) 10 years. Even if guilty as charged, these were financial crimes, not harm to another person.

    Australia made polite coughing noises, got told to STFU and promptly did so. Even Hu’s employers refuse to speak, and take a “Stern who?” approach if questioned.

    Mind you, Australia must do a lot of trade with Indonesia, considering it’s letting Schapelle Corby lose her mind in even worse conditions on the basis of “evidence” that wouldn’t even meet the balance of probabilities, let alone reasonable doubt.

    A government’s most basic duty – to protect its citizens – and “diplomacy” (read: jostling for financial advantage) will always be in conflict, everywhere. Except, ironically, in totalitarian states like China, which doesn’t have to care, knowing Australia, NZ and even the US will kowtow to the yuan, and doesn’t care about its citizens to begin with.

    • ghostwhowalksnz 8.1

      Show trial ? They pleaded guilty and it was pretty clear they were taking bribes.
      Financial crimes ? Ask Martha Stewart who got about 6 months for lying to police about an investigation into financial crimes which were at the level of insider trading.
      No government will bust their gut for its citizens who break the law overseas

    • Wayne 8.2

      Even the Australians now admit that Stern Hu was guilty as charged.

      Even if guilty as charged, these were financial crimes, not harm to another person.

      What an absurd statement. In some countries you can hang for half a kilo of cannabis (Singapore).
      In New Zealand you get six months in prison.

      If a New Zealander went to Singapore and smuggled half a kilo of cannabis, Singapore would have every right to hang him or her, regardless of the fact that New Zealanders might find such a sentence extraordinarily harsh.

      Every country makes it own laws and enforces those laws within their own territory as is their right to do so. And every country expects both foreigners and their own citizens to adhere to these same laws.

      And by the way financial crimes cause incredible harm to society. Financial crimes, and corruption are like a cancer. The amount of money Stern Hu was ripping off could perhaps have paid for the education of 100 school children for a year — especially in a still developing country such as China.

  9. Bill 9

    Talking of kowtowing and human rights, some here might want to reflect that it is western corporations operating in China that lobby the Chinese government to keep wages and conditions low and who use the threat of shifting production elsewhere to preserve that status quo.

    Meanwhile, in spite of it being unlawful to form independent trade unions and of having the boot of global capital firmly planted on their necks…. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/strikes-threaten-chinas-status–as-the-factory–of-the-world-2004790.html

    • Draco T Bastard 9.1

      That’s the way I figured it went. China is no more communist than the USSR was. It’s state capitalist and capitalism is always about control.

  10. gobsmacked 10

    For those on here who say it’s all Norman’s fault, let me introduce you to your new Best Friends – the dictators of China.


    So the New Zealand government has apologised? What for? And when were they planning to tell New Zealanders?

    • Jim Nald 10.1

      “New Zealand has apologized to the Chinese side for the incident.”


      Is the modus operandi of the sad Key Administration?

      • The Mambo Ninjas 10.1.1

        While I believe it’s quite possible Key has apologised privately, I also think it’s possible the Chinese are talking out their collective arse in this press release.

  11. Were we watching the same video clip? I saw an aggressive Norman getting far too close, and a little jostling ensued.

    If Russel were an anti-abortionist, and acted like that towards women walking into an abortion clinic, there would be zero sympathy for Russel.

    • Captain Rehab 11.1

      You’re an abortion.

    • QoT 11.2

      And you know what, ZT? Even if he were a sanctimonious prolife wankstain, it would still be illegal to assault him. Weird how this “law” thing applies to, you know, everyone.

  12. swimmer 12

    It’s just lucky that he was protesting for something good then wasn’t it!

  13. Ron 13

    “If Russel were an anti-abortionist, and acted like that towards women walking into an abortion clinic, there would be zero sympathy for Russel.”
    The thing is – he wasn’t. And the Chinese are well out of order. It is not their place to be muscling people on the steps of parliament.- MP or otherwise.

    • jcuknz 13.1

      Chinese Security were there to protect their ‘man’ and really in the situation acted with considerable restraint.

  14. eye saw 14

    Next thing the chinese will be dictating what documentarys can be shown on maori tv,or whether the dalai lama can visit.

    • ghostwhowalksnz 14.1

      Thats right the Dalai lama ..

      . the visit Key explicitly said was Ok …

      till it wasnt…
      Is my kowtow not low enough and must I remain knelling.

      Looks like its been transferred to errant MPs, who must kowtow to the media

  15. ghostwhowalksnz 15

    I notice Farragoblog was having a go because it wasnt a ‘silent protest’ some distance away.

    Of course Shane Adern driving a tractor up the steps of Parliament met that criteria

  16. jcuknz 16

    Well Shane didn’t make the noise, it was the tractor?

  17. Gazza 17

    Unfortunately the the Chinese have been given this impression power do what you like by all the business’s who decided to move their companies to china to produce cheaper goods and now the rest off the world & NZ has been flooded with cheap crap and knock off’s.
    As long as we keep trading big with china they are gaining a greater wealth which in turn will gain greater world power, at the moment they get good quality goods we get mostly crap.
    It is acknowledged that NZ needs greater trade for our economy to grow as as there are a small percentage of people who do not want us to use our mineral sources to improve our economic growth,so it is a forgone conclusion that NZ has to trade with these unsavoury powers.
    So we are buying crap, taking crap so we should not be surprised to be treated like crap.

  18. Wayne 18

    The whole incident is a beat up by Norman. In fact it should be the Chinese who press assault charges against Norman.

    Here is the link to the video.

    Watch it closely.

    At 17 seconds Russel physically barges the Chinese security guy out of the way.

    It is the job of security detail everywhere to get between their boss and the crowd.

    If you watch the rest of the video you will see that at no stage was Russel assaulted.

    If Russel had tried to charge in waving a rag in front of Obama’s nose, there is a good chance he would have been shot – given the US presidential security detail alway carries guns.

    This was not about freedom of speech. This was about Chinese security doing their job protecting their man.

    If Norman had stood at a distance, as Rod Donald use to do, and the Chinese went out of their way to accost him that would be different.

    But Donald tried to insert himself between our Chinese guest and his security detail.The security people showed remarkable restraint if anything.

  19. Wayne 19

    As long as we keep trading big with china they are gaining a greater wealth which in turn will gain greater world power, at the moment they get good quality goods we get mostly crap.

    Yeah we should cancel trade with our second largest trading partner. That would be a really wise thing to do. And then trade with who? Australia?

    But Australia’s economy is so tied in to China’s now that if the Chinese sneeze Australia catches a cold.

    Since the FTA New Zealand’s exports to China have shot up like nobody’s business. So it is not just a case of us buying ‘crap’ from them. And I bet the computer you used to blog was manufactured in China, if not at least most of the parts are from China. You so dumb as to pay good money for a ‘crap’ computer?

    The fact is China is the single country which has buoyed up NZ and Australia during the economic crisis saving us from descending into recession.

    So Gazza: If it was your job on the line, how long would you be prepared to go without pay to make a stand for human rights in China? One month, two months, half a year, over a year????

    Or is that for others to make the sacrifice?

    I await your answer with bated breath.

  20. Maggie 20

    Surprised Key found time to apologise in between his taxpayer-funded trip to the High Veldt and his vuvuzela lessons.

    Is there ANYTHING the man won’t do to get a picture taken?

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