Dog’s Breakfast.

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“Conservatives on Course For a Landslide Victory in Election..” proclaims the Guardian (apparently now big fans of the Liberal Democrats), citing a poll that indicates “The Tories have more than doubled their lead over Labour to 19 points since Theresa May called a snap general election last Tuesday.”

And in “The Mail on Sunday” we have “Tory lead is slashed in half after tax U-turn: Bombshell Mail on Sunday poll shows May plummeting by 11 points…denting hopes of a landslide” 

The Mail poll was taken on Friday and Saturday. The Guardian poll was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Greens are probably going to work with the SNP to rid Scotland of all Torys MPs while Scottish Labour is yet again getting in bed with Tories in a bid to thwart the SNP.

In a wider UK context, the Welsh and English Greens have called for a ‘progressive alliance’ that UK Labour has rejected.

Seems to me that some politicians need a good kick up the pants and that some publications need to stop running with hares and hunting with hounds.

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  1. ” Meanwhile, the Scottish Greens are probably going to work with the SNP to rid Scotland of all Torys MPs while Scottish Labour is yet again getting in bed with Tories in a bid to thwart the SNP. ”

    I like it.

    Good on the Greens. We need to see the same sort of spirit here as well. Moderate nationalism is a good thing and stops vested interests from worming their way around govts using lobby groups and influencing favour with large donations.

    Good on the Scots SNP and good on the Greens . Its been over 100 years since my ancestors came from that neck of the woods but I still like to see the Scots doing things their way.

  2. weka 2

    In a wider UK context, the Welsh and English Greens have called for a ‘progressive alliance’ that UK Labour has rejected.

    Sounds familiar. I guess they might get it next time round.

  3. greywarshark 3

    Pay the politicians a living wage and an accommodation supplement plus bonuses for every valuable policy they deliver to all NZs benefit. That’d get them up in the mornings if they still wanted to serve once the gravy was removed from the train.
    It’s too cosy now; with a different approach we could all be miserable in discomfort if they get it wrong instead of the rich pricks being miserable in comfort.

    Because they are a miserable lot, ungenerous, critical, demanding, never satisfied, hate the nation because it’s not as good as some other place, hate the people because they’re not…………………(insert your own adjectival descriptions here) etc etc.

  4. And in “The Mail on Sunday” we have “Tory lead is slashed in half after tax U-turn: Bombshell Mail on Sunday poll shows May plummeting by 11 points…denting hopes of a landslide”

    Unsurprising. Also in the Guardian, we have an opinion piece pointing out that the biggest threat to the Tories in this election is lack of turnout by their own voters, who might regard it as a foregone conclusion. Hence we can expect the Tory press to start talking up Corbyn as a serious threat to a Conservative Party victory, to scare Tory voters out to the polls:

    ……the Opinium poll that we publish today indicates a Tory lead over Labour that is just shy of 20 points, while other recent polls have put the Conservatives ahead by even larger margins. For sure, the polls are likely to move about over the course of the next seven weeks. There will be fluctuations. There will be rogues. There will be campaign wobbles. And this will suit the Tories just fine. A member of the cabinet tells me that one of his party’s anxieties is suppressed turn-out among their supporters, some of whom might not bother to vote “because she is going win anyway”.

    This points to one of the ironies of this election. The Conservatives will connive with Mr Corbyn to maintain a fiction that there is a serious possibility that they could lose and the Labour leader could win Number 10. The Tories will do so in order to agitate voters to turn up at the polling stations to cast a ballot for Mrs May. They are already spinning “analysis” that supposedly suggests that the race is much tighter than the polls suggest.

    I will not be surprised if there is a period when Conservative commentators opine that Mr Corbyn is a much better campaigner than they had anticipated – they may even write that the Tories ought to be scared by him. Something like that happened in 2015, when previously unfriendly voices began to describe Ed Miliband as a strong performer and the Tory press concocted pieces describing the first 100 days of a Miliband government. A fat lot of good that did Labour when the votes were counted.

    • Bill 4.1

      And unsurprisingly, that piece you link to is essentially pimping for the Liberal Democrats.

      If lack of turn-out could be a problem for the Tories, and if the Guardian was a left wing paper, then it wouldn’t be dismissing Labour and talking up the very limited and defeatist ambitions of the Liberal Democrats.

      • Psycho Milt 4.1.1

        Meh. The piece points out that the Lib Dems are likely picking up voters from Labour because they can afford to clearly oppose Brexit and Labour can’t, and that the majority of Labour candidates are going to have a credibility problem because they mounted a mutiny against the leader they now have to campaign for, and that the Tory Press will make Labour out to be more of a threat than it is because the only real threat to the Tories in this campaign is low turnout by their supporters. You see that as “essentially pimping for the Liberal Democrats,” I see it as “facing facts and describing them.” If I was there I’d be voting Labour, but they don’t have a chance of winning.

  5. Adrian Thornton 5

    I know I have banged on about this before…but The Guardian and most other so called
    ‘liberal’ MSM’s coverage of UK politics need to be regarded as suspect and read with a high degree of suspicion.
    They have all quite plainly exposed their bias and shown that they would rather eat their own babies than give Corbyn even neutral coverage…or any real progressive movement for that matter, they where nearly as bad when sanders was running against Clinton….
    “75% of press coverage misrepresents Jeremy Corbyn”

    …and The Guardians response…
    “Yes, Jeremy Corbyn has suffered a bad press, but where’s the harm?”

    They are the The guardians alright, guardians of the establishment.

    • Bill 5.1

      No need to bang on about that to me 😉

      I believe that the The Guardian was formed as a liberal platform. That’s never changed, but a goodly number of people who’d prefer to see themselves as ‘left’ lend support to the Guardian, and credence to what it says, on the mis-guided assumption that liberal is synonymous with left.

  6. Adrian Thornton 6

    Yes that’s true, meanwhile The Guardian, because of it’s supposed ‘Left’ credibility, creates untold divisions and carnage on the Left.
    Many people I know, who should know better ( usually older lefties) just can’t get it through their heads that The Guardian is now nothing more than a Trojan horse for neo liberalism.

  7. stunned mullet 7

    All these so called left papers must be purged.

    [If you want to see any example of ‘purging’, just keep on with the idiotic comments] – Bill

    • Stunned mullet 7.1

      FFS Bill – Virtually every comment here is effectively calling out these papers for not being ideologically pure enough it’s as pathetic as your parroting of RT.

      • Bill 7.1.1

        There’s a difference for calling out a paper for its liberal ideology and calling a paper out for not being ideologically pure enough. And if you’d been paying any attention whatsoever, you’d know I’m unable to access rt or any of its derivative sites from this IP address…which makes makes your accusatory squawking ridiculous.

        Make that your very last stupid comment, aye?

  8. Halfcrown 8

    I read this in the Guardian, my first thought was the labour party has decided to circumnavigate the MSM after all the negative vibes and backstabbing by the likes of the Guardian.


  9. Gosman 9

    The UK has a large non commercial public service broadcaster in the BBC. It is meant to provide balanced coverage. Why is this not giving Corbyn a ‘fair go’?

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