Doofus of the week – July 1, 2018

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Another week and another vast array of candidates for the award.

First up whoever is responsible for the decision of the Ministerial Advisory Group to investigate establishing a Public Media Funding Commission to stop taking minutes so that the OIA could not be used. Clare Curren needs to outline her very clear expectations that minutes should be kept. The perception that our side is prepared to play the same games that the other side played should be avoided at all costs.

Then there was perennial finalist Simon Bridges for refusing to apologise for calling baby Neve’s parents Pinko and for generally behaving like a complete doofus on Radio Hauraki.  Note to Simon.  It is bad enough that you said a number of obnoxious things.  But to be obnoxious and not in the slightest bit funny takes special skill.  And sometimes saying sorry can be the best thing to do.

David Seymour made another strong showing for his dancing with the stars antics.  This picture sums up his campaign perfectly.

As does this one.

Thankfully the nation has been spared further exposure to his dancing antics as he has been voted off the show.

There was Barry Soper who was sucked in by National’s doctoring of a Jacinda Ardern interview and misrepresenting her comments and reported on it.  Interestingly he then posted a further article on industrial relations a day later and made no mention of the Ardern quote that had been taken out of context.

Overseas there was Milo Yiannopoulos who after five journalists had been gunned down insisted that he “wasn’t being serious” when he said to two reporters that he “can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists.”  This is a perfect justification for people to never take him seriously ever again.

But there was one outstanding example this week whose stupidity brings back memories of Melissa Lee and her fears that the then proposed motorway through the Mount Albert electorate would allow criminals from South Auckland to travel quicker to Mount Albert to burgle local’s homes.

This was Orakei C&R Local Board member Troy Churton who with a clear racist classist dogwhistle has asked for feedback on there being too many police helicopter flights over Remuera on their way to South Auckland.  From Anna Leask at the Herald:

An Auckland local board member has come under fire after suggestions the police Eagle helicopter was a “nuisance” flying over the Remuera area too often at night on its way to attend jobs in South Auckland.

He is calling for police to review the criteria for the chopper to fly at night, saying they should only be attending “higher level” incidents so his and other residents’ peace and sleep is interrupted less by the chopper going to incidents south of the affluent suburb.

But police say no way, the chopper will stay – and those who don’t like it should think about what would happen if they needed the “vital” service.

On Wednesday night a post appeared on the Remuera Residents Association Facebook page about “nuisance” night flights.

The post called on locals to report their experiences to Ōrākei local board member Troy Churton and provided his Auckland Council email address.

One of the “primary areas of concern” raised in the post was “proliferation of helicopter nuisance mostly from police between 9pm-6am flying over Remuera to get to the 75 per cent of their attendances that are South Auckland located”.

Perhaps we should strike a deal with Churton.  He persuades Remuera to not rely on the rest of the city for water, motorways, hospitals, sewerage treatment, beaches …

And he should calibrate his views.  Some of the biggest most dangerous criminals wear suits.  And there are many of them living in Remuera.

15 comments on “Doofus of the week – July 1, 2018”

  1. Carolyn_Nth 1

    The Remuera complaint is curious. How do they know most night helicopter flights are en route to south Auckland?

    As a resident in the Eden area, the biggest flight disruption to sleep is helicopters circling overhead for 20-30 minutes or longer. Those flights don’t seem to be going anywhere outside the inner city (Eden, CBD, Roskill, Epsom, Remmers) area.

    My biggest concern about noise pollution from above, is the growing plans for more flights by the well off – commuters, diners, tourists.

    There used to be more noise pollution at peak commuter times from small planes flying overhead and drowning out Checkpoint. Curiously, there seems to be fewer of them since the change in government.

    There are sight seeing companies offering helicopter flights from and around Auckland:

    “Auckland experiences” helicopter flights.

    More than just a cityscape. Fly over the sparkling harbour and islands, dramatic coastlines, golden beaches and finish with exclusive dining experiences.

    Our Auckland helicopter tours allow you to trek along active volcanoes, step from a private helicopter and into fine dining restaurants, experience heli-golfing on spacious golf courses and go heli-fishing. INFLITE Experiences makes these luxuries affordable to anyone who aspires to them.

    INFLITE operate from 6 Auckland Helipads – Mechanics Bay, Rosedale on the North Shore, Waiheke Island, Ardmore Airport, Auckland Airport and North Shore Airfield.

    Oh, and they plant trees to offset their carbon footprint.

    “View Auckland like never before” with these scenic helicopter flights – “escape the ordinary with luxurious helicopters”

    And now Uber is planning to use Auckland as an experiment in using flying taxis – they claim it’s to “support public transport”, but promote it as a way to fly above peak hour congestion and get to destinations faster. They are planning “electric” helicopter-like planes that can land on top of buildings, etc. But it is the helicopter rotors that make most of the noise.

  2. ianmac 2

    How about Garner “sacking” Winston from his morning interview. Remember the huge hatred Garner expressed at the time of the 2008 anti-Winston war? Garner was frothing and snarling so he has history and I bet he shifted the interview time by 10 minutes so that he could have an excuse to abuse Winston. This in spite of the fact that Winston is the Acting Prime Minister and Garner a lumpish lowly worm.

    • Sanctuary 2.1

      “…How about Garner “sacking” Winston…”

      Selecting beefy middle aged white guys running to fat from to much good living frothing at mouth at having someone prick their sense of entitlement would clog the award for the next century at least.

      As for Clare Curran, the less said the better. the women is a classic example of an incompetent machine politician who can’t do basic retail politics.

    • Hooch 2.2

      Could be an excuse to abuse winston, a pathetic PR stunt or maybe a ploy to reduce his airtime over the next six weeks and not enable him to bring up his polling numbers.

  3. Incognito 3

    Clare Curren needs to outline her very clear expectations that minutes should be kept.

    All members of the MAG should undertake a civics course and counselling to remind them of their duties & responsibilities. If they refuse they should be replaced with an appropriate candidate.

  4. Ankerawshark 4

    Think garner should be the winner. His ridiculous, petulant behavior demonstrates his over inflated sense of entitlement.

  5. AsleepWhileWalking 5


    “…they should only be attending “higher level” incidents..”

    Yea, only a rich dude would think Copper money was being spent on frivolous use of a chopper.

  6. Philg 6

    I would nominate Sir Peter Gluckman for admitting in his interview with Kim Hill on Saturday Morning RNZ, where, as part time ‘science’ advisor to Sir John Key, basically confesses to being silenced (circumspect lol) about serious science topics, when he knew the science was being suppressed by the government. He was accountable to the government and not the people of New Zealand. Jaw dropping and confirms the shady modus operandus of the last government, across all ministries.

    • Hongi Ika 6.1

      Gluckman accountable to “Sir John Key and the Natzi Government not the people of New Zealand” says it all ?

      Gobmacked ? Corruption ?

      • Incognito 6.1.1

        Nah, it is the difference between Sir Peter Gluckman, Advisor to the powers that be and Prof. Dr Peter Gluckman, Scientist and seeker of truth by application of the scientific method who adds to body of knowledge produced by many over many years in order understand and explain the physical world we live in to his fellow humans for the benefit of all. The poor guy simply had lost his good hat for the most part of nine long years …

  7. adam 7

    Being a pedo enabler made me think milo was a waste of time, but if you need more proof, then I hope his comments this week will make you ignore the tool.

  8. Stuart Munro 8

    I’m inclined to think whoever supported the round-heeled stance on 30 000 construction worker visas is a strong contender. There’s 30 000 NZ jobs gone with the stroke of a pen.

    If the coalition can show 30 000 new houses within the year they might be able to make a case for it – but it will need to be a mighty strong case. Low wage migration does not benefit NZ in any way whatsoever – it benefits exploitive developers, which a responsible government would want to curb.

  9. Anne 9

    Lols lols. that’s the best “doofus” post to date.

    The poor wee Remuera petals. My heart bleeds for them.

    The police helicopter and the Westpac rescue helicoptor are in the sky on a 24hr basis. I live on the North Shore and not a day or night goes by when one or the other is not flying around attending to their core business saving lives or catching crims. I’m not much of a fan of the police (some unfortunate personal experience) but I do applaud the flying crews and what they do. What’s more the noise level is not particularly high and certainly not stress inducing. In fact it is even comforting to know they are there.

    I am reminded of the princess and the pea story.

    • Anne 9.1

      Btw mickeysavage

      … brings back memories of Melissa Lee and her fears that the then proposed motorway through the Mount Albert electorate would allow criminals from South Auckland to travel quicker to Mount Albert to burgle local’s homes.

      You forgot to point out they were just stopping off in Mt Albert to do a bit of burglary on their way to West Auckland. Melissa didn’t enlighten us why they were going to West Auckland but it prompted one wit to suggest we just ban crims from being allowed to use off ramps – problem solved.

    • Wensleydale 9.2

      I live in Mangere East, widely regarded as a “hotbed of rampant criminality” by ignorant affluent types from blue chip suburbs, and I can say the Eagle helicopter spends far less time around these parts than it does buzzing around motorways during peak hour traffic. We have the odd incident where the chopper is coordinating with police on the ground to apprehend a fleeing criminal, but it’s nowhere near as frequent or as dramatic as the paranoid Mr Churton would have everyone believe. He’d obviously prefer Remuera to have its own privatised airspace so he and his fellow pretentious nimbys aren’t disturbed by the police doing the job for which they’re paid. What an arse.

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