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The first Auckland Drinking Liberally of 2010 takes place NEXT TUESDAY upstairs at The Purple Bar @ The Naval and Family and features new Labour MP Kelvin Davis (and we’re hoping to get Maori Party leader Pita Sharples) to talk about the Treaty of Waitangi in the 21st century.

When: 7pm next TUESDAY 2 February
Where: The Purple Bar @ The Naval and Family (NOTE NEW VENUE) Corner of K’Road and Pitt Street (Up the stairs on K’rd to the 1st floor)
Who: You and like-minded lefties. All welcome.
What: Kelvin is one of Labour’s new intake of MPs. With Waitangi Day fast approaching, we’ve invited him to come and talk to us about his view of the place of the Treaty of Waitangi in modern Aotearoa New Zealand. Kelvin has been blogging some of his thoughts on Red Alert and will be discussing those.

We’re also hoping Pita Sharples will join us to turn the evening into a bit of a debate about the two party’s different and their overlapping visions for the future of Maori. A time for questions and answers will follow.

Please pass this invitation to anyone you think will be interested in attending.

Cheers, The Drinking Liberally Auckland Team
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11 comments on “Drinking Liberally – Auckland”

  1. PT 1

    why would sharples want to turn up when labour just wants to insult and abuse the maori party and wants to wipe them out?

    • felix 1.1

      Why don’t you turn up and find out?

      • PT 1.1.1

        good idea f but sharples wont be there, announcing he will is just a setup so you lefties can then turn around and say hes too scared to show, going along to drink beer with a bunch of lefties clap themselves on the back saying how smart they are when you cant even hit thirty percent poll isnt my idea of a good time stupid

        • lprent

          DL Auckland have contacted his office. It wasn’t rejected immediately. But there hasn’t been a confirmation. This is typically due to possible timing issues. We are uncertain if he will be able to attend. This is clear in the post.

          However we needed to get posts up now to ensure a good turnout. So the post went up with our current state of information.

          Is your ‘comment’ a random rant about nothing at all or just a reflection of the space between your ears – vacant?

        • felix

          going along to drink beer with a bunch of lefties clap themselves on the back saying how smart they are when you cant even hit thirty percent poll isnt my idea of a good time stupid

          Clearly not, PT.

          Apparently your idea of a “good time stupid” is turning up here and hurling abuse – all day, every day this week so far.

          Why don’t you take a break from the computer and turn up at DL and try it in real life?

          • PT

            if sharples goes then i go and support him, if not a waste of time listening to stupid lefties say “we are so smart, voters are stupid thats why we lost last time maybe they will be as smart as us next time”, thats the problem with you lefties you think youre smarter than everyone but youre actually more stupid because you dont like people

            • felix

              If it’s such a waste of time then why are you here? (all day, every day this week)

              It’s not like you’re scoring any points or making any friends. Most seem to brush you aside like a bug or step around you like a dog turd.

              • PT

                feck off felix your just a stupid leftie get a job loser

                [lprent: A feeble minded rejoinder full of idiotic assumptions. Definitely smells like an idiotic troll. ]

              • I agree with your first point PT. Name calling and silly behaviour adds nothing to your, our, side of the debate.
                Argue nicely, speak clearly and we will win.
                Lower to that bickering and you create a tough environment for us tories here on The Standard.

                [lprent: I really don’t care what ‘side’ people are on. Just so long as they stick to the policy and don’t irritate the moderators too much. Moderators have a monopoly on truly gratuitous insulting as a fast form of education about how it feels to be on the receiving end of stupidity. PT is already on my hitlist.

                How is your site going BTW. ]

  2. BLiP 2

    Bugger. Bit short notice, dontchya reckon . . . mumble mumble moan . . . anyone going to be there with a camera?

  3. Michael Wood 3

    Update: Pita Sharples cannot make DL this Tuesday, but we are keen to hear from him so have re-issued an invitation to speak at a time that suits him and DL.

    Sorry if that doesn’t suit the conspiracy theory PT.

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