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The launch of Drinking Liberally at the Southern Cross last night was a blast. The organisers had been hoping for 20 plus people to make it the first time, so it was really impressive to see over 50 people there.

Nandor spoke well and had a chance to speak on a big picture level regarding his views on political institutions and sovereignty that we don’t often see from MPs. He offered some sage advice on grassroots activism and, I think, offered some inspiration for people hoping to get more active.

A really diverse crowd was there from Labour hacks to deep greenies, regulars around the political scene to people who have leftwing politics but have never been active. People had a great time, got to meet people in the flesh they had often just interacted with via blogs, and build ties, which is what it’s all about.

Again, a great idea and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

17 comments on “Drinking Liberally liberally attended”

  1. NX 1

    Heh, you got this story up quickly. Budget bit of a disappointment eh?

  2. Vanilla Eis 2

    Agreed. It was good to see so many people there and Nandor was excellent to listen to.

    I recognised two posters here (based on description) but most of the people I talked to didn’t seem to be a part of the Standard community.

    Big ups to David who organised the evening and I look forwards to seeing who is speaking next.

  3. AncientGeek 3

    When are we getting something in Auckland? And no I’m not doing a Phil Goff.

    captcha: of extremists

  4. Lew 4

    I was shocked at how many people recognised me from one Sod-baiting comment.

    I wasn’t shocked at the fact that it was all white middle-class-looking 20something university-educated men, though. A few old radicals and a fair number of women, but barely a brown (or any other coloured) face to be seen. Demographic reality, I suppose. Certainly lends credence to someone’s comment alleging the same about commenters here, recently.


  5. RedLogix 5

    It was the first time I had stepped out from behind my online persona. I had my doubts about going at all, feeling that I was going to be surrounded by a cliquey bunch of very clever young folk who all knew each other very well.

    Surprise.. I thoroughly enjoyed it (maybe I do need to get out more often.. 8). Everyone was really cool about being nice to the “fogey old radical” cluttering up their drinking space, and I suffered only mild dehydration at work today.

    Nandor spoke well. (That man has been buggering with people’s preconceptions about him for years.) His comments about how the sovereign nation state is under pressure from global forces in one direction, and regional/cultural interests in the other is a very deep topic. I had hoped he might have been able to speak more to it. Sadly he had to return back to the House early.

    Thanks very much to Dave and Eva? for organising, and credit to SP for representing the Standardistas with panache. I won’t be able to make it every time, but I will endeavour to when possible.

  6. Lew – I believe it was me that was baiting you.

  7. Lew 7

    Robinsod: Predator or prey, who can tell?


  8. Bro when I’m the one eating you alive it’s pretty bloody easy to tell.

  9. Tane 9

    Sod, play nice.

    NX, I think the last five posts (with no doubt more to come) on the Budget kind of ruin your argument.

  10. Tane – I like Lew. This is how misanthropes show affection. I know it’s not pretty but hey, I never said I was pretty…

  11. Lew 11

    Robinsod: Well, the invitation stands. Might make for a good night out on the tiles. I normally do Back Benches, too.


  12. Lew – what part of “misanthrope” do you not understand?

  13. Lew 13

    Robinsod: No, if you prefer to just take pot shots on this blog, fine. But remember: http://www.howtonotsuck.com/assets/images/arguing_on_the_internet.jpg


  14. NX. I’ll explain to you.

    I drafted this post this morning before heading into the lock-up and was waiting on Drinking Liberally’s Facebook page to get a pic up. They did, we posted. whoo hoo.

  15. Phil 15

    In a cynical way I cannot help but think that Cullen will be seriously pissed that Chris Kahui was found Not Guilty this afternoon… I suspect that over the next few days it’s going to take preceedence over tax cuts and fiscal lolly scrambles.

    Didn’t see the news tonight though, so not sure which story drew first blood.

  16. I’ll be in Wellington around the 11th of July to start an 11th of every month group with local 911 truthers, perhaps I can extend my stay and be around for a session.
    I will let you know so any one who wants to meet a real live 911 truther can be there and Lew; you’d better get that book out for me.

    By the way, meet Richard Gage. Richard Gage is an Architect. He is specialised in building bloody great big steel framed buildings, a la the Twin Towers. He and his engineers have a little problem with how the towers came down.

    This is his presentation:
    This the architects website:
    With a brilliant power point presentation

    Hope to meet y’all in July

  17. Ari 17

    Hey- I was a little disappointed I had to show up late, but it was a great time for sure meeting people there, and getting in touch with so many smart and experienced Labour supporters. (there were probably some other greenies, but I didn’t mix around that much)

    I’m looking forward to the next one, and hopefully getting there early enough to actually talk about some feminisms rather than just getting to know people and talking strategy. 🙂

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