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Early voting started with a bang! Jacindamania?

16 comments on “Early voting”

  1. Sanctuary 1

    I will vote today, two ticks for the red team!

  2. One Anonymous Bloke 2

    Can’t see people turning out en masse to support the status quo.

    • weka 2.1


    • Bill 2.2

      Which party seems to be most keen on early voting?

      It’s part of “Team Robertsons” election strategy – encourage whatever support they have to get in early before the bubble bursts.

      Why else do you think Jacinda was dropping her vote in yesterday?

      Hell, just look at the header and text of this post ffs.

      • Psych nurse 2.2.1

        Just reading your post reminded me of the wonderful Billy Connoly skit about the nuances of the old English word C- – t.

      • alwyn 2.2.2

        Labour are very sensible to try and get people to vote early. After all the can’t change the vote after they see how woefully ill-prepared Ardern is for the PMs job.

        As long as she was in a relatively insignificant role, and that even includes the deputy’s job, she has been able to float through questioning with airy-fairy replies. The trouble is that in the leader’s role and while auditioning for the PM’s job, her cheerful inanities aren’t going to be overlooked.
        Look at the questioning from Duncan Garner about the effect of water taxes on dairy farmers. She didn’t have an answer and just made a number up.
        Sure, she got the answer later in the day but the clip of her speaking was rerun to demonstrate she really didn’t know her policies.

        She should have known the details of her policies inside out. Doesn’t she remember what happened to Cunliffe when he couldn’t answer a question on CGT for Trust owned houses? Labour are getting people to vote while the public still see her as a new fresh face. She may very well be like Macron. A precipitous rise followed by an equally precipitous drop, when the lack of knowledge about what her party is proposing gets ever clearer. Get the people who support her to vote now. They can’t alter their vote when buyer’s remorse sets in.

    • Exactly – the right don’t go early. The left do, vote now and then HELP other lefties vote. Enrol them, drive them to the booth. Forget the naysayers and muddy water purity types. The fight is on NOW. Vote and help others to.

      I’m voting today.

  3. ianmac 3

    I like the ritual of voting on polling day so roll on 23rd. But I do see the point of voting sooner rather than later. It is the sort of thing would be voters would chat about in workplaces which would remind and encourage to vote.
    And still give time to enrol if discovered that you are not on the roll.

  4. Karen 4

    I am encouraging everyone I meet to vote early because stuff can happen on the actual day and you might not get there.

    Also, if you are not on the roll for some reason you can enrol and vote at the same time right up to 22 September. You can’t do this on the actual day.

  5. Michael 5

    I think it’s reasonable to assume most people voting early do so because they can’t wait to get the Nats out – I know that’s how I felt when I voted yesterday afternoon. FWIW, I voted for the Labour candidate in my electorate and Party Vote Green, even though I don’t expect either to form part of the next government. The one after that may be a different story but that depends on whether Labour does the work it should have done during the last nince years, and comes up with a progressive alternative to neoliberalism, or continues to sit on its hands and hope a bit more of the polish comes off the National Party turd.

  6. veutoviper 6

    Yesterday’s advance voting numbers are now out – 49,601 – bringing the total for the first two days to 89,421.


  7. Clashman 7

    I voted yesterday.
    All the National billboards around here have had a bright yellow ‘Vote Now’ sticker added to them.

  8. DSpare 8

    The best thing about voting early is that you suddenly stop caring so much about what the polls are saying.

  9. Whispering Kate 9

    What is the law with early voting. All I know is that it is illegal to promote, encourage, advertise anything to do with the election on the actual official day of electoral voting, even the hoardings have to come down the night before. Some All Black’s got caught texting for National last time. Why are we having these polls, debates, endless slagging off by National about Labour and their CGT and Water Levies when there are booths open for early voting. Today I visited my local library to drop off books and there was a steady stream of people going in to vote.

    Surely this should have stopped as soon as the booths opened. I can’t get my head around this, the law will prevail on the official day but at this rate most people would have voted by then by the looks of the amount of people choosing to vote early – at this rate, on the day it will be a waste of time leaving the law as it is and may as well be done away with.

  10. veutoviper 10

    WOW – Yesterday was Day 3 of advance voting with a total of 65,884 votes.

    This brings the total for the first three days to 154,454 votes. Corrected figures for Monday and Tuesday were 39,741 and 48,829 respectively.

    This total of 154,454 advance votes to date represents 21.5% of the total advance votes in the 2014 GE of 717,579. It is also 35,927 (30.3%) more advance votes compared to 118,527 votes at the similar stage in the 2014 GE advance voting period.

    More here:

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