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Where does a year go? Tomorrow is Earth hour 2011:

Earth Hour 2011: It’s time to go beyond the hour

At 8:30 PM on Saturday 26th March 2011, lights will switch off around the globe for Earth Hour and people will commit to actions that go beyond the hour.

Here in New Zealand:

At 8.30pm on Saturday 26 March 2011, people in New Zealand and around the world will celebrate Earth Hour – a worldwide commitment to ongoing change to protect our living planet.

This year Earth Hour asks people to go beyond the hour and commit to an action, big or small, that they will sustain for the future of our planet.

Make your own commitment and see thousands of others on the new Earth Hour Beyond the Hour platform above.

What will you do to go beyond the hour?

Given our proximity to the international date line, New Zealand is among the first in the world, kicking off the event. Turn off, tune out, drop in…

15 comments on “Earth hour 2011”

  1. higherstandard 1

    What drivel

    • r0b 1.1

      I agree that any energy savings from the event are entirely trivial. But I think that the event does have value as a way of publicising the issue. I certainly wouldn’t call it drivel.

  2. Kaplan 2

    As during every year before Kaplan and family will be participating. The way the kids really get into it gives me hope for the future.

  3. Jono 3

    I miss Rick Giles. He should do a comeback tour

  4. Dale 4

    Well I’ll be turning on as many lites and appliances as possible in protest to this load of crap! Its just an excuse for the government to tax the air that we breath.

    • Kaplan 4.1

      If you keep your tinfoil hat fixed firmly to your head it may help with avoiding an air tax.
      Heres is a tip. Earth hour is all about raising awareness, not making a discrete saving in power. Your action and comments about it, even though you think it may be opposite, simply means you are helping keep the subject alive. Go for it. Get your neighbours, family and friends to all turn their lights and appliances on as well. You’ll be doing us all a favour 🙂

  5. Dale 5

    Kaplan,go and read Climate Depot and learn the truth about global warming/climate change.No matter how much money they tax us we cant plug all the volcanos pumping out CO2.And they have some very nice photos of snow on Mount Kilimangero.Big Al told us there would never be anymore in his “doco” An Inconvenient Truth.Its a scam DUDE!

    • r0b 5.1

      Its a scam DUDE!

      And the slowly melting world around you? Totally a scam! Totally! Just close your eyes and mind and it will go away!

  6. Dale 6

    r0b,clearly your head is so far up your own arse its getting real hot up there!

    • Afewknowthetruth 6.1

      Only a scientific ignoramus would think that an increase in snow indicates global warming is a scam.

      Rain and snow come from warm water. The reason for increased precipitation is warmer oceans!

      What IS a scam is the response of governments worldwide to the predicament we are in. Governments are protection agencies for the fossil fuel industry. They even supply military forces for the oil industry to invade sovereign nations and steal oil. What do you think Libya is all about? Freedom and democracy?

      As for volcanoes, they’ve been spewing CO2 for billions of years. It is the EXTRA CO2, above and beyond what nature produces and recycles, coming from burning coal and oil that is the problem.

      Of course that far too logical for most people to understand.

  7. Dale 7

    OK.That was a bit harsh. But atleast read both sides of the argument. Do some research. Science is all about facts.And the fact is that the climate changes all the time.

    • r0b 7.1

      Please be assured that I have read both sides of the argument, and done plenty of research. One side of the argument is convincing, the other is not. Yes climate changes. BUt they way it is changing right now can only be attributed to human causes.

  8. Herodotus 8

    Disturbed outlook of the future – very applicable to this !!!

  9. Rich 9

    Last year there was a billboard at Wellington airport advertising Earth Hour, illuminated with a large (maybe 1Kw) floodlight for a good month after the event. Which is pretty much the way the whole thing goes.

    Middle-class tokenism is a completely inadequate response to climate change and peak oil. A fraction of the world’s population is in the affluent middle class who care about these things. An even smaller fraction is in the group that actually cares. And many of their actions will be wholly useless, like unplugging phone chargers.

    I see Earth Hour as not just silly, but actively bad, because it distracts from the real action that has to be done. To deal with climate change and peak oil, NZ needs to build more sustainable power generation, reduce motor vehicle use and change settlement patterns. That means getting on and building more wind and hydro, it means stopping new roads and improving public transport and it means people living in cities, not exurbs. That’s the real solution, not turning a light off for an hour.

  10. Chris 10

    I don’t know. I seem to be over this ‘greenie’ type approach to saving the planet. Non of my friends on Facebook or within my friendship circle [ and they are extensive and represent a wide variety of Kiwis] – either 1/ don’t know 2/ don’t care 3/ think it’s crap 4/ will go out of their way to use more power. So as a marketing strategy it’s not working – so back to plan ‘B’ – which is ?

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