Earthquake Red Flags

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Two years on and the chief executive of the Canterbury District health board David Meates has started to see some worrying trends showing up in Christchurch/Canterbury.

‘We’ve seen a drop off in the number of prescriptions being picked up. People aren’t following or completing courses of medication and people are turning up in the health system later on and their presentations are more complex because of it

And he goes on to say:

Binge drinking is starting to become quite a major factor of what we’re dealing with … and people are seemingly deferring or choosing not to have certain surgical procedures because there’s too much other stuff going on in their lives.

Plus this from Andrew Dickerson from Canterbury District Health Board:

the appalling performance of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, the Earthquake Commission and insurance companies would take its toll on people’s mental wellbeing.

I’ve said it before and for those of you that have just been watching things in Christchurch from afar, I will say it again, ‘a Large earthquake in New Zealand is the least of your worries’, dealing with the imbeciles working for Gerry Brownlee’s EQC will likely see you sent to a padded room in a straight jacket, in-fact you will probably welcome a nice warm padded room after the self harm and stress you have gone through having to deal with this lot.


9 comments on “Earthquake Red Flags”

  1. AsleepWhileWorking 1

    We need to get behind ChCh as a nation by ditching insurers who continue to drag these people though unnecessary stress. Two years is too long.

    • Paul 1.1

      How do we find out which insurers are dragging out payments and which are being more reputable?

  2. RedLogix 2


    It took me about 10 years after the Edgecumbe quake that I was in to stop over-reacting to minor trembles from small quakes and trucks going by.

    And the ChCh quake (especially the number of aftershocks over such an extended period) will be worse.

    The problem for these people is that most ‘outsiders’ …unless like they’ve been through something similar…. simply don’t have a clue.

  3. Tom Gould 3

    “the imbeciles working for Gerry Brownlee’s EQC” … that would make them smarter than their boss?

  4. fatty 4

    Once we get our convention centre, everything else will fall into place….weird how there was no housing issue in Chch when the Labour voters on East side lost their houses, but when we need some people to build a convention centre, Gerry pulls finger

    • Paul 4.1

      Oh your link is to Zb. Well that’s a fair and balanced source.

    • Hayden 4.2

      Gerry Brownlee says 30-thousand short-term workers are needed for the rebuild.

      He says the changes will allow temporary building for up to 200 people in the central city, and up to 20 people in some residential and commercial zone areas.

      Well done, only 29780 people to go.

  5. vto 5

    Old thread I see, but the things this guy is saying are spot on and very true. Like many others we have lived right through the entire thing in the middle of it all. Mental issues abound. Health is poorly compared to prior. A person close to us has peaked out on it all just this weekend.

    EQC is a fucking joke and the Minister responsible for them should resign – the worst organisation I have ever had to deal with, bar none.

    It is all very true and very real.

    Frankly, Brownlee and Key’s failure to look after the people and their homes first has taken a very direct toll on health and lives.

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