Economic step-change or English side-step?

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Beware of a Finance Minister who is selective in the use of statistics. This was Bill English’s answer to a patsy question in Parliament about National and the economy:

It is the comprehensive economic package that the Government is pursuing, and if I can draw attention simply to one aspect of it, it is our multibillion-dollar investment in infrastructure, which is keeping thousands of people in work and retaining skills in New Zealand. For instance, over half of all non-residential building permits in the last 3 months were issued for public sector projects—the highest percentage in 20 years.

Public sector projects in the last three months the highest percentage in 20 years?  But here’s why – the other permits are for private sector commercial projects and they are well down, as the following comment about the same set of stats shows:

New Zealand’s commercial property sector stayed in the doldrums last month with permits for new construction down to a five-month low, while consents for new homes, excluding apartments, slid to their weakest level since January.The value of non-residential consents shrank 40% to $289 million in May from a year ago, according to Statistics New Zealand data, and was down from $327 million in April.

It’s time he got taken up on this stuff. He’s been getting away with it for too long. We need the real oil about the New Zealand economy, not more wool over our eyes.

12 comments on “Economic step-change or English side-step?”

  1. I have noticed him doing rather a lot of those ‘misleading’ statements over the last few years. I’d put it down to a congenital aversion to reality. This is the guy that lives in Dipton with his family and commutes to Wellington after all

    • the sooner this fork tongued snake slithers back to dipton, the better off we’ll be !!!

      how much more money does this greedy hua want for himself and his business buddies…it’s not like the prick needs it ?

      Sheeeeit…if he was on my 90 day trial, i woulda sacked him just for having a rude hairdo and a hillbilly accent 🙂

  2. Jim Nald 2

    Natrats lousy at real policy but better at surreal policy.

  3. Zaphod Beeblebrox 3

    Non residential consents shrinking by 40% from a year ago. Aren’t we supposed to be in recovery?

    Either way it shows the madness of reducing government spending at the moment. At present five of the six largest construction projects in the country are dependent upon government money. Think what will happen to our construction industry if English does what he says he will in order to pay for his tax cuts!

  4. Craig Glen Eden 4

    The Nats do this stuff all the time the reason they get away with it is they take gifts from smile and wave.

    The way they report things is always slanted. A good example of this was Duncan Garners reporting of the protest in the weekend, with his little quip about it being the hard core of activists being involved.
    The truth was it was very much a broad cross section of society that was at that protest but Garner did his best to spin for the Nats. If he will spin for them he certainly is never going to ask any questions of detail or substance. Anyone who has watched this Government (with any political knowledge) knows they have performed very poorly but you wouldn’t think so listening to the media.

    • Zaphod Beeblebrox 4.1

      People get a bit obsessed with what the pundits are saying- but in the end it comes down to the economic situation. I’m wondering how long before they realise that if things continue as they are, they will be in trouble. Thats why English comes out with this sort of BS is question time. No economic growth, no credibility, no plan, they will have nothing to say when it comes to the election. All they can do is hope pundits like Garner can treat politics like a football match.

      Bad luck for them they are governing during lean economic times, but they are making things worse for themselves by with their government waste, low interest rates are good line when we are facing many years of deflation and dismal growth prospects.

    • fraser 4.2

      wasnt that Gower? (sp?)

  5. Draco T Bastard 5

    If you merely regard anything a NACT minister says as a lie you won’t be too far wrong.

  6. Luke.xensen 6

    This is the best and most inventive headline I’ve seen for a press release for a while:
    ‘Benefit figures released’

    • ghostwhowalksnz 6.1

      That must have been a release Paula did on her own, after the press secretary went home early

  7. wyndham 7

    At what stage of a government’s tenure does it stop blaming the ‘previous’ government for financial ‘mismanagement’? English seldom, if ever,makes a statement in the house without resorting to this hackneyed line. It’s becoming really boring.

  8. tc 8

    That would be that ‘misamanagement’ that paid off our foreign debt, created jobs, completed and commenced many infrastructure projects around NZ (Joyce tries to take credit for) and left office to what global economists regard as ‘one of the better economies poised to weather the recession’.

    All down to the conservative Cullen’s Keynesian approach of preparing for the down cycle so contrast that to where we’d be if Blinglish and his mates would’ve left us……same as where Muldoon’s ideological approach left us….broke…..they only have one idea in their handbook….big business and farming good….everything else nowhere near as good.

    When is Cunliffe going to start nailing Blinglish ?

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