Emerson on Collins Enquiry

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emerson on collins enquiry

14 comments on “Emerson on Collins Enquiry”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    The Collins inquiry has been designed to ensure that Collins isn’t found guilty of anything by the simple expedient if having it ignore all the evidence.

    • Macro 1.1

      The Collins inquiry has been designed to ensure that Collins isn’t found guilty of anything by the simple expedient if having it ignore all the evidence.


    • AmaKiwi 1.2

      It’s a cover-up.

      It’s not merely “a joke,” as DC called today.

  2. disturbed 2

    Dictators all start this way, first they stack their power base with sympathisers, and then cull all democratic procedures to keep the system clear of corruption.

    The only way to get the truth out on this Watergate clone criminal corruption of our political system is to seek a royal commission with widest terms of reference.

    To get to the heart of the matter and purge the black op’s and corrupt theft of private political documents that is designed to subvert the course of justice, all those involved in any way are required to swear under oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    John Key’s inquiry is a stage show that will not show anything, and the result will be “nothing to see hear”.

    Key has again let our democracy down and is obviously hiding the truth.

    The petition is our only hope for saving our democracy.

    So far almost 4 000 have signed the electronic petition. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Governor_General_of_New_Zealand_Investigate_all_the_allegations_of_corruption_in_the_National_government/sign/?aeArPbb

    • cogito 2.1

      Key & co have been undertaking nothing less than a systematic and cynical back room coup against the institutions of State, undermining and removing anyone who is perceived to be against them. Their hope has obviously been that by the time the average kiwi voter realises what has been going on, it will be all over and too late to go back.

  3. adam 4

    Why is it that Key and company think people are stupid.
    Struggling, working hard and lacking time to be reflective – but they’re not stupid.

    Bloody awesome cartoon

  4. Bill 5

    Unfortunately, I suspect that beneath the paper there be a rabbit hole. And inside that rabbit hole is half of the left chasing a piece of hear-say that’s going to fade into silence. And there is no way from within that dark silence to then shine light on the concrete examples of malfeasance contained within Hagers’ book. The rabbit hole will be sealed, along with, of course, any further attempts to reveal the machinations of this government in the pre-election period.

    It astounds me that so many took up John Key’s offer of directions when considering where to run and where to dig. So much was already above ground and exposed. It just needed to be picked up.

  5. Mac1 6

    I wonder who the vulture is …………………………..

  6. finbar 7

    Se Key,is now taking the high ground that the Whale Dump is a criminal.Who is the criminal within KEYS camp who released emails of some years ago, that got Collins dumped.Are they also criminals,or are they those who told Collins its time to resigne,that she ignored.

  7. Rodel 8

    Liked Winston’s comment tonight that ‘Dirty Politics’ is not a left wing conspiracy..its a all about a conspiracy by John Key and his mates. Simple but oft forgotten.

  8. tricledrown 9

    Berlusconi won his last election by buying off all the Media but was eventually booed off the stage and into ignominy!
    Key is heading down the same path!

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