Employment down – blame the data!

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So the Nats have lost 30,000 jobs in the last year.  But it’s not their fault right?

It’s the global economy, man. Oh, the OECD added 3 million jobs last year? hmm…

The government doesn’t control jobs – except when they want credit for false Hobbit jobs…  And it’s not like they have some major control over the economy, and could change Reserve Bank policy, not sack thousands of civil servants in a recession (Wellington unemployment hits high…) etc… hmm…

So it must be the stats!  And to be fair since this government came in the Household Labour Survey has jumped about a bit – between bad and horrendous.

What’s increased that volatility?  Budget cuts at the Stats department (how’s that work to rule coming along?)?  No, it’s that favourite theory that they usually say proves the lunacy of some on the left – fixed phone-line surveys are no longer reliable! (Anonymous pollster on Dimpost says otherwise).  But wait: who’s more likely to have a fixed phone-line?  A jobless person, or an employed one with some income to pay bills?  Oh wait – you must be saying the situation is even worse out there!

Those stricter DPB job requirements didn’t magically create jobs.  Neither did that beneficiary bashing.  Huh.  Suprising… </sarc>

More foreign investment is obviously the answer.  Just lucky that we’re already an incredibly open country, so we just need to do wishing to make the foreign companies take all our earnings and the jobs will flow in!

In the meantime, I guess the bad news will continue

5 comments on “Employment down – blame the data!”

  1. Poission 1

    If Joyce wants more foreign investment,as the answer.what is the question.

    The NZ retail banks have taken around 29 Billion more in retail deposits then they have lent(mostly at the expense of wholesale) and the Banks lending preference is to property.

    We do not need more foreign investment we need less.It is only by redressing the asymmetry in the investment sector (which has a positive bias in property) can NZ have a sustainable future.

    NZ has not had a current ac surplus for 40 yrs,clearly we have a failed economic policies need to be selectively culled,as Joyce was from Vet school.

  2. emergency mike 2


    “Analysts from Barclays said it was hard to square the labour market numbers with other economic indicators.

    “We had actually thought that the participation rate may have been pushed up a little by tighter work requirements for the government’s Domestic Purposes Benefit,” they said.”

    Looks like the ‘analysts at Barclays’ might be a wee bit out of touch. Who’d have thunk it.

    • bad12 2.1

      Yeah Barclays like Slippery the Prime Minister and His Minister of Overseas Travel for Employment Paula believe in MAGIC,

      They are all damn sure that because DPB mums are being forced to seek work that the work will as if by MAGIC suddenly appear…

    • McFlock 2.2

      Reality doesn’t work according to a banker’s slide rule? Colour be stunned…

  3. Just recieved a Green Party e-mail which provided some interesting figures.
    ‘Household labour force survery shows manufacturing employs 30 times more kiwi’s
    than mining,oil and gas.
    Manufacturing lost 17.200 jobs last year, while mining added only 400.
    Mining,oil and gas employs 7.200 nz’ers according to the household labour force survey’
    (end of figures in e-mail)
    Is it no wonder that there is a high number of unemployed and those who have just
    given up all hope of finding a job, if their only option is,mining,oil or gas,when those
    three things are also in decline as a viable option.
    The Nacts are happy to wait for ‘big business’ to invest in 3 declining dogs’ when the
    facts are so glaringly obvious, manufacturing needs immediate support,immediate
    favoured policies,to kick start the economy, ‘ah yes, the economy,which is also a ‘dog,
    on life support’

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